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I thought, that the Yellow vests were just unthinking, how wrong was I!

My original organisation SIAD is a part of the Yellow Vests, so I have followed the string of messages of the Yellow vests on my Facebook page.

They are my people! A French version of Bernie Sanders, a new perspective on workers rights and a new hope!

You know, I sat there and read the whole manifestation, and I couldn’t find a thing that I disagreed about. It is not a communist movement, it is a democratic movement. The people is trying to regain the power over the overlords of the elite.

In that sense, it is French Revolution classic. Beautiful, wonderful. I hope you succeed.

You even put a tear in my eye, so long have I fought for the peoples of Europe to wake up, and understand, that they are the true heirs of Europe, not some tin pot bureaucrat.

Now, can you listen to them, bureaucrats? Hear their words, give them space, accept their voice, or are you just going to try and shut it down.

I really hope, that this revolution will suceed. Not only for my own ambition, I want to suceed in this race against the clock of the workers dying out. But also because this hope!

G-d bless the will of the Yellow Vests.

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Well, the Yellow vests seem to be very wrong on one thing. That, that it is the ‘Jews’ in pluralis that is responsible for all the difficulties in Europe right now.

I mean, one of the main points of the whole movement has been the point about going against the Marrakech treaty. I started that on my Danish blog, I am a Jew. So how can ‘all Jews’ be responsible for the difficulties we have right now.

It is simply not true. I do not know if Macron is a Zionist, Rothschild puppet. I believe he has some contacts with the Rotschilds. He does seem to be very close to the ideas of David Rothschild who is a left wing idealist.

But that does not take in all Jews into account.

You know the Chabad house that now is afraid of arson attacks in Paris just anoited me as a Jew. They even gave me a Tefillin, a prayer system.

I know, that people want someone easy to blame. Well, blame the EU system. It is their work that you disagree with. The forced migration, the abandonment of the workers, the low wages.

Blame them, and then some of the old school socialists, who have forgotten you.

But do not blame it on the Jews. I have just made a huge turnaround in the US, where the center point have been the workers. Rapid increase in the livelihoods of hard working Americans. Add to this the impetus to control migration.

I am a Jew.

Macron is a fool. I know, but if you would listen to some of my ideas instead of blaming all Jews, you would actually have a chance at making a better situation of what you are now witnessing as a melt down.

I will not be responsible for any of the violence. I believe in peaceful Change. But, maybe you should listen to the ideas, and put them into practice.

The ideas being, forced migration of islamists, and a renewal of the production basis of your country.

That is the medicine I have prescribed to the US, and it works.

G-d bless the Republic of France, and may it survive without too much bloodshed.

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Ok, there is a very, very slim hope of getting out of the Brexit negotiations without making an absolute chaos out of it. 

After listening to his eminence rev. John Sentamu, who has been a staunch remainer, I believe, that we should all remainers as well as brexiteers find some common ground. 

That common ground is difficult to find, because the EU is doing all it can to fuel the dissent on the UK side. Giving demands of an absurd proportion having no motivation for a serious deal. 

Then what to do. 

First of all, it is about seeing the problems that the EU is in already. It is truly falling apart. You do not need to give in to an organization that is dying. 

What you need to do, is to make a deal that would satisfy the true needs of those citizens who have come to Britain, and make a deal for them. 

Because to cut to the essence. Remainers often vote remain, because they are afraid of a racist all white Britain. While as Brexiteers want independence, and fight radical Islam. 

The true comprise then, is to accept the law abiding, democracy supporting new citizens, and at the same time fight the radical islamists. 

This is really where the fault lines goes in the UK. The remainers see the EU as a protection against racism, xenophobia and so on and so forth. 

All the other discussions are not really important, since the EU is falling apart anyway. 

So a ‘no deal’ should really care about the discussion who can stay in the UK, and who cannot. 

That is the bottom line for the people in the UK. 

