Post Brexit hangover

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Here after Brexit, the hangover, intellectually, have, more or less, gone, and it is time for a new discussion on what comes next. 

First of all, the networks of business that the UK has access to are huge, so what is really the problem. The Anglosphere is huge, and plenty of people to do business with. 

Secondly there is the discussion on radical Islam. We need to start that. 

Well, and then again, we have already been discussing that for many years, also in academic circles. I know that it is only fringe discussion, and that it has, all in all, been independent intellectuals like me, that have had the balls to do it. 

But that fringe discussion should become mainstream. 

We need to go from having no clue about what we are talking about, to actually look at the differences between our system and that of radical Islam. 

First of all, I believe, that the ENTIRE system is at stake. As stated in the very name of ISIS, that is Islamic state. Radical Islam includes a state. 

This state is in opposition to our state, the democratic state. 

So the basic lines of aggression are in fact not religious but political. 

This implies a lot of legal discussion, and exempts radical Islam from the usual protection granted to religions, since they, primarily see their work not as religious but political. 

The other major point of discussion is that of humanism. We, as Europeans and beyond, belive in the sanctity of the individual. Of the beauty of each creature in the world, and this creatures worth. 

That is not the case of radical Islam, women are raped, we have mass persecution of Christians, throwing gays off of rooftops and so on. 

This is not humane. This is not good, this is a crime against all living. 

This discussion and a much deeper discussion, is something we need to embark on.

This is why Oxford beckoned me, because I have taken that discussion for years, though they have been tabooed. 

Science is about enlightenment, in the face of persecution, cowardy and darkness. Science and the light of democracy will only reach the shores of mankind, if we are strong enough, to lift that beacon of light. 

G-d bless the will to lift the beacon of light, though we are opposed by so much, not least our own lack of courage.

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Well, now we have a difficult situation. 

First of all, looking at the long term strategic aims, that is first ISIS then China, not being friends with Putin is a bit of a problem. 

We got beaten by you mr. Trump, and though mr. Putin did help you, maybe, the amount of cheating to get you in the White house is beyond Putin. 

So, we in the Democratic wing should just suck it up, and get on with the necessary work that is rebuilding the Democratic platform. 

We need to learn and revise our strategies. 

This is difficult, and I admit, that we should be careful, but we still need to be clear on our basic objectives. 

The reason why we fight ISIS is not because of some geostrategic goal, but because these bastards kill innocent children, make sexslaves and drive trucks into people. 

The reason we fight China is because they are being pretty expansionist in west and are threatening our allies. 

Mr. Putin can be turned both ways, if we attack him he will go with the Chinese, if we work with him he is our friend. 

If you want action, don´t worry, action will come. In Europe, with China, and we need all hands on deck for that operation to run smoothly. 

I would start helping mr. Mattis in his efforts on making Europe pay more. Because the security situation is really dangerous in Europe, and we should not bear all the expenses for that. 

In the West, we need the same thing to happen; preparation for the coming war. 

War is not something you do willingly. You do it, and you try to get it over with as fast as possible, not to be caught in the quagmire. 

But you do it fast, and you have a clear exit plan.

G-d bless the peace we well find.

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Making America great again

Ok Donald, I am sorry, I should have been more focused on international politics. I have focused too much on national politics, but I thought that was important too. 

What would I advice in this situation?

First of all, you had, contrary to everybody in the defense community in the US, actually a good rapport with mr. Putin. 

That was ruined due to the infighting in the defense community with you. 

I hope everybody sees now, that that was a good thing. That you wanted to make peace with mr. Putin. 

Having a friend in Vladimir Putin will give the US two things:

1. Peace at the eastern front.

2. A good ally in the fight against ISIS.

The fact of the matter is, that albeit wrong, mr. Putin has, as yourself, become a kind of scapegoat for all the problems of the West. 

That is factually wrong, and it is not good for the peacekeeping efforts of the world. 

When mr. Medvedev calls out an international war, that is serious. 

Do we really want to do that? Think about it; Europe in flames, nuclear warheads, weapons so powerful that they can destroy countries in a blink of an eye. 

This is what we get if we keep scapegoating mr. Putin. 

I think what I would do, was to follow your first idea, and make friends with mr. Putin. Hinder that war, and use your resources carefully in the true wars; on IS and perhaps of China.

That would be the wisest thing to do, and that would make you a tough man and a good friend. 

Mr. Putin also did pay dearly to support you, as you did pay to support him. 

