Denmark socialist?

There has been some discussion wether Denmark is a Socialist country or not, meaning, if we are communists, why do we even have a say internationally. Since communism has been the scourge of the Earth pretty much.

Well to be honest, me myself, I am a conservative. I recognize some ideas of communism, namely progressive tax, the fight for equality between people, sexes and so on.

But I am a bible thumping, familiy loving passionate, patriot.

When I listen to music, my preferred go to is country music, and I really love the Mid West.

I also really like the workers, and strive to make a society, where they have a place. Dumping them under the bus, was, to my mind, a great mistake.

Then, my father was from Bangladesh, a migrant to Denmark. So you couldn’t really call me a white supremacist.

In other words, saying that some of the ideas that I have given to the US are communist, just doesn’t make sense.

Add to this, I have taken my mother’s Jewish roots, and now walk around with a star of David around my neck.

With such a melting pot of ideas and background, that I have been put into the world with. What I try to do, is to make sense of it all, and then I try to make a better world with what we have got.

This is not some high minded idealism. Yes off cause it is idealistic, but at the core, it is a lot of practicality. We have some problems, we need a way to fix them.

Socialism or communism is not Marxism. Yes Marx is a central figure of socialism, but before and after Marx, there have been many ideas, some good, some bad.

What you get with the Danish strand of thought is not Marxism. We are not dreaming of taking over the world. We are the janitors or craftsmen of the world.

We see a house that needs repair, and we start making repairs.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world.

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Listen Joe, in order to prepare yourself for the nigthmare of an election of mr. Trump, you need to be prepared for his special way of fighting.

Don’t’ get me wrong, I am not one of the finger pointers of the left, saying that mr. Trump is a evil man, he is not.

But you must admit, that his style is pretty unconventional.

Democritus say, that the words hold a shadow of the deeds. Meaning, that if you can call out something or someone with truth, it is a powerful weapon. So what mr. Trump does, is that he finds his opponents weaknesses and focus on them.

Crooked Hillary, little rocket man in North Korea.

So in order to counter that, you need to be honest. Because honesty is your best weapon against that onslaught.

You also need to be ready to fight back.

I mean to be honest, what is the difference between calling mr. Romney “outsourcer in chief” and calling Hillary crooked?

It is a part of the game, a dirty part, but you have to be prepared.

In other words, think about what you will do when mr. Trump opens his war on you, what are your counterstrokes, what will he focus on, and what will you call him?

I don’t like name calling, but I do believe, that you have to be prepared to fight that fight also

Modern politics is like that, like it or not.

G-d bless the best man at the election, and let us hope it does not get more dirty than it needs to be.

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To enter a knife fight

One thing that will be an issue in this next election is the difference between worth of the two opponents.

Worth is, according to Democritus, the hall mark of a respected leader.

I mean, mr. Trump has his qualities, and I, for one, do not think he is a bad man. He is not, the fight against the corruption of the American society he has done, speaks to the opposite.

But one must admit, that he has a vicious mouth.

What does that imply for the Democratic contest? Well, it does bring some sharp knives to the fight, and even though we like to keep things civil, elections are, for better or worse, a competition, and personal strength in a fight actually does matter. The world is a dangerous place, and being able to protect the country is a vital part of the job of being president.

So what are my comments to the public Facebook methods of Mr. Trump?

Well, my stance on it is, that the more you are foul of mouth, the more you need to be ethical in your actions.

But when Biden is to start the fight with mr. Trump, he needs to bring his own knives into the fight. It will certainly not be won with niceties, if will be a back ally knife fight, and Joe, you better be prepared.

G-d bless the will to be good in a difficult situation.

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Ok, here are my thoughts on how to create a new Eden in the US, and thus keep the American dream alive.

Let me give you some insight as to how we here in Denmark had a parallel development to the US two hundred years ago.

At that time, the ideas of Democracy and the rule of the people started, and the leading intellectual N.F.S. Grundtvig tried to understand how we could make a Democracy in Denmark.

He concluded, that without a wise people, there would be no Democracy. So he started what is called the “Hoejskolebevaegelse”. In essence it was a string of schools with the sole purpose to educate the people to make a Democracy.