However, to push the EU bureaucrats even further is not really a good thing. They are already desperate, things are falling apart for them. It may be their own fault, and be due to lack of leadership success. But anyway, they are hard pressed, so another catastrophe would come in very negatively. 

Therefor my advise is to make the draft of the ‘no deal’ in the UK, and then, without much fuss, and respect for the dying Eurocrats, just present it, and say that that is how things are going to be, take it or leave it. 

If you promise not to make much fuss about it, hopefully the Eurocrats can get on with other things, and try to solve some of the much harder problems they have inside the EU. 

Be kind to the falling empire, you know how it is to lose an empire, it is painful. 

G-d bless the will to see things in a light of compassion and sincerity.

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The people will decide

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Well, as I predicted, the effect of the lack of reform in the EU system starts to destroy the system.

You can perhaps stem the flow with violence for some time, but the fact of the matter is, that the reason why the people are rebelling is because they see no other choice.

As long as there was hope of a peaceful solution to all the problems they have, they were willing to wait it out. But now when all hope seems lost, they start to react violently.

Marie Antoinette couldn’t understand why people didn’t just eat cakes instead of bread the story goes. Well, today the EU elite does not understand the desperation of the citizens.

In the lifetime of the EU, Europe went from top of the world to a third world country. That is pretty fast, and it is only due to lack of vision and ability to act in the top of the hierarchy of the EU.

The ideas are old, the solutions are molded, and all the fickling behind the backs of the peoples are starting to be realized by said peoples.

You can fool some people some of the time, but you cant fool all the people all the time.

So, as the huge ship Titanic sank after the hubris of the builders, so will the EU.

I just hope, that it will happen without too much bloodshed.

That is vain hope, I know, but at least that is my sincere wishes for the future.

Things are going down the drain, and I cannot help you now.

Only the people will decide what to do. Not me.

G-d bless the will to do good in a difficult situation.

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The Middle East

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The Christians in the Middle East are faring much better today than ten years ago, what has happened?

Well, for starters, I believe, that we have come to understand the depth of the historical situation. When the US went to Iraq twenty years ago, we did not see the situation clearly in the sense, that we have allies in the Middle East and we have enemies.

We saw everybody as potential democratic voters. This is wrong to me. Not all in the Middle East wants to be card holding members of a humanistic democracy, only some do.

The allies we have though, primarial the Christians, who were allies the last time we were there, in the time of the crusades we overlooked and did not help.

In a Middle East frame of mind, they are still our allies, whether we acknowledge it or not. They are our friends.

So by not acknowledging it, we put our friends in harms way.

Now, I do not hold a view of the Middle East as a place of war, on the contrary, I see it as a place of peace. So, we should not make attempts to make more strife or occupy land. This area is the birthplace of civilization, we should respect it as such.

That is why, I have proposed a policy of peace, but with a special attention to our friends the Copts, the Assyrians and all the other minorities of the Middle East.

This has worked to my surprise, more than I thought, and though the Christians are now still in danger, the conditions they are living under are improving.

I am still here, I see what is going on. And I want to thank all that have made this new process of peace possible.

The Middle East is and should be a place of peace, for all religions to live side by side.

G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts and have good actions.

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The UK

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We are nearing the end of the Brexit negotiations, one way or the other. As a staunch Brexiteer, these are my reflections so far.

First of all, the people of the UK has been so mired in the discussion of Brexit, that several world changing events have gone over their heads. First and foremost the fact, that the EU is crumbling from within. It would be a bit of a paradox, if the UK was to make a plan with a system that simply did not exist anymore.

It is crumbling on many fronts. Italy is negating the influence from Bruxelles, the East European countries have simply stopped implementing laws that they do not like, in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, where the EU rule is strongest. There is no political opposition of note, except from a few muffled voices, but the people have gone to the streets, and they are threatening to kill the leaders outright. This in a situation, where the police seem to side with the rebels.

