The Brasidas principle

I have been doing my own things here in Denmark for the last 1 1/2 year. Mainly trying to make a living that is not tied to work that will eventually slowly grind my body into a lot of malfunctioning parts. That is what happens when you have to work manually, and hard work at that.

But finally I am here, I have landed a job that will be both artistic, bleeding edge in terms of new tech and then, hopefully, not that hard to do. Art needs joy to work.

Again, that will, hopefully, make me able to continue blogging, and again, hopefully, the work I have could potentially merge with my blogging.

As a director of a small tv station focused on political debate, blogging and interviews could go hand in hand.

Anyway, that is still a few month ahead of us. Let us look at some of the theoretical ideas that Barack and I had in the Middle East that, arguably, made the US the sole leader of the world.

It has never happened before, but we had everybody behind us in the fight against the Islamic State.

Imagine that.

Anyway, to understand the doctrine, you need to have a look on where we came from, and the development of media.

Before the internet, you could hide all your machinations quite well. An example of this is the first true theoretician in terms of media, that of Goebbels. He kind of coined how we used media until the advent of the internet. He is still quite liked in and around a lot of the powerhouses in the world.

Essentially Goebbels used dark magic to control the populace. He used things as small words loaded with an evil meaning. You have those words still in use; racism, globalism, islamophobia and so on. What you do, is to load a word with an intent to control the populace. Goebbels used it to control the Germans and kill Jews.

It may sound a little scary, and it is. The Nazies used a lot of strange esoteric ideas and principles, that we do not even know about today. And they did it in a Faustian way. That is the Goethe way of giving the devil something in order to gain something. It works, but it is essentially evil.

In the Cold War, these principles were applied to the fight between Russia and the US. Through subterfuge and manipulation a lot of the actual fightings were conducted. It was only possible, if you controlled the media. Because as soon as media was given free, people actually realized what was going on, and started getting really mad.

As a result, manipulation is the worst thing you can do in a war. Because people tend to realize it, and be angry at you.

At the other hand, if you are very careful to do everything ethically, people will also realize this, and support you.

I called it the principle of Brasidas, named after a Spartan soldier who got a lot of support in the Pellepones war simply by being honourable.

In fact fighting needs to turn itself 180 degrees to meet the advent of the internet.

Now there has been a kind of purge of the internet, trying to put a kind of shroud around the truth again. But it never really works. A good example about this is the ever painful treatment of mr. Tommy Robinson. He never seems to be going away, why? Because of the internet. There are always someone who are willing to cover his tragic story. The internet allows for everybody to follow his story. The same goes for mr. Trump. He uses mostly new media, not old media.

We know what is going on.

In an open world, the most honourable will win.

That is the true background behind the crisis of the Kurds. Because it was obviously very unfair. A good, honourable people were sold to a tyrant.

That is very bad pr. for the US.

So, the way powerstruggling works these days, is by understanding the Brasidas principle. That is, honourable wars gain support.

I think that the current mood of the Middle East proves this. Nobody really liked the sellout of the Kurds, especially in the US, where the new mode of communication ties in with the spirit of the US.

The reason why the US is so well suited as a leader in these days, is because the starting point of the US. That of the American Revolution, is all about honesty.

So rekindling the ancient and good principles of the founding fathers is what is really the best way to work.

Do that, and you see that there is a chance of success in the great game of power.


It is all about being a good man, and a good powerhouse.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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