The election

There is a reason why, I do not comment very much on the British election. The reason is not because I do not follow the battle, but simply because it seems to me, that there is not much to comment on.

The great problem was, initially, to make some kind of peace between the upstart mr. Farage, and the established, mr. Johnson.

That is actually working right now. I believe, that there is a beautiful balance between the two parties. Mr. Farage is still in the constest, and has the ability to protest, if the promises about post Brexit is not met by mr. Johnson, and mr. Johnson has a clean run on number 10.

How come, that we are in this situation, where there is so little to fight against and for?

I have been asking myself that question over and over again. There is no simple answer. But there is the complex answer, that the middle leaning compromises of the day is working. That is a mix of pro British business plan, heightened security, a focus on healthcare and a high profile in foreign politics.

Exactly the mix that mr. Obama won with in his election term number two. That is the second term of his presidency.

It is simply a winning mix.

Add to this a mild criticism of Islam, and there you have it, a good manifesto.

There will be more conflicts up and ahead. Among them; internal conflicts between the many ethnicities of the current UK, foreign conflicts as the one with China, potential rivalry with the EU. But all these conflicts, dangerous as they may be, are possible to handle, and there are many roads of action in front of us.

What is given, I would say, is the closer relationship with the US. Both UK and the US really need each other in an increasingly hostile world. Again the conflict in and around China is set to go off at any moment now, and the UK have their former crown colony Hong Kong to worry about. In this conflict the US and the UK share common interest.

So, welcome to a new world, where the “anglosphere” is once again trying to mend the fences, and getting “great again”, whatever that means.

There are many potential conflicts up and ahead, but at least now we have a good fighting change. We had not before.

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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