The world is, strategically divided between different enemies. I am, partially fighting for the West, but still see it as vital to keep a good relationship to the East.

Both Russia and the Anglo Saxons are descendents of searaiders from Scandinavia. So the culture is different in the US and Great Britain, but the outset is the same. The Russians have had a rougher time in around the turn of the 1000 century, with Mongol raiders and ultimately the fall of Constantinople, the Eastern wing of the Roman Empire, that Russia is the heir to.

But they, at the other hand, expanded earlier than the West, in some respects. So their customs and experiences are different.

But, the peacekeeping between East and West is not impossible, if we realize, that we are not so different.

The Russians see Sweden as their mother country, but also have kept good relations to Denmark over the years. Many Russians princesses and queens have come from Denmark. We even have a little Russian church in the centre of Copenhagen.

We in Denmark try and see as our mission to keep the ideas of the Scandinavians as pure and fresh as possible. The fight for freedom and democratic ideas. Add to this the lore of the ancient G-ds.

My name for instance is a viking name, Asger means the tree that upholds middle Earth and Valhalla.

My point is, there is not so much difference between East and West, as one would imagine. There is a possibility for peace, if we shed the veils of ignorance, and see each other for what we are.

We are all pirates originally, we have evolved. But the great, strong, proud warrior, that made the place we now live in, is kin to the other sea pirate that went the other way.

G-d bless the will to make peace between the East and West.

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  1. Peter Buch
    April 23rd, 2018 at 20:13 | #1

    …Asger means the tree that upholds middle Earth and Valhalla.

    Asger er et drengenavn.

    Asger er et drengenavn, som stammer fra oldnordisk “Ásgeirr”. Der er tale om en sammentrækning af “Ás”, som betyder “gud”, og “geirr”, der betyder “spyd”[1]. Det findes også i formerne Eske, Esge, Asgar og Asker. Navnet stammer oprindeligt fra vikingetiden, men det uddøde efterhånden. Det begyndte dog at blive brugt igen under den nordiske navnerenæssance i det 19. århundrede. Kilde:wikipedia

    Alternativt: Navnet Asger betyder guds spyd eller gudespyd (Odins spyd).

    Alternativt: Kommer af Asgaard, hvor guderne i den nordiske mytologi boede.

    Hvad betyder Asger?
    Asger betyder: Gudernes Spyd

    Navnet Asger stammer fra det oldnordiske Ásgeirr hvor áss henviser til de gamle nordiske guder, og geirr betyder spyd.

    Navnet Asger opstod i vikingetiden, men uddøde igen relativt hurtigt, hvor det dog har fået lidt medfart igen i det 19. århundrede.

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    April 24th, 2018 at 14:03 | #2

    Ja, det er rigtigt. Mit navn har også den betydning. Det har faktisk to betydninger. Verdenstræ betydningen har jeg fra et besøg på Roskilde vikingeskibs museum i mine unge dage. Oprindelig var navnet Askr, opkaldt efter verdenstræet som er en ask. Men gudernes spyd, det er også navnets betydning og indhold.

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