The challenge to Democratic Humanism

In the rennaissance, or rather one of the rennaissances that of the 15 th century, we had a huge move away from barbarity and to humanism. 

When you read the books of that time, you really understand why. In one of the books that I am reading you hear a lot about what was really the “rave” of that time within the community of shamans of Scandinavia. I suppose it is what we call Vølver here in Denmark, men and women of prophesy. 

What they did according to the book I am reading, was to skin the legs of a man, and make nice trousers of them. Imagine that. 

Another thing that was real all hip, was to chop off the hand of a thief, and dry it, to make a Talisman of that. Not civilized. 

What I am saying is, that we have become humane, but there was a time, where we not humane. 

In these times of migration and influx of people who have not been tought with humanism, a lot of the things that we have moved on from since the 15 th century is making a comeback. 

Especially ISIS is remarkably renown for the barbarity of their conduct. But also organized rape is appearing in many places of especially Northern Europe by migrants. 

In a sense we see that the dark times that we have moved on from is returning. 

For me, this is really the crux of the matter. Will we fight to keep our humanistic societies as humanistic, or will we acceptthat the dark times of Europe are returning. 

In a paradoxical way the humanists are usually the ones defending the barbaric migrants. That I simply cannot understand. How can one who are sworn to protect the sanctify of life defend child molesters?

It makes no sense to me, and it is a misunderstanding of humanism. Humanism is not soft on crime, it is the wisest and most enlightening harbinger of justice. It is not soft of people who molest children, but will unconditionally hunt them down. 

Because the vision of justice and peace is always challenged by injustice. We saw it with nazism, we saw it with communism and we are seeing it again with Islamism.

Democratic humanism must be strong to fend off the barbarity of people who do not accept that sanctity of life, but despises it. 

I know that not all Muslims are to blame, I recognize the movement of most of Muslims. At the other hand, muslims must also recognize and fight the atrocities that is made in the name of Islam. 

Raping of small children on an industrial scale. How can that be anything that the work of the dark lord?

G-d bless the will to understand the good of humanity.

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