The peace

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The EU is slowly deteriorating, each individual country is loosening its allegiance, and it has even come to the point, where some countries threaten with military conflict, if the EU bureaucracy does not respect its priorities.

The drama of the UK is just one small brick in a larger picture of the downfall of the EU.

As the leading intellectual of Europe, it is off cause with the greatest worry, that I follow the negotiations, and the difficult process of disintegration.

Please understand, I am a humanist, my idea of a world is that of peace and understanding, not of conflict. That is why the downfall of the EU worries me a lot, I am a afraid that we will enter devastating conflict as when the last great power lost its grip over Europe, that of the Vatican.

In the fights between the Vatican and the Protestants, we had centuries of bloody warfare that effectuately stopped with the French rennaissance and humanists of Tubingen.

To counter the folly of the last decade, I have tried to envision a philosophy, that is wholly humanistic and at the same time both peaceful and nationalistic.

My idea about what we should enter into, as we shed the shackles of that last hundred years, is a peaceful cooperation on a national level.

The world is much smaller now than in the 21 century. When Hitler fought his war, the whole world was in the hands of Europe. Now we are just a partner among many. So the infighting does not make much sense.

But a central coordination is not how Europe works, it works, and should work, on a local, national level.

There is no doubt, that the European Union will survive in some form, but it will not survive as a all powerful entity as it is now.

One way or another it will have to shed its power.

At the end the day, it is not about my ideas or the power of the European continent. It is about the wellbeing of the citizens.

The citoyen as the battle cry went in the French Revolution.

Remember that, the citizens, and see their needs as your own, and serve, not rule. Please, do not make the same mistakes as the Roman church did when it tried to rule with flames, or the Russians, all it ends up with is war.

The Europeans want their freedom, and they are both entitled to it, as well as the fact it is their continent. It is not mine, it is not the politicians, it is not the military’s, it is not the capitals, or the banks or the agriculture’s, its the peoples.

G-d bless the will to see this conflict through with the aim of peace.

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The humanities

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Humanism is a strange thing. Being a true believer in humanism, I believe, that the essence of humanism needs to be treated on an enlightened basis.

The problem however is the fact, that humanism begun as an apocryphal ideology and to some degree still is hidden.

I mean, there are all these humanistic symbols in the US, UK and France all over. Egyptian sphinx, pyramids. Washington D.C. is one big Egyptian planned city.

Yet there is no temple there apart from the memorial temples.

That is both a strength and a weakness, a strength because then the persecution and ridicule is often not so strong, but a weakness because the education systems do not support a development of humanistic thought.

It is STILL the realm of independent philosophers as me.

I mean, I feel pretty alone trying to support and help all the humanists, and I do not see any other humanist philosophers popping up.

Maybe it was time for the great humanistic schools to make a little room for the humanists?

Yes I know, that we are strange magickal creature from the dark of society. That we do not hold academic ways to be of any real value, trying to find the academic truths outside the normal ways and not inside the peer reviewed world of academia.

I love to read ancient hermetic litterature and love digging into magickal treatises. But that is what hermetism, cabbalism and thus humanities really are.

Somehow academia has forgotten its true roots, and seem to keep churning on smaller and smaller bits of unnourishing fatless food.

The truth is, that there goes an unbroken line of thought from here over the rennaisance, through the Roman and Hellenic world back to Babylonia and ancient Egypt.

We are still founding our ideas on the work of the mystery temples of Heliopolis. Still the light of the spirit Ra is at the heart of our society.

Why not recognize these ideas, and support them even in broad daylight?

Maybe that is what we need, an antidote to the superficialities of the modern world, a recognition of the ancient sailor as he is unmoored in the raging seas.

Pull him in, put him on a throne, so that we can learn from his wisdom of the blackened seas.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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Politics in the US

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To be honest, I have been very critical towards totalitarian Marxist trends. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, hate it. I hate the idiocy, the complacency of the populace, the utter slavery and the moral deprecation.

What I do like however, is a free, humanistic society, as envisioned by the founding fathers.