The beauty of that project was, that it worked.

The Hoejskolebevaegelse really educated the Danes, not in cold arithemtics, but in wisdom of life.

That is really what I takes to make a good society, to make a school that do not only focus on the knowledge of learning, but much more on the CULTURE of a democracy.

The reason why I wholeheartedly believe in this idea, is because my family is a Hoejskolefamily, and at Vallekilde Hoejskole, thoroughly inspired by Oxford and Cambridge, used to be a paradise itself.

When people came to Vallekilde, they felt that they had entered Eden.


You have to make schools little Edens, little wheels in that American dream.

If people are thought to be good, have knowledge about things in the world, then Democracy will work.

There should be a Hoejskole in a place called Tyler, as far as I remember in the US.

Folk enlightenment is such a strong idea, that it is the proverbial sister of the American dream.

Hand in hand, these two ideas, can and will recreate and elevate the American dream.

Because building that Utopia in America has happened before, thus it can happen again.

It is a matter of a fight to do so, to support the dream, to make it happen. Here the schools are the main jewel of that dream.

A dream that requires good teachers and a motivated school.

Let it be, that the American dream is revitalized and is there for also future generations to strive for.

G-d bless the dreams we can realize if we work hard enough.

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Thanks guys

There comes a time, where one needs to hand on the power to the next generation. Why? Because clinging on to power is often abuse, and it hinders the flow of development.

This time has finally come to me, it is time for me, to hand on the responsibility and power to the next generation.

As of now, I simply cannot be responsible anymore.

My situation is like this; I have been sick for the last 8 – 9 months. In the course of putting up the tv station, my back has been totally wrecked. I cannot move more than two times a day, that is picking up my kid, and then do something else.

This is not something I say to reach out for help, I do generally not reach that out for help, but just to be honest about my situation.

It is not possible for me, to support the Liberals in the next election, simply because, I do not have the energy to do it.

I will support the best I can, but to take that general responsibility that I have done until now, is simply not possible.

Hopefully, after getting better, I can be back in a stronger position. But not now.

I am sorry, but you also have to be able to give away the power, when you are not able to carry the weight.

I for one will not be the person, that clings to power, just because I like it.

I prefer to relinquish it, and give it on to the next generation of intellectuals.

So this is not a good buy, but a thank you for helping me in the political Change, that I have been able to participate in.

I will continue developing the ideas about the American dream, and the other ideas, that I am currently working on. But the energy to fight in elections is not available for me right now. I am sorry Joe, I wished I could do better for you. But for you to rely on me in a situation where I cannot walk, let alone be responsible for some of the most difficult elections processes in the world, is not fair for you either.

I need to recuperate, and get well, before I can do anything more.

Thank you all, and;

G-d bless you.

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April 29th, 2020 No comments

In a situation, where you are divided you will loose, but in a situation, where you are united, nothing can beat you. That is the maxim of the philosopher Democritus, ‘chosen by the people’ as his name reads.

Finding unity however is not easy, it requires a deep understanding of what is up and down in the world.

Understanding what you are yourselves.

To be able to Change, you need to understand where you come from; Democracy, enlightenment, the quest for a good life here on earth.

Because be as it may, you may want new ideas, but if you lose yourself in the process, then you lose something truly valueable of yourself.

Trying to make Change based on what you come from is therefor what this is all about.

I believe, that in strengthening the core, you will have the ability to Change the things that need changing.

It is a balance between holding on to what you are, and finding new ways to make a better world.

G-d bless the will to do good and make a better world as we progress in time. Because finding and fighting for that dream is what it is all about, for everyone.

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The path of light

April 27th, 2020 No comments

It is pretty strange, after Hillary lost the last election, it seems to me, that we have had a phase of going all the way back to a 70’ties understanding of liberal politics. We have had the squad, ms. Pelosi has been a bit pickled with the situation, and things have seemed a bit out of here.

But that is politics, it shifts from right to left, to right like a pendulum.

Now we have an election coming up, I have finally managed to get my economy in order. A small tv station it may be that I now lead, but it is my tv station and it gets me a steady income. Something other may take for granted, but for me, that is a huge thing.