He is your potential friend, use that in the interest of the US. 

Because then you may just end up making America Great again. 

That is what we are truly aiming at.

G-d bless the wisdom of strategical thinking. G-d bless the peace that is still possible.

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The war efforts of the US is not going that well. I think that the US should decide who we are warring. 

Is it China or is it Russia. We cannot fight both enemies. We can try, but we do not have the resources to do it. 

I understand that mr. Trump needs a positive stance within the defense community, and, honestly it has started badly. 

Mr. Trump needs to respect the traditions and ways of CIA, the navy, the infantry, the airforce. 

Because these people are the best America has to offer, hands down. 

On the other hand, we need some cooperation. If our infights leads to strategic decision that hinder the war overall, that is also a problem. 

Mr. Trump has very little understanding on warfare, but he has one huge thing that he can contribute with. He is friends with mr. Putin. 

In a situation where war with China i almost inevitable, that is VERY important. 

The war with Russia is not a given, it is simply the traditions of the military and the prejudices of the public and others that leads to that. 

The war with China is given. As sad as it is, it reminds me of the infighting between Phoenicia and Rome. The war came due to strategic interests not animosity. 

There is another problem. And that is the fact, that a lot of the R and D has been targeted on China and the Islamists. If we really wanted to beat Russia, we should have invested much more in heavy weight equipment. 

The drones swarms that is almost ready, is tailored to meet the threat of ISIS, not Russia.

We are, more or less ready to fight China in a year or two. Which, more or less is the pace the confrontation is building in. 

So mr. Trump, do it like this, at least that is what I would do. 

1. Call mr. Putin. Ask him how he sees it, and try to make amends, and find a way out of this mess. This is your decision, don´t let yourself be discouraged. He is your friend, and he will help you.

2. Try to make amends with the clandestine branch of the defense forces, and make them see China as a problem. They already do, but they need to use more resources on the bastards. 

3. Get ready for the show down in Europe. The drone swarms are made for that, that is an easy win, and will project American power again in a humane way. 

G-d bless the will to be smart on these things. G-d bless America.

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There are a lot of talk about gender these days. Mr. Pence, vice president of the US has been hauled into a bit of a mess, discussion on his wife, and their relationship.

Let us see if we can disentangle ourselves from this mess that moderne gender roles have become.

On one side, there is the, often religious claim, that women are evil. So they have to be restricted and put down. This is prevalent in especially judaism, theoretically and islam.

At the other side, there is the moderne feminism that holds the same claim about men, that they are inherently evil.

Both claims are definitely wrong. Man is not inherently evil, but has a choice in life. Maybe some women are more prone to follow their feelings, and maybe some men are more prone to fight physically. However, both parties have a choice. We are born with a free choice to follow either a good or a bad course.

Family, or the unification of man and woman will not work, if we do not affect. The compromise in the daily live of the family is usually ethical. You give something of yourself to the family. Sacrifice yourself for the wellbeing of your children, or your spouse.

All communities only work if you sacrifice yourself to some degree for the common good.

This sacrifice however, should be ethical. That is, we need to think about the principles of the family. What is important. Is equality important? Is respect important? Is trust important?

Family life is ethical life, we strive for something better, together.

Take my own family. It is a mix of different backgrounds, my wife is a devout Christian, I am a devout Jew. She is a socialist. I am a conservative.

But we both agree on the principles of our family. And we have had a lot of problems due to my political life. But we still hold on to our little community, and we sacrifice ourselves.

Right now I sleep only six hours each night, my wife even less. But we see our little children flourish and get stronger. They are happy, so we are happy.

The sacrifice we make, we get it back a thousandfold, because of the happiness our family brings.

This attitude to the family as something above ourselves is where true happiness and equality are possible to realise.

It is also the answer to the crisis of too few children in the West, because when you have a family, then you wish to have more children. That is good.

We need to look at what is good, not what is bad.

G-d bless the happiness of family.

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Terror in Russia

I am totally shocked to hear about the terror attack in st. Petersburg. It is, without doubt, a terrible occurrence, and it is with the utmost humility and support from the Danish people, that I do hold the terrorist responsible for a vile attack on the Russian motherland.

This is wrong, and I do hope mr. Putin will hunt down those terrorist that we believe are a threat to the international community. Not at least mr. Putins country.

G-d bless Mother Russia.

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It seems to me, that we have come far in relation to mr. Trump. He is listening, if we let him.

