The climate

I believe, that there is a balance between theory and practice when it comes to the debacle on climate Change.

On one end, we need to realize the ideas behind the whole political discourse. I mean, what is nature, and how does the ecosystem actually work, with people in it.

We are a part of the great drama of nature, and we need to be honest about the role we play in the collective development of nature itself.

So far we have been mostly negative. We destroy and use nature to our own needs without really thinking about the impact we are having on nature.

Ultimately nature is a fragile thing, and it may very well just collapse.

At the other hand, we also have to be able to do something about it. I mean discussing pollution is a concrete and serious discussion. Not only in our own countries, but globally.

When India polutes the oceans, it is to the detriement of everybody. The same goes with Denmark, if we do something that will destroy nature in some way.

So looking at this on a global level is pretty much a given.

We also have to be able to talk about the difficult things, like overpopulation. What do we do about that? So far the rate of succes has been limited, and what we have done have brought more harm than succes.

So that is why I have proposed a kind of containment strategy, or at least a more realistic understanding of how overpopulation work. We have to come to the conclusion, that in some areas, there will be famine, and we cant do much about ourselves.

We can prepare, and make help ready, but ultimately if a country is overpopulated, it needs to take action and be responsible themselves.

At the end of the whole discussion, we need to have a positive goal, and deeper understanding of nature, a cleaner more sustainable ecosystem and a closer connection to the beautiful creation that is given to us.

We are in a bit of a problem. A problem that can be solved, if we are serious and work constructively about it.

Take mr. Elon Musk. He is doing something to solve the energy crisis. Or some of the farmers here in Denmark that have experimented first with windmills and are now working with new experiments with all kind of things; gas, oil produced by the waste of the farming industries and so on.

A lot of good ideas.

It can be done, we just have to be realistic about the challenges ahead, and do something about it.

G-d bless the will to be realistic about Change.

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