Peoples power

Politics need to be handled by people who know how politics works, otherwise things tend to go to a very bad place.

Politics work like this; people tend to see things in terms of a pendulum swings. Power swings in these days from right to left, to right, to left. In a manner of a pendulum.

I have worked with the left for a while, then the right wants to have power. People are not fooled, if the right puts of a left-leaning candidate, they will still elect the right leaning candidate.

That is the secret behind mr. Trump.

On a greater scale, we have had a concentration of power in the elitist top for 80 – 90 years. 200 years ago it was different, at the time of the French Revolution the people took power. Today the people have lost the power to the elite.

So now the pendulum has reversed, and people are willing to sacrifice to get the power back.

So whereas the ruling system emphasizes secrecy and opaque power handling, the people wants transparency and open decision making.

This trend follows the technological development. In the time of the French Revolution, that is the one 200 years ago, mass production of newspapers were slowly gaining ground, in fact, the press was the vanguard of the peoples claim at freedom. The newspapers are still called things like ‘Liberation’ ‘Pravda’ ‘Independence’, and so on.

But over the years, the independence of media has diminished, and at the height of state controlled media (the Nazies) were able to create an artificial bubble, that the people lived in. Mass production of media in the 21’ century was all, essentially, state control tools.

This truly changed with the advent of the internet. A media tool, that has Changed the world. First the Arab spring, then Maidan, then the European spring.

I know, that the state controlled media, and the power elites as such do not like what is happening. But at the core of it, it is truly healthy.

It is a renaissance of European ideas and thought. It is a new blooming of thought.

Already this has had a massive impact on the East and West. Unbeknown to the masses, the East and West has prospered with the new ideas coming out of the burning cauldron of Europe.

The US has had a massive comeback on the international scene. Burning through the roof with a booming economy, and a healthy state. It is going quite all right in the US. Russia is in a better position now than ever. Vast improvements of the society, people are essentially content.

The Middle East is on the way of peace.

So, all around us, the European reneassance has had a huge impact.

But due to the lethal grip the elite has on power here in Europe, and its unwillingness to loose its grip, Europe itself is still going down the drain.

It has come to the point, where the people itself is rising to meet the elite violently. As in all the other places, where the elite do not accept the peoples claim at power.

This brings violence.

Let’s hope, that the elite is in for a serious cup of tea, and an open discussion. Try to understand what is going on, and serve instead of rule.

G-d bless the willingness to be humble in this rising of new peoples power.

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