The American dream, the uniter

You know, to unite, you need a way to do it. You need a path, some waypoints, a little help from your friends.

But at the end of the day, you need goals and destiny.

The American dream has always been the deal of all Americans, but it is through lack of attention to that dream, that it seems to disappear.

I mean, are we really supposed to scold each other all the time? Call each other bad names and so on?

Or are we to find a middle path, a beautiful path of light, as my great grand uncle Andreas Engberg used to call it. He said, that he walked on the path of light to reach his folk.

Now embarking on that path, you need to understand, that the way and the voyage is difficult. You need to reach a new frontier.

But the path itself will, hopefully, be worth the struggle.

Now, what is it that we try reach? The mirage, the hallowed hall on the top of the hill?

In a sense it is Eden, the promised land.

But what is Eden? Eden is the very first city of the Middle East, called Eridu. It is where all the ideas of the world was essentially created; rule of law, religion and all these elements that make up what we call our civilization.

So reaching the goal, is to be very good at making law, doing Democracy, being a wise good man in a world filled with chaos. That is what it is about. The hard work, the beauty of your life with perhaps gal at your side.

That is the dream, to be a simple, humanistic yet wonderful person, living a family life.

But often the dreams we have are stripped away, we all know how this is. Yet the dream is still there, calling on us to live a normal life.

Tolstoi, the famous Russian writer started his Anna Karenina with the saying, that all good families look alike, and all bad families are different from each other. Why? Because reaching that dream finally, is a set goal. It is written in the Bible, and is a set of rules and good principles that will eventually give all that follow these ideas a good life.

So, maybe it is time to reach for that dream, and give people a chance at reaching their own little Eden; a set of naughty kids and beautiful wife, who knows, maybe even a house with your name on. You can get a dog as well.

These simple things are what heaven is made of; loving people around you, and good value to your name.

That is the American dream.

G-d blew the will to find bliss and harmony in this world.

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