In that sense, I really agree with most Americans.

This leads us to the discussion on identity politics and the cultural marxists who are really winning in academia these days they say.

How do I feel about them, I mean, they are truly Marxists, and I do not like Marxists very much.

To be honest again, I off cause hate their enemies as much as they do. Racism, nazism, white supremacy and so on, is absolutely abhorrent, not only abhorrent, it is truly wrong and does not bring a good soceity in any way.

I also do not dislike minorities, I believe we should protect minorities. Jews, gays, gentiles are to be protected by the commonwealth.

So where do I actually not like the moderne feministic identity politicians?

Well for starters, I do not believe, that race even exist. There is no such thing as a black race or white race. We are all equal in the eyes of G-d. So fighting against white or for blacks is not a good idea.

We are all equal, we should be treated as equals.

Then I think, that we should protect minorities, be we should not treat minorities as majorities. The majority is a family based, democratic society that wakes up in the morning, don his boots and go to work. When he comes home, he picks up his beautiful wife, kisses her, and helps his kids with their homework.

In that sense, we should protect the majority as well, or rather truly support the good ways of the majority.

I believe, that all this identity politics at one side of the poiltical spectrum, and that racial hate on the other side of the spectrum is what tears the society asunder.

We should not be unequal or fight because we are different, but see where we meet as equals.

Diversity is not good, unity is good.

What we need to do, is to support the good ideas of the founding fathers, and see, that all Americans understand and appreciate the beautiful and wonderful ideas that founded the United States of America, the freedom, the enlightenment but most importantly the human and spiritual understanding of each persons worth.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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I have thought quite a bit about the Pittsburg massacre of Jews in a synagogue, here is my take on it.

First of all loosing your children or your parents in a senseless attack is devastating, it does not go away, but continues the rest of your life. The hole that is left in your family can never be filled, it just stays there.

Then comes the doubt, the guilt on your own part. Could I have done something else, what is my part in this and so on.

But what we should do, is to turn it around, and see it as it is. It is just another scapegoat attack. We Jews are collectively held responsible for a the action of a few stupid and destructive Jews.

It is like this, wether we like it or not.

On the political right, where I am also, there is a rising in Nazism. These people hold George Soros, and other jews, responsible for the open borders policing and the post nazism ideology of cultural Marxism and the like.

They blame it on the Jews, because some of the leading figures are Jews.

I believe, that their criticism is right, but the conclusion is totally absurd. There is no Jewish conspiracy, but just political ideas and trends resulting in the possible death of the West.

It has gone too far, the entirety of the West is in danger of collapsing.

Here I believe, as a Danish Jew, that we help and try to turn the tide.

In that sense, we, the Jewish Conservatives, are the most important to counter this development, because we are Jews, and we agree that West should not die.

This proves, that there is no Jewish conspiracy, but, as always, some Jews believe this, other Jews believe something else.

None of us claim to talk for all Jews, well we have things on common of cause, that is a culture and a descendance, but politically we disagree, very much.

Turn it around, then we have an option here. My movement is actually, as strange as it may sound, the best bet Israel has for existential defense. If it dies, the West may just turn against Israel, and then that project is very difficult to sustain.

So please, help me, support me the best you can, I am your best bet.

G-d bless the hapless victims of the Pittsburg attack, we remember you, and feel with you. Losing your loved ones are always a catastrophe, but at the end of the day, you will meet them again some day, maybe when you go to G-d.

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Having founded something, and seeing it to the end politically is pretty awesome. When I was a bit younger, it was all fire and brimstone, now I suppose that I am a bit older and more wise.

The youth is a time of no compromise, while as getting older one realizes, that lifes taken is not worth an idea.

If the idea is not strong enough in its essence to sway people to a good course, then it is not worth fighting for.

I was a revolutionary, and some of those who follow me are still revolutionaries, but now I am not so certain.

Perhaps that comes with age, having children yourself, witnessing the horror of war.

The inherent value of life cannot be bargained away for a simple trophy of this or that kind.

