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Well, finally we can actually do something in regards to the development of terrorism and the jihadis using the streets of London to wage their civil war.

Because, let us face it, that is what it is.

In this regard, there are some difficult issues we need to tackle and discuss.

Some years ago mr. Johnson got pretty unpopular in the press because he compared the peculiar headdress of a certain Muslim faith to letterboxes.

Point being, that that is not a part of a free western world.

The same could be said about waging jihad with a knife in the middle of the day. That is not, and should not be a part of Western civilization.

It may be ok in the streets of Kandahar, but it is not ok in London, go figure.

So what do we do?

Well, this is the time, we need to use our new acquired freedoms.

Before, we had a lot of trouble with the European Union in these issues, because they did not see the threat to Democracy that the islamists pose, but saw a threat to their own power.

These things are not necessarily the same, but often it is.

Be as it may, there was no real consequence for a jihadi waging war in the streets, because of the stalemate of power between parliament and Bruxelles.

This is not an issue anymore, we are free to follow a conservative course on this political issue.

So what will we do?

We start repatriating all the jihadis.

Some of them have citizenship, others not.

But to wage war against the democratic constitution as they are doing now, is not within the bounds of their citizenship. So if they do that, their citizenship should be taken from them.

In this way, they will never be let loose in the streets again.

They are free to go back to where they originally came from, essentially this is not our problem.

We have to be extremely tough on these issues, and this is something that works.

G-d bless the will to punish those who attack the weakest, bringing justice to those who despise Democracy.

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Looking forward

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Well, there are a lot of things, that are going in the right way, and there are a lot things, that I simply cannot save in time.

To spread the vision, and see it a little from above, we can see some astounding successes and some corners of the world, that are simply going down.

Sweden is honestly beyond repair. I would like to help them, but the amount of problems they have right now is so devastating, so that is simply beyond my reach.

At the other hand the Anglo saxons are on a true course of improvement. The UK has just been liberated, the US is truly on its way up. It works, and in ten years the Anglo Saxons will be free and content again.

There is the conflict with China looming in the horizon, and the UK has a lot of work to do to serve the empire. But these things are essentially just work and not really challenges. It has to be done, it will create an abundance of opportunity and progress. But it is not difficult.

Yes there are a host of issues that are challenging in the UK, among them migration that has to be tackled, but that is also ‘just’ a matter of policy.

Off cause the crown jewel of my political is Israel, that is heading for true peace, so that is good as well.

My job situation seems to be improving as well. I have finally managed to get a media job, that serves my needs, and leaves plenty of room for blogging.

It may not be so prestigious, but it gives the politicians an easy route to my positive attention here in Denmark, so that I can contribute to the development of Denmark.

All in all a situation that is essentially stable, and will give me a way to combine my living with blogging.

Ten years, more or less, will be the span of my work I think. After that, there will be new players and philosophers to challenge me. Which is all just good and the way things are supposed to be.

But the next ten years, my aim is to wrangle the West out of the death grip it has been in as a result of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Hopefully at the end of the process, we will have a bit more stable, humane and free world.

At least, that is my aim.

G-d bless the will of the strong to find peace in this world.

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Congratulations England

January 31st, 2020 No comments

Finally, Great Britain has become free once again. Free to set its own course, free to remain a whole, free to roam the seas of the world.

Many people see all the talk about the empire as a talk of a bygone time. They believe, that the West is finished, and we might as well all just turn off the light, and take of our slippers.

But is it so, and what are the real deal behind the PRACTICAL situation of the world.

I mean, as long as Australia flies Union Jack in their flag, and as long as Hong Kong yearns to have the support of Great Britain. Then there is, in practise, an empire. Not an empire of subjugation and tyranny, but an empire of practical proportion. It is there, whether you like it or not.

And it needs repair. The demoralisation and often right out despair is not good. What the empire needs, is a stable hand on the wheel and an inspired position of leadership.

This is not about tyranny, or putting people down. It is about taking care of those who are family.

That is not a bad thing, that is a good thing.

So as long as the intentions are serious and positive. There is no reason not to fly the banner, once again.

G-d bless the will of the british people and all those in the commonwealth.

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Never again

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75 years ago, Europe went through a massive antisemtic purge.

In most of Europe, the narzies as Winston Churchill called them, went through the European homeworld, where jews had lived for thousands of years and purged them. Got rid of them, put them concentration camps and what was worse.

Unimaginable horror went down in Europe, to a people with so little defence.

Yes, there were Jews that did things wrong, as there are today. But systematic extinction, that is horribly wrong.

As of now, no viler crime has been done to the Jews in our long history. The Shoa, Holocaust was a crime not only against Jews, but against all of humanity.

Understanding the how’s and ifs is vital also today.

