Thank you for your friendship

Welcome mr. Pompeo, foreign secretary, visiting Denmark for the first time.

To me, that is a beautiful sign of cooperation between Denmark and the US.

Here is why; essentially we are family. I have thought quite a bit about my own engagement with the US, how I have tried to help, support and be a good ally.

But it goes deeper, a lot of the Nielsens, Rasmussens, and Olsen that live in the US now, used to be Danes.

So they have become Americans, and that is perfectly ok. But it still bears to the fact, that we share common roots.

Just take Disney, that seems to be the next successor after Hans Christian Andersen. The film Frost that has just been such a mega success, was inspired by a fairytale of H.C. Andersen.

But it goes deeper, a lot of the Frontier wagons that settled in the west were driven by Danish farmers. They must still be out there somewhere singing lonesome tunes of a land long forgotten. Little buckaroo and all that.

But at the heart of our relationship lies a common ancestry as well as a common religion.

As you are Protestants, so are we (to be honest, I am a Jew, but I still love the Protestant ideas that is here in Denmark, so I convey them). This gives you guys an opportunity to be inspired by ancient Danish Protestant thinkers like Loegstrup and Grundtvig.

These thinkers are of a exceptional quality, some of the ideas have already become mainstream through Niels Bohr, that was a good friend of Loegstrup. Like open source and all these values that fuel the computer industry, the way he worked that gave us the Google and Facebook work ethics of open, free working and so on.

But these ideas are a part of Danish development, and a lot of them have not really been introduced to the Americans. They are in a sense apocryphal, because you need to be in the know to have access to them.

Like the ideas about trust, that Loegstrup also worked on.

But at the other hand, you must realize, that even though we are the source of a lot of American culture, we still admire many the amazing achievement you have done. Not least the ideas that led to the non violence development that gave us Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi. Beacons of humanism and enlightenment.

We also love the way you have made the countryside of the US so full of beautiful places and so rich in culture. We like the cowboys here in Denmark, and off cause respect people of color in all variations.

As time progresses and we develop our civilization, hopefully this rich friendship will continue to bring new and better people and development that will hopefully make a better world for both Denmark as well as the US.

We love you guys, and we hope that the feelings are the same at the other side of the pond.

We are so proud of you.

G-d bless the will to be honest in thought, and brave in action to be the makers of a better world. G-d bless the United States of America, and may it always prevail.

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