That is the EU you are dealing with. A walking corpse essentially.

Fast forward the development ten years, how do you think things will be then?

To look at the tendencies, there will be two developments. One will be within the parliamentary structure, the other will be open rebellion.

I have betted on the parliament development, because open rebellion tends to be very violent, and will, to put it bluntly be the decapitation of heads of state. Macron is in such a danger right now, so is the EU parliament in a few years.

War is to be avoided at all costs to me. War is the mother of all evil.

But back to the UK again. Since the EU is crumbling, the whole discussion on Brexit is more and more meaningless. I supported Brexit, because I believe, that the citizens of the UK are entitled to a vote themselves, and honestly, cutting the anchorage to a sinking ship is a good thing to do. Otherwise you will yourselves be dragged down.

At the other hand, there are a lot of people who have migrated to the UK who are not originally from the UK. Many of them loyal to the state and parliamentary democracy. These should find a warm and welcome home.

We have the problem with those who are islamists. They are, for better or worse enemies of the state, they should be repatriated due to the conflict they seek.

They are many, and they are threatening the cohesion of the society, and openly make threats of violence. They also do violence.

So get over with it, make the best deal you can. But make sure, that the Brexiteers are on board. Otherwise it will be seen as a remainerdeal, and people will rebel.

G-d bless the will to see things from above, and get things done. Thank you.

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Europe is burning once again. It seems to me, that the burning of Europe is a tradition that every third generation has to contribute to, and therefor repeat. Again, and again, and again.

On one hand, this time around, is the mass of migrants who rebel because of their living conditions and general apathy. They feel like victims. At the other hand there is the worker communities who are slowly but surely being decimated by the flight of production and because of migration into their general areas.

This again turns into a bloody ideological fight between Democrats and Islamists.

Now, if you cannot see a revolution in its infancy, then you should go down, drink a cool aid, and demand the money you payed for school back.

The situation the Socialdemocrats have created in Europe by forgetting the workers and supporting minorities only, has created a powder keg of revolutionary dimensions.

The attempt to do something about it has been too vain and too little. The Marrakech treaty, that I have backed a discussion about, is simply too vain.

What we need to do is, mass repatriation of the new proletariat out of Europe, and into a country where we try and help that country on its feet.

This has not happened, on the contrary, the migration is tacitly supported. That is, tacit actions are not possible in a network society as ours. People are in the know.

I have worked for a peaceful transition from this situation to a less dangerous, it has worked in the US, in Israel and in the East. But Central Europe is too mired in self loathing, inefficient bureaucracy and a desperate attempt to prop up the European Union. I mean, what is the point of making a Union if the effect is, that there is no more Europe as a result?

Things are slowly spinning out of control, and my best advice is. Each and every European country should take control in their own hands, and start pushing a repatriation agenda. Not in small numbers, but in huge numbers.

If not, then we end up in civil war, Balkans all over again.

This may seems harsh right now, but the alternative is a hundred year war, where Europe will change once again. No more Germany, France, Spain or Italy, but whole new countries of different size and affiliation.

We also risk adding to the fuel of a global war between Islam and the West.

The only true solution is adamant, decisive and forceful action to defuse the situation. Anything else is just fanning the flames.

G-d bless the will to see the magnitude and difficulty of the situation.

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The conflict between east and west is increasing. One of the hits of lately in Western culture has been Jordan Peterson and his critique of Marxist thinking. It has been a huge success in terms of attention, but I have a feeling, that it truly needs a deepening to really hold a lasting impression.

Don’t get me wrong, the extremety of the current academic institutions in favor for Cultural Marxism is stupid to my mind. Not only because cultural Marxism is stupid, but also because it actually hinders a deeper discussion on the pro and cons of Marxism.

I am a midleaning conservative. I believe, that Marx got a few things right, among them progressive tax, and a state that secures the wellbeing of the weakest parts of society. I work as a caretaker of a sick child payed by the state. That is a good thing.

