Well, now the dichomoty between democratic islam, and kalifate islam is enhanced and underlined both in the UK in relation to the current debalce over the Mohammad cartoon in a school, and in the meeting between the EU and Turkey.

It seems to me, that the radicalists are trying to dominate and find conflict with the European/American democratic alliance.

At the same time, we have the conflicts with both China and Russia.

This is too much.

If we want to or not, we need to tackle these issues.

My take it is, as I wrote in the last posting, to PRIORITIZE the conflicts. So that we try to reduce the conflicts with the Russians and pick the anti democratic foes of China and the islamists.

That creates the necessarry balance with the Muslim community, makes a sound ideological basis under the fight, and it creates a situation where we have sound alliances.

The Democratic West is ready to fight the islamists, and we need to be able to hinder escalation with Russia. Russia are not keen on Turkey either, so there is a possible alliance there. To beat the Ottomans is a pretty old score unsettled with the heirs to the Byzantine church.

The Russian Orthodox church is an heir to the ancient Byzantine church that is still in existence in Turkye, albeit a shadow of its former selv.

So the lines of conflict are pretty obvious, we just need to initate a planned and organized response to the islamist in Western Europe and China, and make peace with Russia.

I know this is difficult, but these are the conflicts that are there, and we can pick and choose how we fight them.

G-d bless the will to be wise in strategy and bold in action.

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