The dark lord

There is a huge operation going on in the world to “drain the swamp”, apparently this has something to do with the Kazarians. The Kazarians is a secret Jewish sect, that goes all the way back to a Turkish tribe that was inspired by the Semitic G-d Baal, aka Satan.

Let me be absolutely clear about my stance on this, and on all things that has to do with Satan. All those who do the work of the dark lord are eternal enemies of the warriors of light.

To be honest, I had absolutely no idea about these Kazarians. I do recognize the lore behind it, I had previously figured out that banking must originally have come from Babylon. In Babylon the temples there arranged what we would understand as capitalist business, that is making shares and investment. I supposed it was carried into the modern world with the knights Templar, but some Jews must have managed to get hold of this knowledge also.

It is also not surprising, that the ideas has a kind of magical binding, but that it was tied to the dark lord, I had no idea.

My version of Judaism and Zionism however is the exact opposite. I WISH I had some more money, because living two steps away from the gutter with the secret police on your tail all the time really sucks.

Lately my situation has become a little better, but I am, compared to any banker poor as a church mouse, as we say here in Denmark.

My point is, not all Jews are evil, bloodsucking, child killing people, most of us are actually simple, normal people, who fight for a better world.

To us, Israel is the light upon the Nations, we try to help and support wherever we can.

I mean, if the argument towards the Kazarians is that they have destroyed the US of A, then what were I doing the last seven years of rebuilding the economy and supporting the ideology of the US?

So please, can we differ between people? As in all other peoples, there are good and bad people, some who unselfishly support their nations and try to build the nations around them, and those who follow the dark lord.

We should not let that divide us, we the warriors of light.

G-d bless the will to be honest in a difficult situation.

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