One point I really do think we have to work together with him is economics. He has taken my ideas on production support and put it to good use.

If he does that, then there is an obvious area we can work together here.

Yes, that will give him a success, but if we support him. WE will actually share that success.

What is important however, is to understand what is going on in “Obamanomics”, the support of the production makers in the country.

The three words; made in America.

Therefor, I have added the economic policy ideas to my seminar, so that we, when I hopefully get over the US, can discuss the ideas in depth, and we can use these new good tools to turn the economy around.

G-d bless the United States of America

Link to the new version: Introduction seminar USA v2.

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Mellem folk

When I initiated my attempt to strengthen European culture, including the US and Russia, it was in a clear understanding that the EU was in decline. 

Now ten years after this analysis has been proved right. The EU has lost all credibility and is now not a positive force in the international development. Rather, all the policies that it has made are ripening with scary consequences, especially the multicultural project has had the opposite effect than intended. 

The idea was to make a paneuropean citizenry that were not loyal to the nation states. Instead all the chaos it has brought has strengthened the nationalistic trends and created a new national identity that of the Umma, the muslim international state. 

The European national state no one seems to care about, unless they are payed. 

In this chaotic situation, what we need is not strife in-between the waning nationstates, but a strengthening where it makes sense. But not in the corrupt EU frame. But rather as a free cooperation between equal partners. We should work on rebuilding the nations in a peaceful cooperation. 

We can have free trade, but we need a positive national identity in each nation. 

At the same time, we need to start warring the Umma, the muslim nation-state that is a competitor to all the individual nation-states of Europe. 

This fight or rather the fight against IS (islamic state) is a paneuropean and democratic fight. 

When my great uncle went to the Faroe islands after millenia of subduement of the Faroe islands by Denmark, he went there with an escuse and a message of peace from the people of Denmark. 

The people of Denmark met the people of the Faroe Islands on an equal footing. 

This is democracy in practise. We call it “mellem folkelig” in Denmark. A mutual respect between equal peoples, equal folk.

The US should still be here as an ideal of a free people in a free state, but other states should be the same. Free peoples in free states. 

G-d bless the freedom of the peoples of Europe.

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United we stand, divided we fall

March 30th, 2017 No comments

Ok, I have finished a small seminar to the possible progress of the Democratic party.

First of all, we need to unite, not to be divided.

How do we do that? We do it by strengthening the core of the American Republic, the faith, values, what The Us of A is all about.

We need to start having faith in democracy, family, church, freedom again. Because there is a lot more that unites us than what divides us.

As they say; United we stand, divided we fall.

So the idea with the seminar is to inspire and build a base under these basic virtues of the US.

We philosophers gave you these ideas, we are still here to take care, that they still live and work in these days. These ideas are good and strong. It brings a better state, a better world, not a worse world.

So I pray, that you will take that burning torch that I have tried to make, and pass it on to others.

I have handed it on to my American friend and I hope that he can initiate something.

G-d bless the strength of the US.

Link to the: Seminar Liberal

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The Danish PM

March 30th, 2017 No comments

Well, you have the honour of the presence of the Danish PM these days. Thank you Donald. That was nice of you.

He is not much of a positive person in my book. He sacrificed all that was the initial virtues of his party Venstre on the altar of the EU. Venstre was built as a rebellion against the king, and fought, at the outset to give freedom to the farmers.

He has used most of his life to reverse that process by taking the freedom of the Danish citizens and handing it over to a corrupt supranational structure called the EU.

Talk about a turn around, in the wrong direction.

He still fights on with this, but ok, he is the best we have right now, even though that is not much.

But thank you anyway Donald, it is nice of you to invite him. We truly appreciate this gesture here in Denmark.

G-d bless the renewed and strong relationship between Denmark and the US.

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Rebuilding our armed forces

March 27th, 2017 No comments

We have to be honest about the build up of islamic state like fighters in Europe. We have had numerous incidents of terror but also findings of weapons caches in mosques.

As Erdogan said; the mosque will be the spearhead and the sword. Well as Hitler, if he says that, he probably means it.

I do not think that Erdogan is a lost cause, but I do think that, with the crisis we have had with him, we should start rebuilding our militaries. Because we may have a lot of humanistic doubt of our courses, but our enemies do not. They are dedicated and fierce.

So instead of using our money on the airforce or navy, we need to invest heavily in the infantry.