I am not rich, but it is ok, I am happy with it, and to be rich is not an aim in itself, but managing to pay the bills is a very nice thing indeed.

Anyway, so here we are again, we have managed to make peace internally in the party, and hopefully this peace will continue at least until and after the election.

We need to be united in this difficult situation.

Then we also need to discuss what we are fighting FOR.

This FOR is not easy, because what is it that we need to Change this time in order to meet the challenges ahead?

One thing that I am finally understanding after having read Steinberg is the American dream.

Rev. Luther King used to make speeches about this dream, but to be honest, I haven’t really understood it until now.

But Steinberg does understand it in his tale about California, and with him my understanding has become complete.

The American dream is to build paradise here on earth.

That is what you guys realized in California in the 50’ties.

Paradise on earth in the valley of Salinas.

So in order to fight for and protect that dream, we need to understand what paradise is. Or to use terms of the Bible; Eden.

Eden was a real place. In political terms it was the first city state in the Middle East and also called, at that time; Eridu.

You can still find traces of human settlement at the place where it was, but the traces have almost vanished.

So this cradle of civilisation that later gave us towering cities as Babylon and Nineveh, is what we understand as the first happy place, an ideal, Eden.

In order to create an Eden here on earth, we need faith. Faith is the pillar under Eden. That is, we as human beings need to care for each other, and build that country school, right?

As Hillary said, every county needs good cities that needs good schools, and that will give us a healthy society.

That is how we create Eden in the US. Through the virtue of American values; hard work, good neighbourship and honest deliberation.

Everybody, not just the rich or the poor, the white or the black. Everybody.

If we work, honestly with an aim at making a better world, we can actually create paradise of earth. It happened once, why not again?

Seen from a liberal perspective, that is community in action, and a viable path for us to travel on. The path of light, to cite my uncle mr. Poul Engberg.

The path of light.

G-d bless the dreams we may fulfill, and shape for the future.

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The next four years

April 27th, 2020 No comments

We have to be realistic about the next four years of power, if we ever get to rule in the Liberal party.

No, talking about climate change will not be enough to run on, in terms of a full fledged political manifest.

We need to cover other areas as well. Among them job creation, business, child care, workers rights. We have to make it so, that people are at peace with each other, and do not fight with each other.

In foreign politics, we have som mammoth problems as the fight with China, and the fight with the islamists have not stopped either.

So in realterm politics there are many things we have to think about.

People may vote for us, because we look the best in terms of statesmanship and so on, but at the end of the day, there are a plethora of problems we need to tackle to make it through the term.

These problems evolve, diversify and will end the power the US have, if we do not tackle them with intelligence, understanding of the world and a good heart.

It is really complicated.

At the other hand, if we play this game with a deft hand, we can build a future for ourselves.

When I entered the world stage, the US was truly on the way down. Bush had just used too much money on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and US power was at an all term low.

We Changed that, Barack and I, and put the US back as the leader of the world.

How did we do that? Through a deft playing of the game of the world.

Through an understanding of the rules, and a fair fight with our enemies.

Through the respect we built up in these years, US had a rebound.

Under mr. Trump, US power has diminished again, but at the other hand, US is not seen as the arch enemy anymore, China is taking over the role pretty efficiently because of their inherently colonialistic actions and honestly pretty callous handling of the Corona virus development.

They used the virus as a civil war weapon, killing innocent people in their grasp for power.

That is bad mojo.

My point is, when we, hopefully, return to power, we have an option to regain our footing, and lead the world to a better place.

Perhaps give people the option to have a piece of that American dream, the dream of paradise on earth.

But we need to play the election and the role of leadership professionally and with ethics.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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April 25th, 2020 No comments

The reason why we are discussing borders and all this, is because we have to. It is not something we like to do in the liberal camp.

We prefer to reach for that shining hill, not diminish the possibility of people. That is the American dream, to be able to reach not only a materially sound existence, but to reach paradise here on earth.

To do that, we need to be free.

And now we are forced to talk about borders, restriction, vetting and so on.

My point is, we HAVE to talk about how to make a frame around the nation to make it through these next few conflicts we have.

But to do so, we still need to remember what we are doing it for.

To my mind, John Steinbeck is a quality philosopher in this regard. His description of the valley of Salinas, with all its many ways of seeing the human life really hit the nail for me.

