One of the keys for a sustainable Israel, is the connection and fusion of faiths in and around Israel.

As the venerable rav Ashlag prophesied, peace in the world would happen, when there is a common mansion of thought, that all three Abrahamic religions share.

This project, is essentially what will give Israel peace.

How do I know this. It is because, ever since I started this project, Israel has become more and more popular. So Ashlag is right.

It makes sense also, because why would the other religions attack someone who can give them a better understanding of themselves.

The light of Israel is thus a grand project, beyond our imagination.

Please, let us all shed the tears for those have fallen, but then again stop our agression towards those who we do not need to fight.

There is no reason to fight someone you know, and you share a platform with.

G-d bless the peace Israel will give eventually, and happy birthday.

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