The ‘can do’ spirit

It seems to me, that the UK environment generally is getting a bit better. The depression and misfortune has been turned around, and we are working towards brighter times.

The basic reason of this development is the fact, that the entire system can now refer to itself, and not to a greater organisational unit.

The wounds are slowly healing, and we have had the incident with Captain Tom, that somehow reminded us of what we are. The resilience in the face of danger, the sheer bravery and the family of the beautiful Moores.

The ‘we shall overcome’ seems to be heard as a faint echo in the soul of the nation. Soon spring will be there and the nation will lift itself up once again.

This is something special, only the brits could have done it, and it will be a very beacon of hope to others whom will want to be like the brits.

There is a lot of work to be done, and hopefully, when we get out of the depression, this is possible in a focused and serious manner. A ‘can do’ spirit.

Captain Tom showed us that, let us follow his example.

G-d bless the fair isles of the British, and may it overcome.

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