It is all a matter of making a better world, progressing it with the least amount of bloodshed.

Bloodshed there will be, and when we Change things, conflict is there, obviously.

But, hail to those who try to find a way of peace in this conflicted world.

We live to serve, not to abuse our power. And we know nothing, only a thin sheet of knowledge is wrapped around our minds.

At the end of the day, discussing our own motives and trying to find the most optimal way, is what it is all about.

That is the way of the humanist. Not to doubt truth or a better world, but to be honest about the ever shifting sands of the ideas of the world.

Things Change, and thus we have to change with it.

Now, we are in my paradigm, a paradigm resting on humanity. That is a rare thing, more often than not, we are resting in a place of barbarism and destruction.

But at the end of the day, there is such a thing as goodness and honesty in this world, of friendship and loyalty, of solidarity and equality.

It is there, the difficult thing is to realize it in this world where ideas are either wrought with stupidity or ignorance.

Wisdom or the love of wisdom, the philosophia is the answer.

G-d bless the will to do good in a world where evil is in abundance.

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What we fight for

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As we are nearing the deadline for the next election, I believe it is important to remember what we are fighting FOR.

Fighting against something is not good, fighting for something is good.

One of the things that I have claimed is the serious problems facing socialism is when it forgets its roots.

There are many things, that I do not like about Marx, but I have never had anything against workers.

In fact I believe, that abandoning the workers in modern socialism is what caused the problems in the first place.

I grew up in a poor workers community, and we had our flaws I admit that. In many ways, we were naiv and didn’t know how the wheels of the world turned around. But we really did have one thing going, that of solidarity and family.

The community I grew up in was quite egalitarian, there was very little hierarchy, and everybody helped everybody. Even the poor people living on the streets was a part of the community.

We had pride, pride in our ability to create with our hands. Craftsmanship was something revered and respected.

Today socialism seems to be something about that I do not like someone. That was not what I grew up with, then it was about liking someone, be a friend and be loyal.

Maybe that feeling of solidarity, family and friendship was something to keep?

The point being, that if we throw away our classstruggle then we lose also our identity.

G-d bless the will to be strong in faith and help the community.

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The truth will set us free

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When humanism was invented, or rather continued, by the German philosophers of Tubingen four hundred years ago, they knew, that one day their work would eat itself up.

They set out to create a world of brotherhood and humanity. Giving birth to what would end up as human rights.

Their vision was steeped in Kabbalism and Hermeticism, harking back to the ancients of Judaism and Egypt.

Now their work has come full circle, as they dragged Europe out of the misery of the Middle Ages into the world of enlightenment, their children FIGHT to make a world of chaos and destruction, with the rape of the young girls of Europe as an “inevitable” sacrifice, sacrificed on the pyres of multiculturalism and new age death of political correctness. What have we done us secret hermetics, to spring such demonic offspring. How can it all end up in the sacrifice of what is most precious to us, our own children to a philosophy of such vanity, tyrannical inclinations and utter disregard of life?

Why is it, that our children cannot see, that their actions are in direct constrast to what we envisioned?

Why, why, why have we ever spawned such awful children. Have they no conscience, no intelligence, no FEELING for the suffering of young children. HOW can the ruined life of a child ever be a price worth paying for a philosophy, that can hardly even be described as philosophy, but rather a collection of unintelligible ideas with no inherent consequence or positive aim.

Our own children have dragged our work into pieces because of their arrogance and idiocy. Claiming to know, but being truly just children of ignorance. What do they know of the great father of humanism Akhenaten, who wanted us to be a nation of families and supporters.

What do they know of giving and not taking?

They do not know of such things, but keep on prowling around in the deepest abyss of ignorance, quenching the light of the ancients in their arrogance.

When will they stop the suicide? When will they ever turn around and truly understand the humanity of each precious individual? The sanctity, they drive for goodness instead of their own fallacy?

As the old hermeticists of Tubingen, I abhor the current world, with its destruction and endless suffering. But I hold true to the belief, that truth will set us free.

G-d bless the will to see beauty and truth.

