I have few real friends, whom I actually truly appreciate intellectually. It probably comes from the relatively isolation I have ended up in. But I have one though, and he has just written an amazing book on sacrifice. Religious sacrifice in specific.

This book is illuminous in the sense, that it actually tells you a whole lot about the subject. Why we sacrifice, what that has to do with our intellectual, psychological and religious worldview.

Sacrifice is something old-fashioned, in the current society, we tend to think about our own needs before everybody else. The point of the book is, that if we are not able to sacrifice anything, we cannot work as a society. There are some functions of society that requires sacrifice to work. Parenthood is one of them, but also soldiers and fire workers sacrifice their lives for the common good.

At the heart of the argument lies a solid truth, that I believe is right. Sacrifice is the foundation of love. We cannot buy love, the only way we can be loved and show appreciation towards those we love, is through sacrifice.

This book will give you a deep, extremely well reflected understanding of that old-fashioned virtue. Something we might want to bring into our jaded lives.

Hereby, I give my full recommendation to the book, it is amazing.

You can buy it here if you wish.

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