We need to start reflecting on a possible fight with both China and North Korea.

On the one hand, we have a pretty good situation. Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin are friends, and hopefully this will be a bulwark against the vision of an American/Russian war, which nobody wants.

We can, if we are good at this game, keep the fight as a local fight only.

Then there are the strategic considerations concerning the fight itself. The media is not really a problem anymore, and if Russia keeps out of the fight, we will not need to worry about the Disinformation campaigns that lost us the last war against North Korea. But this is a potential problem we need to take into consideration.

Then there is the cyber threat that is really the largest threat of fighting China, we risk them shutting down our systems, both military and domestic. This can be difficult and risk loosing a lot of lives, not least civilians.

When you fight against a serious threat as China, you need to be clear about your objectives from the beginning, and you need to attack with full possible force, there is no room for dangling.

So if we are serious about this, all available troops and material should be amassed, and then used in a swift attack.

The tradition is founded by Carl the Great, and then used, with great success by Nazi Germany, they called it Blitz krieg.

The Chinese army is undergoing a modernisation, but a great part of it is still not any match for the superior American hardware. So, there needs to be a detailed plan of attack, both on North Korea, and then also on China.

We need to make some serious plans here.

We might never use them, but the serious sabre rattling tells a different story.

Using a military as the advanced one made by the US, is using some very expensive hardware. What we do not need, is to be scared of using it, to keep it intact. When we use it, we use it. That is the learning of Carl the Great. In his time, they had the same problem. Armies were expensive, so they were almost never used, except for Carl the Great, who used them and won.

What is obvious off cause, is to hit the nuclear and long-range missile bays first, and then invade with troops and other materiel.

After we hopefully win, we also should consider what we then do with the occupied lands. We need them to be pacified, but we should also consider regime change.

We will see where it all ends up, but we need to be prepared.

G-d bless the will to see clearly in these difficult times.

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