But there are numerous things that I dislike about Marxism, the collective taking over the role of the family is wrong to me. The family should be the cornerstone of society. Religions and spirituality should also have a sincere and great role in society. Add to that, the Stalinism of dictatorship is wrong. A serious and good state should be an open democracy.

This model has worked quite well in Eastern Europe, where it is now the dominant idea. People are happy, things work, and society progresses.

This holds as well for Western Europe to some degree, where family values, the importance of education, the significance of the village as a community is in rapid increase of peoples acceptance and respect.

But that does not mean, that I hate Marx, I just disagree with him on a lot of points. The same goes with Marx, he did not accept the ideas of Hegel, but I mean, he was essentially a Hegelian in his worldview.

In that sense, I believe, that a sound continuity in thought is important. Just throwing out the baby with the bath water is not good. But a sound Change in the development of society is important.

Change being the drive for harmony in society.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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From time to time I fall upon songs that really makes me cry and gives me faith in a much better world.

As a Jew, with all it curtails of faith in giving and not taking, seeking justice where that is ever possible. Sometimes you hear a song from a fellow Jew, that in a way tells about all that there is good in the world. Gives you hope, lifts your spirit in a world that seems to fall apart around your ears.

It happens rarely, but it happens. This is one of songs that calls for unity and not division, and holds dear to the belief, that there is a world out there where people hold hand in hand, and does not divide. Keeps people as one.

Please listen to this beautiful song, perhaps it will lift your spirit as well

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Peace in Israel

November 22nd, 2018 No comments

It seems to me, that the Israeli defenseforces are slowly gearing up for a final showdown in and around Gaza.

These are my recommendation.

1. Get green light from Trump
2. Make sure, that the process for a relocation of the Gazans is as humane as humanely possible. Avoid bloodshed at all costs. One thing is of cause the ethical part of war, it should always be as humane and unharming to all civilians as possible. But there is also a strategic reflection. The Gazans will try to play the media with pictures of small children getting slaughtered. So we have to avoid that. If they fabricate some pictures themselves, which they will undoubtedly do. Be ready for a gruelsome fact check of the picture, and show that it is just what we refer to as Palliwood.
3. Make plans for the land that is left behind the Gazans. I have proposed a land that is administered by the Israeli government, but given out freely to all the faith communities of the world. Without regard for Israels enemies. I mean, make a place everybody can make a church, synagogue or mosque in the holy land. We are supposed to be the peacekeepers of the holy land, being impartial to all the different faiths, thereby making peace.
4. Give this win to Trump if possible, he deserves it.

G-d bless Israel.

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Faith and strength

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Strength and faith are two things that go hand in hand. If you have no faith you are weak, if you have a strong faith, well that makes you strong.

That is essentially why religion, political principles and politicians with a strong faith in the core principles of the nation is very important.

That is one of the reasons the European Union is so dangerous. The idea was to make a union like the American union. Well, if it had happened and it had succeeded, then it could have been a good idea. All the ritual and ideological basis of a union is in place.

But, and that is the core argument, it did not work. There are many reasons to that, among them a certain tendency to live in darkness and rule through a set of veils.

In that way, you do not inspire faith in the citizens, you at the other hand repulse them. Evil is evil.

I stretched out my and and offered help, this was not accepted, so the EU continues downward on its destructive spiral. If there is one thing a philosopher, especially a humanistic philosopher is to a humanistic organisation, it would have been faith.

But, anyway. Since then, the downward fall and ultimate destruction of the European Union threatens to tear down the entire Europe with it.

At one hand it refuses to give the nations the ability to curry favor and build up faith in themselves, at the other hand it does not have the ability to make people believe in it.

So it is the worst of both worlds, it does not build faith, and it hinders people finding faith in something else.

This is really why Europe is getting weaker and weaker.