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Rise England!

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The time has come for England to rise once again. As in the times of olden, where the knights threw themselves without regard for their safety into the fray, once again the mighty warriors of England must rise.

My grandfathers family come from Angels. In fact, that is where my family name Engberg comes from. It means, Meadowy hill.

In that sense, I believe, that I have a feeling for the Anglo Saxons, that is a bit more than just political affiliation. We are family.

From that point, this fight for a free Britain has been more than just a political process, for me, you know when I saw Tommy coming out of the jail, and greeting his children, I really fell a tear. Such a courageous man, sacrificing so much for his country coming home to his children, who are paying the highest prize, that brought tears in my eyes.

So from the deepest of my heart, with the most outspoken respect for that ancient place of meadows. Please rise, pick yourself up, straighten your back, have faith, understand that you are not alone. We are so many out here who support you.

That is the magic of your ancestral family picking you up, helping you, supporting you.

So RISE! England, and fight.

G-d bless the meadowy hills of England, and that includes myself.

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G-tT mit uns

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Germany is in trouble, partly because of the ideas that I have given the great fatherland, and partly because the established elite seem to be stuck in a Frankfurterschool, Marxist thinking.

If you look at the ideas that Germany has given the world, the most dominant is actually Marxism, that still holds a huge part of the world in its grip, most dominantly China.

But there are a lot of interesting and wonderful thinkers in Germany, that the world has enjoyed. Most notable off cause Goethe, but others like Kant, Heidegger and Buber are all very great thinkers.

Lately Denmark has had the leading light in developing new ideas, but we owe a lot to Germany in our own development.

Grundtvig was inspired by Herder, Kierkegaard and Loegstrup both studied in Germany and so on.

Me, I recognize the debt I owe thinkers like Marx, Hegel, Buber and lately Habermas.

Germans are deep thinkers and the tradition is quite old and beautiful.

What I think is important for Germany, is to recognize the dichotomy between Hegel and Marx.

Hegel being the ultimate idealist, that is he believed that G-d is all, Marx being the ultimate materialist, that is there is no G-d.

Both were dialectics. That is, they see development at working from opposite to opposite.

This dichotomy is false to my mind. As above so below, as an old metaphysical proverb goes.

The material world is a reflection of the spiritual world in the sense, that life is spirit.

G-d is life.

As life is mixed up with the material word, we tend to get sucked into the material life, and thus loose our connection to the spiritual world.

We become lonely and isolated. Family is to reconnect to the spiritual realm.

Therefor as I see it, Germany needs to find a new balance between materialism and spirituality. The ‘G-tt mit uns’ is both a dialectic of the material world as well as the spiritual world.

For Germans to find themselves again, they need to refine their connection to G-d, but not to be as idealistic as Hegel, but inbetween.

G-d bless the will of Germans, and may the finally find themselves again.

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Far right?

October 27th, 2018 No comments

Calling the philosophy I helped spawn Far right, is a criminal offense to all those who were before me, because it implies, that there are a nazi root at the core of my teachings.

You should be ashamed of yourself, and especially you should know, that those you tread upon are your own heroes.

When I started out in my early academic years, I studied history at university. There I wrote a report on the freedom fighters of the Second World War. My professor took to meet what was left of the old freedom fighters, at that time, some of them were alive, and still going around finding Nazies under every rock.

I became good friends with Per, who invited me home to his house, where I saw all the old posters of swastikas broken.

He was also your hero, because he was a Social Democrat.

I was a bit too young to really chip in on his fight, I was in my early twenties, but I did try a little. In my first internship, I was writing in a political magazine called PRESS, and even though Per had some stories about Nazies, they just didn’t believe me on what I said I could tell them about. Ok, I admit, that a very young guy seems to be the least probable in finding out stories about ancient Nazies in Germany, but that actually happened.

I am Jew ok? My own grandmother had to flee to Sweden under the Second World War, so there is absolutely no love lost for me to Nazies.

