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To be honest, I have been very critical towards totalitarian Marxist trends. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, hate it. I hate the idiocy, the complacency of the populace, the utter slavery and the moral deprecation.

What I do like however, is a free, humanistic society, as envisioned by the founding fathers.

In that sense, I really agree with most Americans.

This leads us to the discussion on identity politics and the cultural marxists who are really winning in academia these days they say.

How do I feel about them, I mean, they are truly Marxists, and I do not like Marxists very much.

To be honest again, I off cause hate their enemies as much as they do. Racism, nazism, white supremacy and so on, is absolutely abhorrent, not only abhorrent, it is truly wrong and does not bring a good soceity in any way.

I also do not dislike minorities, I believe we should protect minorities. Jews, gays, gentiles are to be protected by the commonwealth.

So where do I actually not like the moderne feministic identity politicians?

Well for starters, I do not believe, that race even exist. There is no such thing as a black race or white race. We are all equal in the eyes of G-d. So fighting against white or for blacks is not a good idea.

We are all equal, we should be treated as equals.

Then I think, that we should protect minorities, be we should not treat minorities as majorities. The majority is a family based, democratic society that wakes up in the morning, don his boots and go to work. When he comes home, he picks up his beautiful wife, kisses her, and helps his kids with their homework.

In that sense, we should protect the majority as well, or rather truly support the good ways of the majority.

I believe, that all this identity politics at one side of the poiltical spectrum, and that racial hate on the other side of the spectrum is what tears the society asunder.

We should not be unequal or fight because we are different, but see where we meet as equals.

Diversity is not good, unity is good.

What we need to do, is to support the good ideas of the founding fathers, and see, that all Americans understand and appreciate the beautiful and wonderful ideas that founded the United States of America, the freedom, the enlightenment but most importantly the human and spiritual understanding of each persons worth.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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