I am hopefully going to the US, maybe on behest of the conservatives or the liberals, but there is one thing that I have really realized the last few days. 

You need to start, or restart your tradition of philosophy in the US. I mean, I will be happy to be a surrogate for some time, but this will only work for some time, untill that I am no more or something unforseen happens. 

The founding fathers were all philosophers, but it seems to me, that the tradition, more or less, stopped with them. Who are the philosophers of today, one may ask. 

A country cannot do without a tradition of brilliant thinkers founded in the greek classical time. We have a function to play for democracy. 

This is really the core of the problem, or why the US has felt lost, because the tradition has died out. 

Perhaps we can rekindle this tradition? It is not easy, it takes a lot of altruistic work of many people to make a frame on which a philosopher of two can emerge. But it is possible. 

In Denmark the tradition has been going on for a thousand years, more or less. So there are a lot of predecessors and illustrious minds to learn from. 

But for a nation to make room for philosophers, a certain prestige should be given the calling. 

It is a very elevated position, and a position that demands the utmost of the person who so desires to be a philosopher. It also demands an extreme ambition, and a solid education, preferably on an elite university. 

In essence it is an aristocratic pursue, so it needs good strong families to both support good universities, and a yearning of learning in the intellectual aristocracy. 

But it can be done, if the universitites and the old families are willing to. 

Maybe even a renegade like me can get the honor, if he works hard enough. 

G-d bless the willingness to be strong in intellectual pursuit.

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