His point is, we are trying to create a utopia in the US. A paradise.

It seems to me, that we actually succeeded in some ways especially in California.

It is this paradise that we have actually realized already, and we need to both preserve as well and protect.

We need to understand why and how we actually managed to make this paradise, the steps we took, and how it has come under pressure with all the wars we have fought.

We need to keep that American dream alive.

Otherwise, what is the point of what se do?

G-d bless the will to keep our dreams alive.

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Adam Smith

April 23rd, 2020 No comments

It seems to me, that economical Trierism is finally truly taking hold in the Western world.

The focus on getting production back to the West has finally begun in earnest.

Let us recapitulate the ideas and the theory.

It is, essentially, a Smithsonian principle.

As Adam Smith, the philosopher who invented free market theory, thought. You need to have a balance between moral and freedom.

In the eyes of Adam Smith, loyalty to the country was the opposite to free markets.

So to a balance between freedom and ethics, we need to make sure, that the production capabilities of our nations are LOYAL to our nations.

This ensures, that we all compete fairly in a free market.

What we have seen China do, and the reason why China is so dangerous to the international free trade ideas, is that it circumvent these principles. Stealing the ideas of the West, thereby forgoing the investment in R and D.

This has put us all in a situation, where all the production capabilities have come in the hands of people that we cannot trust.

In a crisis, as one we have now, this poses serious threat to the health of our societies.

The consequence of this realization is, that we need to keep the production in countries we can truly trust, ESPECIALLY production of medico equipment and the like.

But not only that, other sectors as computers, car production and the like. That is sectors that can be used in war, NEEDS to be relocated back to the West.

Right now, the industry agrees, so we need to move forcefully to make that happen.

How do we do that?

By a focused and smart reinventing of all the rules and regulations that surrounds the industry.

Lure them in with tax breaks, cut the red tape and so on.

Make it happen.

G-d bless the will to get our wonderful and world class production back to ourselves.

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April 22nd, 2020 No comments

Well, there is one thing we need to do in the West, to get on with our lives.

We have to look our fears in our eyes.

According to John Steinbeck, the acclaimed and honestly amazing American writer.

There is one way to get rid of our fears, we have to look them in the eyes.

We have been hit with terror. That is criminal acts to make us fear an enemy.

We have seen it many times, the destruction of the twin towers in New York, the attack on my comet tee the Vilks committee.

That is, to be honest islamists who try to put fear in us.

To be honest about this, they have, more or less, succeeded in this.

We are loath to talk about the problems, if some hero or other try to bring the horrible problems to the surface, then we try and silence them and so on.

As in the Second World War, where we were loath to be honest about the depravity and evilness of the Narzies.

Appeasement will only get us so far, there comes a time, where we have to face our fears.

This is extremely difficult, and I understand, that there is a great reluctance in the media to see things as they are.

I know, because even though I am an international super star, so far the Danish media have been scared to let me in. Why? Because I have the courage to address the fears.

The fear of Islam, of China, of our own destruction.

I do this, because that is the way of Socrates, the soldier turned philosopher.

But I do believe, that only through the acceptance of our fears, and the courage to face them, may we actually and truly find peace.

The more we are controlled by our fears, the more violence will come, because terror begets terror.

If the islamists realize, that that can control us through controlling our fears, they will continue the terror. If they realize, that we are not controlled by fear, they will hopefully stop.

I do not talk about making more war, I am talking about being honest about the Twin tower attack, the murder of Lee Rigby and many other terror attacks.

Where have they come from, and what do we do to counter them?

That will bring us peace, because it robs the terrorist of their greatest weopen: Fear.

G-d bless the will to find courage.

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Congratulations mr. Joe Biden

April 18th, 2020 No comments

Well, congratulations Joe. I just knew it. When I started supporting the next election, you were always the one that I personally supported.

I do it because I believe, that in you we have a midleaning, good person, that will have the ability to lead not only the US, but the whole world.

Don’t get me wrong, Obama did an amazing job, mr. Trump is not doing a bad job either.

But I believe, that you also have it in you.

