One of the effects of the Second World War was, among other things, the debunking and falling in negative grace of the nation as an idea.

I get it, people saw how national socialism and fascism sought to destroy any humanism and kindness in the world.

Yes, that is absolutely true, nazism and fascism was crime against human kind.

But my realisation has been, that it is, to some extent a misunderstanding.

The Nation is, according to the sources that I have found, essentially an attempt at recreating heaven on earth, make Israel or Eridu, as the first city is called.

Politics means debate within a framework of a city-state frame. Polis, means city, and in the ancient time, we did not have nations as we have today, but citystates. Athens, Sparta, Babylon, Eridu, Tyre.

So the genius of Hegel and his likeminded thinkers was to take the IDEA of a city state, and widen it to include a larger population.

So we have United States of America, Denmark, UK, France.

But as we went through a series of revolutions in the West, the ideas that the new philosophers put to the idealogical market was often of a dubious quality. Karl Marx was one of these philosophers with a false ideology to be honest. A brilliant analysist, but a quack architect.

The final attempt at a political revolution was Hitlers National socialism. And at this point, things went from bad quality to nightmare.

Whereas communism was pretty scary, nazism was outright destructive.

So this tradition of revolutions, that started with the French Revolution came to an abrupt end, and we have been hanging in the web ever since. We have stopped wanting to overthrow the entire system, but we have realised, that we need to fix the things that are not working.

This is where Change comes in. Because Change, as I see it, is not a revolution, it is healing.

Fixing the faults of the system, that has gone awry.

Nourishing the ideas that keeps the nations healthy and happy. Change is joy, and companionship. Change is dreaming of a better world.

It is EVOLUTION and not revolution.

So, we came quite far under Obama, but then Trump came and we had to stop somehow. Not that the Trump followers does not read my things, I can see they do. But the effect of Trump, was a lot of conflict in the world.

So, I have tried to tell people to calm down, and be reasonable. Not to subdue them, but to make people able to talk with each other and be true, instead of fighting all the time.

IDEALLY nationhood is an immensely positive goal, that mankind has striven for in thousands and thousands of years. The idea of paradise on earth.

This lofty goal, is still there, and it is definitely not an aim at destruction and callousness as nazism, but a dream of unity and love.

G-d bless the aim of unity and love.

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