To be honest, I have met Nazies, and they actually often treat me pretty well. I suppose it is because we, today, have some of the same enemies, namely islamists, and we are both nationalistic.

But I have always given them a wide berth, and you know, looking in their eyes, you can see the coldness and death. There is no life behind those eyes, it is the touch of death to your soul to be a nazi.

Being a hopeless political nerd, I have encountered the footprint of Nazism many times. I was actually a very successful ideology in many ways, and many political parties was inspired by it. No least Stalin, that took the propaganda methods of Goebbels and perfected it, or whatever you call it. The Frankfurterschool is in a sense also a product of Nazism, because they actually took the idea of race, and turned it upside down. But just accepting the idea of race, is accepting some of the basic tenents of Nazism.

But to truly understand what drove Hitler, that disgusting beast, you need to see it from his own perspective. He was into magick. He had read Alister Crowley and madame Blavatsky. Two major figures within the magickal community.

That was what Hitler REALLY was, a dark prophet of evil. He had taken the worst perspectives of Aleister Crowley, who had a penchant for the devil, and then he used it in his political work.

He was, in his own mind, an agent of the fallen angel.

That is a powerful thing, but also, as we saw, utter destruction and evil.

At the core of what you are saying when you call someone far right, you call them the agent of evil and the devil. Because that was what Hitler was.

Now, when you look at spirituality, there is a very complex picture that emerges. There are so many paths to go down at.

But if you want to know what I wear around my neck, I will tell you. I wear a symbol of the angel Michael.

He is what guides me, and I believe that I will follow him.

THAT is what the new right is all about, protection, light, strength in conviction, and beauty.

Thus the exact OPPOSITE of Hitler. Because the archangel Michaels job is to fight the son of darkness, not help him.

G-d bless the will to see things as they are.

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The European Union is fast traveling into conflict. The most effective contrapoint to the union is the philosophy I helped spawn, that of the new right.

It is pro Israel and democratic.

My idea was, to make a soft pillow to land on after the EU would fall. It is bound to fall, because the structure is simply too complicated and has too little support from the public.

The only question is, will it fall hard or soft.

I wanted to give the EU a chance, this is something everybody is required to have, and made a plan. Unfortunately the EU does not want to reform, but seems to be digging the hole just bigger and bigger.

There has been vigorous debate on whether the EU socialist are the true descentants of the national socialists.

This is ridiculous, off cause they are not. Then equally ridiculous is it, that the conservatives are the descendants of said disgusting creed.

We all fought remember?

What nazism was, was an esoteric, fascist movement that was in pact with the devil, literally.

So, if we really want to be saying no to Nazism, what we need, is to be the opposite. That is accepting, good, humane.

When this conflict is enhanced and we tend to see our adversary as evil, just remember, that that makes you take steps, that are evil themselves.

We think, that the evil steps are just, in the anger of the moment. But what we need to ask ourselves, is it truly just to do evil things?

The EU is falling, it is just at matter of time. That we cannot change, what we can change however, is what comes after.

Maybe we can see through our anger and angst, and see the other as they are. They are willing to fight for the same values, they just have the opinion, that it should be done at a national level, and not on a federal level.

There is no way, that the EU will be able to keep all the power it has amassed, the people do not trust the EU.

But there is another solution, and that is a compromise on power. Give the power back.

Why do the EU need it anyway. Give it back to the people, and refrain from using evil means. Because that will make you just the same as the Nazis.

Means carry virtue, either good or bad. Therefor means are to be chosen carefully, with a human objective in mind.

Because after all, what we DID fight for many years ago was democratic humanism. Democratic humanism tend to see each individual as something divine and beautiful. Remember that, when you chose your means.

G-d bless the peace we will and can find, if we are truly unselfish.

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Political correctness run amok

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Tommy Robinson and I started, more or less, in the same political sphere. In fact, Tommy Robinson used to be good friends with SIAD, the organization I started my political career in, or whatever you call it.

So, I have followed Tommy Robinson closely for many years, and my feeling is, that he reads this blog. So hi Tommy, hope you are ok. We met once in Aarhus when EDL came to Denmark, remember?

