So, the peace negotiations between the US, the rest of the world, and Israel is at hand.

First of all, as a religious Jew, I believe what we need to base our opinion on, is the peacefulness of our adversaries.

That is why, that I have criticized that people of Gaza so much, they are not interested in peace, but seem to foil all attempts at truly finding a peaceful solution.

At the other hand, as I see it, we cannot say the same about the Westbank, and I know that many religious Jews, especially the settlers are prone to take away that land from the Arabs.

But how can we do that, if they wish us no harm?

That is essentially the ethical debate that should be the axis of our negotiation.

We wish to find peace, but that should be based on a strong ethical base.

We can fight the Gazans and other who wish to do us harm, but we cannot fight people who wish us no harm.

It is the position of David vs. Goliath. We need to have a moral cause for our fight.

With this attitude, we are able to find friends with both warring parties. That is east and west.

We will not find peace, if mr. Putin do not allow us such.

Therefor, we need to understand his perspective as well.

We as Jews will have to earn his respect as a devout Christian to succeed in this mission.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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