Stay strong Joe

Dear Joe Biden, there are a lot of things going on the Democratic Party that seems pretty desperate to me.

Impeaching Trump for some call he did to Ukraine. Now don’t get me wrong, Trump obviously did something wrong, and should be made responsible for this.

But my point is, you don’t win elections by impeaching your opponent, you do it by coming up with good ideas how to move the country forward.

Now, there are mainly two places in the world, where Socialdemocratism has not fallen into absolute destruction, that is the US and Denmark. Why? Because we Change the outlook of Socialdemocratism. Try to find new ways, understand the pitfalls of the budged theory and so on.

That will give you success.

As Ms. Frederiksen is having right now.

Why is Denmark the only place apart from the US that has success? Becuause we understand the pitfalls of the socialist theory, and act accordingly.

Now, Ms. Frederiksen has accepted the immigrant principles that I have put forward, and mr. Trump has used, very much to his positive acceptance by the voters.

That is a multilayered theory of citizenship that DEMANDS new citizens to be loyal to Democracy.

It works, as it has in the US.

Now, this does not mean in any way, that we should not be critical, and off cause too harsh methods are wrong.

But a tough insistence on the principle of rightful citizenship makes sense.

You cannot be a part of the country if the first thing you do is to steal from an old lady. That is unacceptable.

The discussion derives from a discussion of Aristotle on these issues, so they are well based theoretically, and they are not racist at all.

This is a principle that Ms. Frederiksen has used, and has gained a massive victory in Denmark from.

Now, there are other ideas, as progressive tax, caring of the poor, civil rights, Obamacare, fighting to get jobs back to the American workers and so on.

All these positive ideas.

Point being, that to make Unity, you need to find ways for people to create a harmonious society.

The more we fight, the less harmonious everything gets. The less we fight, and actually share the same values and virtues, the more harmonious and unified do we get.

So, my point is; why not try to find something that you really think is important and spin a positive message from that?

You are such a positive person Joe, don’t forget that in the fight.

Use your good humor and nice personality to shine forth that good intentions.

Show us your nice side Joe, let us see you for what you are.

You have fought so much to get into this position, so now is the time for you to put forth your ideas and fight for them.

G-d bless the wisdom of the founders of United States of America, as they are the ones who truly put up good principles to rule from.

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