But as a fact, it seems to me, that we learn so little. Today in Denmark antisemitism is ripe for another round in the ring.

The same old same position. How are we to fare against this monster.

Well as it is prescribed in the torah, by being the people of light. By trying to be honest, openminded, true to what we see as right and wrong.

Yes, there are those who do not seek to harm us, let us be happy about that. Yes, there are those who seek to harm us, let us be honest about that.

But first and foremost, let us hail the light.

Let us be the ones, that see truth for what it is. Honesty, integrity, morality, be good persons in this time of persecution once again.

Let us turn that “once again” into a “never again”.

G-d bless the will to be the light in a time of creeping darkness.

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The Christian minorities

January 21st, 2020 No comments

Well, the situation of the world has changed. It seems to me, that the middle leaning Democrats, and the middleleaning conservatives are really what it is all about.

I certainly do not believe we should start a third world war or anything in the like.

But there are minorities around the world, that still need some attention.

One minority, that I have personally been involved with a lot is the Christian minority of Egypts. The Copts.

This little but extremely beautiful church is an ancient church that has been in Egypt for millennia.

I truly believe, that the relationship mr. Al-Sisi has with his Christian populace is not good, but still something that is recommendable.

We should look out for the minorities in the world, not at least the Christian minorities that have a truly hard time in the Middle East these days.

G-d bless the will to protect those without protection.

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War and peace

January 16th, 2020 No comments

Well, it seems to me, that the waves of war and conflict has soothed a little over the last four days.

The threatening conflict between the US and Iran has not come to pass, and therefor we have a calm.

I do not understand why we cannot have some kind of peace. But I do understand why the animosity arises.

Let me try and explain.

First of all, war is because people want it. If one side of a conflict wants a conflict, it will happen.

If both sides in a conflict wants a conflict it will perhaps happen, according to the reflection of the red lines of each opponent. That is, do we respect the red lines of the other or not.

So, this is what it is about in this conflict, the US put up a red line and Iran stepped over it.

Then Iran retaliated, but now the US holds its guns.

A stalemate is also some kind of peace, but it may not last.

Lets see, but let us also be vigilant.

G-d bless the possible peace.

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January 9th, 2020 No comments

When I first started on philosophising on strategy a small but very interesting book caught my attention. It is called “The art of war” by Sun Tzu, a Chinese general in the ancient times. It has a lot of hard-won, real life experience with war by the great ancient general.

One of his basic maxims is his understanding of the psychological importance of warfare.

It is written, that in order to win a war, you have to know yourself but off cause more importantly, you have to know your enemy.

So this is the psychology of war, knowing your own mindset in opposition to the mindset of your opponent.

Now who are we here in the West. First of all, at the most basic level, we are vikings. This mentality when it comes to warfare is savage, extremely violent and very, very strong. This is essentially why we rule the world.

On top of this, there is a layer of Roman virtue. That is the values of the Roman empire that was so strong in Germany, France and the UK.

It calls for disciplin but also, as Roman culture was very influenced by greek culture, for Democracy and human rights.

So in fact, we ourselves are a mix of Viking spirit and Roman spirit.

At the other hand, our adversary; the Iranians is a very different culture.

The Iranians or the Persians as they call themselves as a people are an ancient civilisation.

Over many millennia Persia has developed cultural traits that are superb. The first philosopher of Persia, that of Zoroaster was the inventor of the idea of goodness.

This idea is still extremely prevalent in the Iranian culture. They despise all that smells of evil.

This is the reason they are so angry with us. Because we are not really interested in ethics that much. We are much more interested in Freedom.

This cultural background to the conflict is really what it is all about. The Iranians are angry with us, for what they see as evil, we are angry with them for what we see as a lack of freedom.

But, and that is really where it meets a possibility of peace; none of us are really interested in a full scale international war.

This is where we should understand, that neither of us are really evil. We just see things from a different perspective.

Not to say, that we should just accept each others negative behaviour, but understanding each other is point of departure in peacemaking.

G-d bless the good deeds, the good thoughts, and the good actions that we may find.

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Fighting a war is a point of ethics

January 7th, 2020 No comments

Well, I have been quite influential in the wars of mr. Barack Obama. They were not all completely successful, to be honest.

But I truly believe, that we amassed some experience, that can be used today.

What are the essential points that we learned from seven years of fighting?

First of all, you need to have a look at the ethics of your fight.

You have to know why you are fighting, and then how you wish to fight.

This was the morale behind the fight with Islamic State. We chose to fight them, because they were against democracy, and obviously inhuman.

So we fought for democracy and for a more humane world.

This basic ethical way of fighting, was so successful, that even Iran, a former enemy joined the fight. Add to this also the Arabs.

So a clear ETHICAL mission is important in modern warfare.

