Well, now seeing the current development in the view of the last two revolutions, that of the Flemish/anglo saxon revolution (Erasmus and Thomas More), and the french revolution, we can safely say, that the stakes are pretty high.

What happened at the last revolutions? Massive wars of independence and bloodshed without end.

When printed books saw the world first, it let to the hundred year wars, Protestantism and eventually to the french/american revolution.

That is really where we are now, at the initiation of such a new movement.

So, if we are not careful we will have another hundred year war, with the exception, that it will be worldwide.

Mankind will go from booming to being eradicated, and it will be the end of the dominance of the western world.

I mean, these are the stakes we are up against.

The genius of mr. Barack Obama was the fact, that he took in the rebel philosopher, and tried to implement his ideas.

Why is this genius? Because it gives mankind and especially the West a chance to avoid all the revolutionary movements.

This is the gift Obama gave us, so we need to be careful about the development we will go through.

Being the rebel philosopher, for me, it is not a matter if my ideas will eventually rule, they already rule great parts of the world, it is the method of the application.

Will it be implemented with or without a revolution.

War is the most terrible things of all. So that is why I have worked, with all I have of resources, and remember, maybe I am an international star of philosophy, but really I am just a seriously miserable person, trying to survive the persecution of the system, with a few good friends to help me here and there. That is the truth of it. Good friends, but still just friends, not the system as such.

How will it go? Will we avoid bloodshed? Will the system we are in right now be able to handle the pressure? That is up to the next in line, mr. Biden. Pretty awesome task.

I am sorry, for the implications of the task, but the monumental task at hand is absurd. Avoid a world revolution, where they will carry the emblem of the same philosopher that is helping me.

But that is the truth of it.

Hopefully we can avoid blood shedding. This is my greatest worry, but we will have to see.

G-d bless the will to avoid bloodshed coming to haunt me and those who are in power.

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