Rise England!

The time has come for England to rise once again. As in the times of olden, where the knights threw themselves without regard for their safety into the fray, once again the mighty warriors of England must rise.

My grandfathers family come from Angels. In fact, that is where my family name Engberg comes from. It means, Meadowy hill.

In that sense, I believe, that I have a feeling for the Anglo Saxons, that is a bit more than just political affiliation. We are family.

From that point, this fight for a free Britain has been more than just a political process, for me, you know when I saw Tommy coming out of the jail, and greeting his children, I really fell a tear. Such a courageous man, sacrificing so much for his country coming home to his children, who are paying the highest prize, that brought tears in my eyes.

So from the deepest of my heart, with the most outspoken respect for that ancient place of meadows. Please rise, pick yourself up, straighten your back, have faith, understand that you are not alone. We are so many out here who support you.

That is the magic of your ancestral family picking you up, helping you, supporting you.

So RISE! England, and fight.

G-d bless the meadowy hills of England, and that includes myself.

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