The danger of Sweden collapsing

There are a lot of troubles between the east and the west. I for one do not condone it. I believe in dialogue and understanding. If we are at war, I believe, we should hit as hard as humanely possible. But if not, we should seek dialogue.

There is one thing, that I really believe that Russia should at least consider.

We here in Denmark live close to Sweden, and honestly the news that get out of Sweden smells of imminent breakdown of the state. The police is in tatters, and no one seems to be grown up in a frame of mind that does not essentially leave room for not commiting suicide.

It has come to this because the dying Soviet Union infiltrated Sweden in the seventies, and essentially broke down the social cohesion of Sweden.

This is not to point fingers. I love Russia and see it as one of my children to help and support in terms of progress and life.

That is why I believe that Russia should think about the blame it will give to itself if Sweden truly collapses in ragnarok.

The very ancestors of the Rus dying because its child destroyed it.

This would hang as a great shame and troublesome wound in the great and proud soul of the Russians.

I have no solution. Sweden seems hell bent on suicide, but I truly urge Russia, for Russias own sake, to consider the sad story that is going on in Sweden right now.

I would wish Sweden to follow Russia, and find peace with its own faith, strengthen its identity and find a prosperous way.

Swedes are skilled.

But the destruction of the Swedish people would be unbearable especially for its own sons and daughters migrated so many years ago through the rivers of Eastern Europe.

Please consider the wellbeing of the Swedes, not at least its own daughters and sons. You would not be able to carry that guilt of having caused destruction of your forefathers.

G-d bless the proud Rus, and may they see peace and joy.

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