So, now we are to control or try to control the downfall of the transatlantic alliance.

The US is not a behemoth anymore in terms of production output. It can still kick some …, but just beyond the two ponds, there are two very strong contenders. One is China, the other one is not the league of European Nations. That is France, Germany and the UK.

So far, Europe has been pretty lame, and not been that serious about its own security. That has changed dramatically due to two factors. 1. The US is not sticking to its promise of protecting Europe. 2. The migrant crisis is getting out of hand.

At the other side of the US, we have a contender who is rapidly gaining material wealth, that it wants to change into dominance.

Sticking with its friends seems to be the most wise decision in this difficult situation, that was my plan in the Obama era political time.

I wanted to focus IS, because that was and is the combined threat to the US AND Europe. We would have fought that menace together. In fact we did fight together. This at the other hand strengthened the hand against China a united Europe/US would easily fight down a rebellious China.

Now the US cannot rest assured that its European friends will help anymore, because of the slight Mr. Bolton gave to Europe after the Iran deal was scrapped.

So, short term its disastrous. Long term however it might just work out anyway. We here in Europe will off cause be friends with the US. We share values, history and tech.

But now it seems we are going on our own direction, developing our own security systems, and making alliances that is not in the interest of the US.

The good thing about that, is the fact that we here in Europe finally take some responsibility for our own security, and in five years, we will have a tough and serious defense. Yes, there are a lot of hoops and challenges we have to jump through and tackle. But we will get there.

Meanwhile the US will be on its own confronting China, and that weakened hand will soon be apparent.

China will not be so humble anymore. But more confident.

It all depends on the leadership of the US. We will see, but currently, it is all disaster.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things, and do something about it.

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