The next thing we realized is the HOW of fighting. With the internet, everybody truly knows what you are doing. It is very difficult to lie about a war.

So before the internet, the Palaestinians and other Middle Eastern combatants could make what you call ‘Potemkin settings’. That is, you manipulate with the footage and pictures you send out to the press.

Now, that is very difficult to do in an open internet world. So Gaza got a thorough hit on that occasion, as their deception was unveiled. This is not to say, that they do everything wrong, just that in this instance, they did loose a lot of credibility.

That was the argument behind smart bombs and precision weaponry. To avoid civilian casualties.

So again, you have to find that difficult ethical way of fighting, that will ensure international support.

Be the good guys.

Maybe this knowledge can help in the current arms race in the Middle East.

G-d bless the peace we CAN find.

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Just a simple helping hand

January 4th, 2020 No comments

Well, it seems to me, that the idea of making a YouTube channel in connection to the blog, seems to be a really good idea.

Ok, here is the offering. If you are one of the readers on the blog, and I mean anybody, please, if you wish to be inspired or in any other way, to try and discuss the different issues that I cover here, do not hesitate to ask for an interview. Again, it should be absolutely free. I do not want anyone to think I am bought in any way. I have a reasonable paycheck now, so I do not need money anyway. I have sufficient.

So, if you are reading this, and need to be inspired, just pop me an email.

My loyalty is off cause clear. I go with the Democrats in the US, and the conservatives in the UK.

But, this does not imply, that I will ONLY talk with them. I try to be generous with my work and energy, and do this to help. I believe in a helping hand multiplying. If I help, the help I generate will cause other people to help and so on.

But, please, do not make it a big fuss. Meeting a nondescript philosopher in a far away country, can be a pretty tough thing for my little hometown. I like my town, but truth to be told, it is very far from any kind of mainstream. A little happy city in a far away corner of the world, and if we make too much fuss about it, they will not be able to cope with it.

So a discreet contact, and then just a simple interview would be for the best. Then my hometown can rest a bit more, and we can focus on what it is really all about; the political development that everybody wants to see in the world. To make it better.

So please see it as an offer without any hangs. I use my life to help and support, this is what this new tvstation is all about. Helping, inspiring and supporting the political and religious life.

G-d bless the will to do good in the international community.

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Middle of the road

January 4th, 2020 No comments

Well, there is war, and there is peace. As Barack and I did a bit of both, to be honest. Let us have a look at the whys and the hows.

First of all, the first thing that disappears in conflict is the ETHICAL perspective. Often we end up in a tit for tat situation, where one pun is exchanged for another.

Off cause this is not the case with obvious warfaring ideologies. But in most cases in the modern world, we are prone to end up in a vicious cycle of retribution.

Sometimes, you have to fight. Like in the fight with Islamic State. This organization was a threat to the Middle East and the world in general. So we fought them. I have also argued for an open conflict with China. We will end up fighting them anyway due to geostrategic developments that we cannot control.

But the Chinese are emerging as a world power, and they have fought us for four decades behind the scene and with Cold War methods.

As they are expanding to areas that we care about, not the least Hong Kong, war is inevitable.

So we need to stockpile weapons, get our economy in order and so on.

Point being, that war should be a clear choice, based on arguments that exclude the possibility for peace.

Islamic State never wanted peace, so we have to fight them. China has the ability to rein in their advance, but chooses not to.

So we will end up fighting them anyway.

This attitude is the middle road, and thoroughly based on ethics.

If not, then people suffer for no real reason.

I truly believe in that ‘middle of the road’ philosophy. I mean, sometimes you have to fight for your freedom. But most of the time, you should seek for peace, if at all possible.

That middle of the road ideology served us well in the Obama presidency. Hopefully it can continue to do so.

G-d bless the will to find peace, wherever possible.

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New year

January 3rd, 2020 No comments

So 2020 got to be a new year after all. Some of the original ideas I had of a quite apocalyptic nature have just materialized. The attack on an Iranian hard liner general is, more or less, the West first true attack on Islam itself.

This is an attack that sends the message. Ok guys, you f… with us, we f… with you. The internal reaction of White, Viking mentality.

It has been suppressed and put down for a long time, because the liberal elite controlled media and because the same violent reaction that was unleashed in the Second World War, by the nazies, was pretty scary.

Now, this is not to compare mr. Trump with the nazies, he is definitely not a nazi. He may be many things, but not a nazi. What he truly is though is a Viking.

Now the Middle East have known the harsh reaction to the expansion of Islam many times, not at least in the days of the crusaders. Who were the really harsh fighters of the crusaders. Were they the benign pious knights, or the vile Viking fighters?

Well, it was the Vikings. I know, because I live in country full of them. I know the reality of this Viking mentality. It is like an avalanche of violence and destruction.