My solution to this, was to try and make a gliding transferral of power from the EU institutions to the national parliaments. At the same time, I have given the politicians a beautiful, strong humane philosophy that targets the right enemies, that of the islamists.

The islamists want theocracy we want democracy.

Imagine the beauty of a Democratic world with strong pillars of family and faith.

That is what I think we should make, and I hope the politicians can see that they are also the leaders of this quiet revolution.

Go home, look at the wonderful nations you all have as an inheritance. Support it, rebuild it, fight for it, sacrifice for it, and you will see succes coming you way. Admiration, acceptance, heroes welcome.

That would be nice for a change, right?

G-d bless the will to do good in a hostile world.

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EU and humanism

November 19th, 2018 No comments

The European Union claims to hail from the same ideals that I hail from. That is a Humanistic, Democratic worldview. Ok, I am a conservative, so I hold things a religion, family and security higher than most politicians. But at the core we agree.

Then how come that I have been so opposed to the EU?

Well, yesterday I had a dinner with one of my old friends. He is what you would call a city dwelling humanist. In fact he is a leading intellectual when it comes to internet and the discussion on the internet and democracy.

We grew up together at the same university and met each other again as teachers at a business school.

He called me the black sheep of the family, and I retorted by saying that I believe that I am the real deal. After all, my own family founded the humanistic party here in Denmark, and we have been humanists ever since.

Now, this is not to say anything about my good friend, he is very brilliant and a good intellectual.

But it kind of struck me after we separated, that that is really the discussion on the old guard and the new guard.

The development that I have sought is truly avant-garde in my view, but defines me as a black sheep by must mainstream humanists.

Who is right, me or the mainstream?

Well time will show, but if I can humbly point to the devastating effects to the security of the citizens of Europe as a consequence of the European Union as a problem. Well at least we can perhaps agree on that? Or the rising discontent of the identity politics, or the awful way that Mrs. May was treated but the EU bureaucracy, how dare you treat her like that?

Humanism is about seeing things in a humane and true way. If you just seek to impose your way on the world, then you sit in the wrong position.

It is about seeing the people as your ruler, not the other way around.

Serve not rule.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world, and not just think about yourself.

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November 18th, 2018 No comments

The Brexit negotiations is a mess. Mrs. May has not had the best of luck getting a deal that the conservative Brits really like. It has not been easy, since the Bureaucrats of the EU have not been cooperation very much. But at the other hand, Mrs. May has not been the best of negotiators.

I like May very much, we share the same basic ideology, that of a midleaning conservatism, but there is no denying, that the deal that she has made wont fly.

The consessions are too big.

Now, this is, by all means, a pivotal historical moment of Great Britain, and to be honest, it has all the hallmarks of British independence written all over it. It reminds one of Magna Carta and fight with the Roman church.

Brits have very bad experience with the rule from Europe, and this time around it has been the same.

All I can say is: I have been a Brexiteer from the beginning. I supported Mr. Cameron, and I believe he did right in giving the Brits a choice, then I have supported mr. Johnson and his striving.

We are looking at a shift of power in the leading echelons of the Conservative party, it is truly needed. Not only because of the difficulties of Mrs. May, but also because otherwise Tory rule will be given away to hard core socialists.

That again is not a very good idea. Power rests best in the Middle, not on the fringes.

G-d bless the will to solve this enigma.

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Dichotomy of Angels and demons

November 16th, 2018 1 comment

One of the main problems of humanism, is the fact, that it does not have a clear credo.

Then again, off cause enlightenment as represented by the Statue of Liberty and the Socratic fight of Voltaire, is a centrepeace idea.

But the human understanding and caring of the individual does not really have a credo.

In my studies of the roots of humanism, I have come across an ancient paper, that must have been at the hands of the Rosicrucians, the founders of modern humanism.

It is an apocryphical treatise on Jewish magick, to be specific the magick of Solomon the witch king.

You can discuss the ideas of that, but attached to the treatise, there is this beautiful little allegory over the cabbalistic tree of life.