Anyway, this is not to delve into the whereabouts of mr. Robinson. He has had his fight, as have I mine.

One of the greatest tragedies of modern security work, to my mind, is the fact, that the domestic police forces have turned villain to hero, and hero to villain.

Both Tommy and I are not racists or gung ho imperialists. Tommy is a sort of migrant himself, having Irish descent.

Me as well, my father was from Bangladesh. Yet, we have been at the sharp end of police work.

Tommy has been put in jail many times, and the secret police has harassed me innumerable times. Among these things killing my mother, and torturing my child.

What is going on? I mean, I understand, that the police worries about us having too loud a voice. But both Tommy and I have been very careful not to tread on anyone’s toes. We have repeatedly given a wide berth to the scum of the right. Nazies and so on.

We are liberal, what is left of the socialist workers.

We have seen how the abandonment of the academia to our cause has left us to rot. Therefor we have tried, with legal means, to make new liberal paths.

Accepting different minorities, not being racist. But being critical towards Islam. Because they are a threat to the commonwealth.

I mean, when I worked with Obama, bless him, people loved the Change we made. Because the ideas we have are absolutely including of all of colour. It is a unifying, positive ideology that shares and keeps people together. As we used to say, together we stand, divided we fall.

When the state does atrocities as they have done to us, going back is almost impossible, and so going forward seems to be the only possible way.

So the atrocities are piled on atrocities.

But there is a stopping point, and honestly, I hope this is it for Tommy and me.

In Denmark, the former chief of PET has been sacked, and is prosecuted. Fine with me, but can we please also move on with Tommy?

He is all that stands between you and utter chaos. And as Luton is the worker suburb of Oxford, the destiny is shared between the academics and the worker community there. It should be obvious.

So, maybe reconsider Tommy? He is a good guy, and I truly vouch for him. Go on Tommy, we have your back.

G-d bless the will of England, the fair isles of beautiful meadows.

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The low birthrate

October 24th, 2018 No comments

There is a huge crisis in the Western world concerning child birth. The birthrate is really bad, and if we do not do something, we will simply cease to exist.

This is primarialy due to communism or rather socialism.

The simple equation is, that if the state takes care of you, and not the family, there is not real incentive to get children.

It is actually the same problem Sparta encountered (Sparta is the ideal city of communism). It worked for 700 hundred years, but in the end it died out because the birthdate was too slow.

The family as an institution has been an unrivaled success since it started in Egypt all these thousand years ago.

You can see, that nations that is supported by healthy families are the most succesfull.

So to turn the negative trend of Western Europe concerning the low birthrate. An active family police that promotes family values and support families in general is the true cure of the problems we face nowadays.

G-d bless the family as an institution of love.

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The source

October 21st, 2018 No comments

Well, I believe that all good philosophy needs to base its ideas on a thorough knowledge of the constructs of society. Bad political ideas leads to bad societies, it is that simple. Good quality ideas lead to good societies.

Therefor please let me be clear about the foundation of my philosophy, it is good.

The basic idea, that the democratic society is based on community of families is not something I invented, it is a principle of Aristotle.

That is the way he believes a democratic society should be constructed.

Aristotle was a leading light of the DEMOCRATIC cause of the Hellenes, and apart from Plato, the best thinker of the classic time.

If you compare Aristotle and Plato, there is an important relationship you have to be aware of. Plato was actually not really a believer in the Democratic constitution of Athens (Athens being the mothercity of all democracies in an Hellenic mould), he was a part of the SPARTAN faction of Athens. This means a lot, because you cannot just take all Platos ideas, and see them as inherently democratic.

Plato was actually a proto Marxist.

Being the pupil of Plato, Aristotle rebelled against this view, and pledged himself 100% FOR democracy. So if we want to really know how the Hellenes viewed Democracy, Aristotle is really the best choice.

In his political work Politics, he is quite specific. A democratic society rests on a community of families.