They should be grown from the current size to at least ten times more, if not even more. We also need to invest in high tech gear. The drones should be our top priority, but other high tech gear should be invested in. Like small armed vehicles that can enter urban areas and resist small arms as well as RPGs.

Israel has developed a system to go along with our tanks, I think it is called Triumph or something. That will protect our vehicles.

We also need to develop strategies to counter hostage scenarios as in the concert in France.

So, it is time to rebuild our forces, and we need to do it fast.

G-d bless the willingness to build on what we have.

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Be brave

March 24th, 2017 No comments

After the attack on Westminster, one thing is clear. This problem will not be solved by more money, multiculturalism, inclusiveness or dialogue. 

As I have said, numerous times, it is a war, and we are not even fighting it. 

To act on this war, we actually have to WANT to fight it. 

This requires a lot of thought, and a lot of planning, but it has to be done. 

First of all, we need to reroute the migrants away from Europe to safe havens that we have created. But it has to be done effectively, not just haphazardly. 

Secondly, we need to start investing in military to counter the threat. It is not just small, isolated groups, this is organized and it requires a lot of support logistically, morally and spiritually, if you can call killing innocents spiritual. 

This is the demon in action, and we need to prepare, otherwise we are just lambs for the slaughterhouse. That is the truth. 

So, as mr. Trump demands. We need to invest in defense capabilities, to defend our own people and land. 

This should be targeted at the growing threat of Islamic State. So we need to prepare for a guerillawar with an opponent that uses horrorlike tools to cower us. 

We need the spirit of mr. Churchill now. That is a will to fight. We need to use the Anglo-Saxon words, the strong words. We need to fight, on the beaches, in the shopping malls, in front of West Minster, we need to have courage and prepare for the worst. 

Because England is under attack.

G-d bless the will to resist and be infinitely brave.

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March 23rd, 2017 No comments

What is Israel really? To understand that, and truly remake the understanding of Israel. We need to reflect on the identity of Israel. 

Israel was initiated as a Social-democratic state. After some time, as Socialism has vaned, Israel is now searching for a way to understand what Israel is today. 

In this work, as a historical philosopher, I propose a look at what our forefathers thought about when they defined Jewish culture. 

One item, or rather core item, of Jewish culture is the angels. 

The angels are ancient spiritual beings, that reflect an ethical stance to the word. 

They reflect judaism at its deepest levels. 

Each angel has specific colours and characteristica. And through the understanding of what the angels represent, we can understand what juadism is, and thereby Israel.

Israel as a state demands more than just a little, it demands the best. 

The best of all, are the angels. 

Gabriel, the angel of strenght, Ophiel, the angel of beauty, Boel the angel of truth, Ravchiel the angel of compassion. 

Each angel reflect the core of what it is to be jewish.With them we can be inspired to understand ourselves.

G-d bless Israel. 

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March 23rd, 2017 No comments

In France the contented ms. Le Pen is in trouble, why? Because the election platform is too narrow. 

To fight islamism is good, to support your country is good. But a ticket to the Elysee has to be a bit broader. 

I belive, that the antisemitic message is out, and now, hopefully, we can see a support of Israel, so I help.

Basically what you need Marine, is an economical plan to go along with the islamcritic message. 

Here I propose the plan that I have developed with mr. Obama, and mr. Trump has used, at least in the beginning of his presidency. 

The direct support to patriotic producers. At the same time free markets should be supported, not with unhealthy ideas, but as a principle. 

Money comes with rich people supporting you. Rich people support those they like. Some even do not support anybody but themselves. But usually they pay back for what they have gotten. 

This is a problem in France. The industry does not fight for a patriotic cause, but are just a globalised as everybody else. 

This should be turned around. Not by negative means, but by help and inspiration. Napoleon installed some good ideas in his first 100 days. One of them the civil code, that is a deep thank you from the republique to those who served. 

The same can be done with the producers that is supporting their country.

By this, you also, directly support some of the workers who have been left by globalisation, having no jobs. 

So it is an economic plan that will support your core voters directly.

G-d bless the beautiful France and may he live for another thousand years. 

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Seminar in the US

March 23rd, 2017 No comments

I have been given the opportunity to find a remedy for the liberal trouble in the US. With one of my good friends, I will make a small seminar with a powerful message. 

It is my hope, that I will be able to turn the downfall of the Liberals around. 

It is all about one thing; new ideas. 

Barack and I worked a lot on many ideas in his presidency, so we will revisit them, and find the best to propel us forward. 

G-d bless the will to be strong as the world is changing.

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