We in the West have been doing quite ok lately, especially mr. Barack Obamas presidency was succesful in terms of international prestige and philosophical progress. The ideas of Change, that is a Socialdemocratic ideology has actually had a revival.

Especially the liberal or Democratic philosophical cause has actually been bettered.

It seems to me, that the current administration actually wants to follow in our footsteps, so that is ok.

We defined two major enemies; Islamic State and China. Why?

First of all, China is an enemy, because it has continuously siphoned knowledge, ideas and production capability from the West. This without being on the side of the West strategically.

Continue this, and we would be the laughing stock and push over in some years.

I would just go fast and blitzkrieg, terminate their production capability while we still hold the upper hand militarily, and then that would end the stand off.

But, there are a lot of worry and I understand that. The war will come sooner or later, sooner is better, because it gives us the best possible strategic advantage.

With Russia, we do not have any quarrel, and we cannot afford a two front war, so we should remain friends.

Then the next enemy, Islamic State.

There is a lot of strategy and planning that goes into fighting that enemy. Not at least strategy, that takes Western Europe into consideration.

First of all, focusing on an enemy, that is only a part of the muslim world, gives the muslim world a way out. Fight all muslims would effectively force all muslims to fight us, and they do not wish to fight us, so why should we then fight them?

Secondly, the special thing about Islamic State is the fact, that they are a POLITICAL enemy. They fight our Democracy, and they fight for a POLITICAL version on Islam, that of the Caliphate and the Sharia law. Two entities that do not mix with our Democracy and rule of law by the people.

So we do not attack the muslim religion, but only the political part of islam.

Thirdly, these are the ones who are attacking us, so it makes sense to fight back.

Fourthly, there is a very difficult discussion in Europe concerning racism and islamophobia. If we are clear on our attacks that only focus the political part of islam, well, then we avoid these accusations.

It is not about racism, or hatespeech or any such thing, it is an honest fight against an enemy who wants to destroy our Democracy, and uses inhuman methods like terror and raping.

So essentially we do not wish to target any minorities or anything like that, only the political strand of Islam that makes terror and do inhuman things.

Fifthly, there is a plan for the handling of islamists and islamist networks in Europe. That is to repatriate all these enemies, either to their own homecountry, or to an island somewhere safe.

This will ensure, that we do not fight inhumanely, and we tackle this poisonous enemy.

Its real, the terror attacks are real, the networks are real.

In essence, we have created a fine, honest and serious plan for Europe. We have even had green light from the Human rights council for this plan to be put in action.

I hope this will be used to a good effect, it is better to fight an inhuman enemy, than to cower in the dark.

G-d bless the will to confront our enemies with valor, and win.

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