This was, most probably, how the original Democracy worked, so this is a principle we can apply to a modern Democracy with the knowledge that the idea comes from the highest quality source. So the chance that it will actually work in real life is the best possible.

As the American society evolves, and develops into a more Democratic society again, this principle will strengthen the society in general and make America stronger.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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October 20th, 2018 No comments

When you Change something, it has to come from somewhere and then be changed into something.

My political travel started as a revolutionary urge to really change the society I was a part of. That is a Socialdemocratic state with a weak faith.

I wanted to fix all the problems, and make a new state, that was strong, wise and humane.

But as a philosopher, I didn’t start out without knowing anything about what we came from. I had studied it thoroughly, to find out where things had one wrong, and what to do about it.

At that time, I didn’t know much about the Frankfurterschool and cultural Marxism, I went straight to the source, Marx, and tried to understand that.

My relationship to Marxism is a little special, since we are in the same family. A bit distant, but my family comes from the German city Trier (hence my name), and I therefor have a more generational feeling about Marx than a deep hatred many have for Marx.

He was my ancestor, so I believe it is my right to change his system into something better.

What I realized along the way was, that he had done some serious mistakes. He wanted to copy Sparta as an ideal, but he did not respect the ideas of Lycurgus, the philosophical founder of Sparta. So he made a inconsequential system. It does not work, because the architecture of his ideas are simply not of a sufficient quality.

So, I wanted to Change that, and remake the system into to something that actually work. Hence the work Barack and I did in his presidency.

It all starts with what is really the core of our philosophy; the community.

What is important, is for the community to work. If the community doesn’t work, the city doesn’t work, then the state doesn’t work and the federation doesn’t work. The community is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

How do we make a community work? We make it work be sharing in between healthy familiies. When we meet in church, it is more than just a haphazard meeting of people, it is family time.

Beneath the community lies another building brick, and that is the family. The reason why I stress this piece of society, is because Aristotle say so. Aristotle is the founder of Democracy, and in his view a sound Democracy is founded on sound families. So the Democratic faith needs a democratic family to work.

The next level, meeting in church, is also something I have in my Change of Marx. According to Marx, we live in a materialistic society. That is wrong to me, G-d is alive. Killing G-d was a mistake, I truly believe, that in order to make a society work, you need the ethical guideline of spirituality.

As Marx went away from G-d in his rejection of Hegel, I return to G-d in my rejection of Marx on this point. See? The line of thought goes from Hegel to Marx to Trier. In fact, you could say, that since Hegel is a part of German thought, that is Kant and Goethe and further back to Luther and the German rennaessance, in a sense we are dealing in unbroken line with a development of ideas that go at least five hundred years back. It is not superficial. But an attempt at really improving a system that has its flaws.

If you step up from the community you see that you meet a democratic system. The community is based in a city, that is in a state, that is in a federation. These are all democratic entitites.

On this level, I believe, that we need to keep one good thing of Marx, that of progressive tax. The idea is actually not his own, but something he got from Democritus.

Democritus idea, was to make a more equal society, so that harmony would be the result.

It works ok, but the problem about this tax system is, that is demotivates those people who are really good at making money, and then drives the society around.

Therefor you need another set of motivational incentives to shower on those who are really helping and supporting the community.

A really good example of this is the work of Steve Jobs in Apple. The reason why he built the I pad, was because he saw that people do not read anymore, so he wanted to make a device that helps people do that. That is true support of the American community, and should be given all the attention and support one could possibly give it.

There can also be tax excempts to people who support their local community in other ways.

This will recreate the connection between industrial owners and workers, recreating the might of American industry and giving jobs back to all those poor workers that have no jobs.

This process is also working very well, the industry of the US is back on track and we are having ourselves a true comeback.

On top of this philosophical construct is the true heart of the whole shebang, the shining city on the top of the hill. Why is shining? Because that is what humanism is all about, enlightenment, humanism, seeing each individual in its glory.

See? It is an architectural contruction, that is beginning to work.

You have sucessfully moved on to the next generation of philosophers, you have Changed and are all building a good society for the future generations.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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