When we talk about light opposed to darkness, us being humanists, what is the “light” we talk about. “The shining light at the top of the hill”?.

To understand this, we need to go to the root of the understanding. The root of the understanding is the Egyptian lore of the ancients.

These illustrious people who lived thousands and thousands of years ago lived with a plethora of spirits, g-ds and creeds.

The main ideology of the classical Egyptian kingdom was the temple of Amun Ra, the g-d of light and the sun.

That islam, christianity and judaism is essentially a light religion is still recognized in the fact that we end all prayers with the calling of Ra, we just say Amen, that is Amun, originally. Remember Moses was an egyptian prince, and he installed the Egyptian sun worship in the jewish religion that then became christianity and islam as well.

So when we say “Amen” what we do essentially is to recognize Amun-Ra.

So what was he, this sun g-d? He was the fierce g-d og vitality, joy and life.

The sunlight brings life. The illustrious g-d was g-d for positive energy.

Opposed to him was the death of darkness. The lethargic life, no vibrancy, a static society of corruption.

That is what light is, it is life. Humanism is then a creed of life, something we can celebrate in climate initiatives, but we should also remember, that WE as people should be alive, well and happy. Because that is what the monotheistic religions are really about.

Being in that state is the RESULT of religous endavors. Happiness, respect, humility, sacrifise is there to make a world where we are shining, healthy and simply happy.

To get there, we need to dream and apply our fierce work to create a world that makes it possible to reach that state. That is the dream of America, essentially.

A paradise of happy people.

G-d bless the will the keep the American dream alive.

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