This is what the diaspora of Muslims and their attempt at creating some sort of bridge head of Islam in Western Europe has created.

The slow expansion is finally met with the viking feeling. That is unrestrained violence.

Taking into account, that we are mechanically superior to the Muslims in general this has to end up in Muslim genocide, if we are not careful.

I have fought a long time for peace in the Middle East, and I believe, that Israel is a vehicle for peace.

But even I, cannot hinder war and mayhem, if the parties escalate as we see it today.

Luckily, we have peace with many Arab countries, but for how long, if the crusading Vikings descend on the Middle East with all its true power.

Don’t get me wrong, but the mainstream media, that used to put down the violent tendencies of the Vikings are truly gone.

There are no strings attatched anymore.

Each side will sit in each of their Facebook page, and cheer for their armies.

This is it, the consequence of my own youthful idealism, making the apocalypse I predicted.

Sorry for that, I have tried to hinder it.

But at the end of the day, this is where we each look into ourselves, and see if we can work for peace or war.

Let us hope, that peace wins, eventually. But I am afraid, that it does not.

G-d bless the peace we may find, at the end of this conflict.

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Happy New year!!!!

January 2nd, 2020 No comments

Happy new year, god jul, and happy Hanukkah!

It has been a dramatic year for me, but hopefully a year that will finally turn my situation around.

I have grown from an outcast to something of a fringeacademic, that might truly have a career. Lucky me.

So, the situation is like this. I have managed, finally, to get a contract with the state, on a miniature tv station. It is called a Local tvstation, and is set up all over Denmark.

This ensures a monthly paycheck, you cant live without that, and it should work as a natural extension of my blogging.

With that ensured, I can continue the blogging, and do that as long as I have the license.

It took me over a year to realize the situation, and it has been tremendously difficult.

But, as of now, I have built a tv studio in an old caravan, and have had a few guests there already.

If some of my international readers wish to have a conversation in the caravan, please just send me an email. It is potentially an option for some in depth discussion. We can off cause do it in English, and publish the interview here on Rubicon. It is just an offer.

There is absolutely no money involved, it does not cost anything, but should be seen as an option to discuss your politics, if you wish. You are most welcome.

Apart from that, there are some pretty huge things coming up this year. We have to continue on the American election. My feeling is, that the Democrats are a little demoralized. Don’t be, changing power from one perspective to another is just the way politics work. It is like a pendulum. It will swing back eventually.

What we do have to worry about though, is how we are going to make a political program that will actually work when we are back in power.

Here again, some of the innovation ideas we developed in the Obama presidency is vital. Not at least those ideas of remembering the workers.

That is really the key to the White House, the workers.

The competition between the two sides is fierce, and only if we remember the workers will we succeed.

If not anything else, that is THE point to remember.

G-d bless the will of the people.

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December 25th, 2019 No comments

Dear Joe, listen I have prophesized myself, that you are going to be President.

Last election, I was a little worried therefor, that you did not stand for president.

But now it makes sense, you just stood over for period.

To me, that is the end of the matter.

I support you, as I have always done. To me, you are going to have a fair shot at the presidency.

So, don’t worry. I am there to support you.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The workers of north

December 22nd, 2019 No comments

Well, there is a difficult discussion on how to do something for those brave workers communities that has been abandoned in north England.

What to do for them and so on and so forth.

It really worries me, that the simple need that these brave people truly craves has not been mentioned.

It is really quite simple. What does a jobdeprived, poor, stagnant workers community need. Well it is really quite simple. They need jobs.

It is all they really need. They are hardy, proud people. Proud of who they are, and what the do. Craftsmen and hardworking people.

When pops do not have a job, these people suffer.

The entire rebellion of Labour is about that. Proud strong people without a voice.

So all the training and all the infrastructure in the world will not help them. I mean what to train for, and where to go, if there are no jobs.

So, we need to understand, why these proud people are without jobs. Essentially it is because they loyalty between industrialists and country has been severed.

When, in former times, there was pride in the three words; made in the UK. Then proud workers would roam the streets of northern England. Producing and building.

But that patriotism has left the northern England, but has a possibility of a come back, if mr. Johnson sees fit.

This is THE secret behind the wirtschaftwunder of mr. Trump.

Bring back the jobs should be a motto. Talk to the shire tories who have money and have send their production to foreign shores. Talk to their patriotism and care for England. Give them tax cuts and appraisal.

Give them incentive.

In this ALLIANCE between tories and workers both can and will benefit.

Ok, we should not forget free trade, but at the other hand we should not forget the jobs that the workers need.

Give them jobs, and they will stay with the tories. If then Labour gets the same idea, they will have the same possibility for a come back.

It’s about the jobs, that is all there is to it.

G-d bless the will to help those brave souls of northern England.

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Caroline King one

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