Cabbalism being one of the roots of humanism, and treatise being an obvious source to the Rosicrucians, it makes sense, that this piece of ethics is founding father material.

I won’t change it, but just post the ideas as I found them. So that you yourself can analyze it as you wish.

Some of the things that struck me when I read it, was the fact, that we are doings so much wrong these days.

Just take the intellectual inertia we are in, that is wrong. Or our low birthrates, that is wrong. The life that is supposed to be the result of humanism, the flourishing, the happiness is not there. We are going in the wrong direction.

We need that gospel of joy to be reignited.

For the Christians who are reading this material, this is some of the basic ideas of both Judaism, Christianity and Islam, so it should be safe ground.

What we need to usher in is not a decade of death, but a decade of life.

G-d bless the will to see life flourishing.



1. Charity Ha Qadesh. UNITY AND SYNTHESIS – REVOLT AND ANARCHY. Thamiel, Satan, Moloch

2. Auphanim. WISDOM, HARMONY, REASON – MATERIALISM AND LIES. Chaigidel, Beelzebub lord of flies.



5. Seraphim, spirits burning with zeal. JUSTICE – WRATH, SEDITION. Asmodeus, Samael the black

6. Tiphereth the Malachim or the kings. SUPREME BEAUTY, UNIVERSAL HARMONY, JUDGEMENT – DISPUTE. Tagaririm, Belphegor


8. Beni/Elohim Sons of G-d, spirits of Hod. ETERNAL ORDER, THE INNER SENSE – JUGGLING. Samael, Adramelech.

9. Angels, Cherubim. FECUNDITY, TRUE IDEAS – DEBAUCHERY, OBSCENITY. Lilith, Gamaliel.

10. Ischim, Malkuth. VIRILE – IMPURE. Nahema.

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Israel and Gaza

November 16th, 2018 No comments

As i understand it, there is a deep tiredness of the problems in and around Israel when it comes to the endless attacks of Hamas and its affiliates.

This is off fully understandable, the constant conflict is unnerving and really dangerous.

Never to be able to live in peace is stressful.

So, as things evolve and peace has settled, more or less, over the Middle East, the issue with Gaza needs to be addressed somehow.

The problem about the flying bombs is the fact, that it is too expensive to develop a laser guided system as Davids sling to counter it.

The kite bombs have the same effect as the crude rockets, but it is much cheaper to produce and so it can be made endlessly.

What we could do however, is to separate Gaza from Israel.

The basic problem is, that Gaza is so close to Israel. This gives the opportunity of the Gazans to make simple, inexpensive weapons of mass destruction and use them.

So we should find somewhere else to house the Gazans. Just moving them a hundred kilometer will do the trick.

The reason why we have not been able to move them, is because the specter of apartheid hung over the international political discourse. Moving people away from each other was seen as something wrong.

Now, after South Africa has tumbled into absolute horror for the poor white people there. It seems that the problem was not Apartheid in the first place, but the animosity between blacks and whites.

Mixing blacks and whites does not solve the problem, it just displaces the problem, so that is happens on smaller scale inside the country of South Africa.

Keeping people from each other’s throat was maybe not such a bad idea after all.

Don’t get me wrong, the hateful anti black ideas of nazism and a part of South Africa is off cause wrong.

But Keeping people from getting on each other’s throat is not a bad idea.

It makes sense.

So, after the downfall of Mr. Nelson Mandelas dreams of a rainbow democracy, that I really believed was a good idea, the idea of keeping people away from each other’s throat has a comeback.

This means, that if we can somehow find a way to move the Gazans away from the Israel’s border, we can stop the conflict.

We shouldn’t be rash or inhuman, but compensate for the lost property.

Maybe find somewhere else the Gazans could live.

Just make sure, that there is a border between Israel and Gaza that is so long, that the kitebombs cannot work as a weapon.

G-d bless Israel.

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