Being the leader of the world is a very difficult thing, and only if you really do your best can you succeed. But I sincerely believe that you can do it.

First of all, I believe, that there is a balance between the workers of the socialist perspective and the new Frankfurter school ideology.

In Denmark we have gone all haywire on multiculturalism, forgetting the workers.

That won’t do, and that is the reason things are going down.

But in the US, we still support the stout and strong workers, and try to make jobs for them. Real working class jobs in a cooperation with the industry.

That is a vital first step to my mind.

Then talking about multiculturalism. Multiculturalism do not work, if we ONLY look a the color of a persons skin. What we need to look a lot more at, is what ideology binds us together.

Here I believe, that rev. Martin Luther King was in the right, by supporting a faith that underlined all that we have in common, and not the differences.

Unity is ALSO a biblical supported idea. That we are all created equal in the eyes of the spirit.

That is also very important, that what brings us together is something that is beyond race and the skirmishes we use to have with each other.

That is possible, and it WILL bring us together.

But there is a war coming, and that is not something that really is natural to liberals.

That is something we need to make peace with somehow, and perhaps it is better for those who strive for peace to be the ones leading the wars.

That is a thing that we can learn from Scipio Africanus. He started the war with Carthage always bearing in mind the peace he wanted to create in the end.

That is a lesson we can learn from.

Scipio is a true peace nick in a sense, he knew he had to go through a terrible war to find peace, so he did it brilliantly, and then drew back.

Sometimes you have to fight to make peace. It is one of those enigmas of politics.

An enigma we have to face as well.

But, I endorsed you half a year ago, so there is no reason to do it again. You were always MY favourite.

G-d bless the peace we will find eventually.

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An unwelcome warm war

April 17th, 2020 No comments

To understand the conflict with China, we need to see this in a historical light, to my mind.

Where is there a parallel in history, that we can learn from?

Well, there is a pretty obvious one in the so-called Punic wars.

In these wars, in the classical times, the Roman Empire grew, and the Carthagenian empire waned.

It came to a head in the wars between Hannibal Barca, the founder of a great bit of Spain, and Lucius Scipio on the Roman side.

The Romans won, and was put on a path of glory, that still holds sway over most of the world through, among other institutions the Roman Catholic Church. If not for Scipio, the Roman Catholic Church would not have existed.

So, we have, on one side, a naval empire, the Carthagenians, and at the other side a land based upcoming empire, that of Rome.

What are the lessons we can learn from this conflict?

First of all, there was a greater TENACITY in Rome. Rome did not really like Scipio, but they accepted him. Carthage HATED Hannibal, and saw him as a troublemaker and not representing Carthage.

Also, Carthage was an ancient power, harking back to the merchants of Tyre, that helped build the ancient pyramids. So they were, at the time of the conflict with the Romans a power dating around four thousands years back. The Romans had just started.

So in a sense, they were old and feeble.

This has a clear parallel to the current conflict with China. We have in West been through a lot of wars. First the First World War, then the Second World War, then the Cold War and then the war with a lot of the Muslim world.

So even though we have the best and most bright civilization, we are weak after a string of wars.

China at the other hand, has lived in relative peace under the wing of the Soviet Union, and have had time to develop and get strong.

So we have the tired old civilization (us) targeting the new upcoming threat of a vibrant, well functioning and strong civilization of the Chinese.

Let us be honest about it, they have their house in order.

Yes, there are problems with corruption, and the Chinese authorities are lying faster than dragons fly. But their citizens are reasonably content, their manufacure is cutting edge, and their computer capabilities rival and even surpass ours in some areas.

A worthy opponent if there ever was one.

We are also fighting a two front war. As we are fighting the Chinese, we are at the same time fighting a large part of the Muslim world.

In these days, the latest method of some Muslims of low cost warfare, is to bury knives in kindergartens here in Denmark. Just imagine the depravity of that. That is warfare completely without honor.

But that is the threat we are facing.

So what do we do.

At one hand, we need to strengthen our OWN ideology. We need to be MORE democratic, fight for our values such as freedom and unity within our nations.

So that we strengthen our VALUES.

At the other hand, whether we like it or not, the conflicts are coming to a point of breaking into a warm war.

If it is true, that China spread this virus on purpose, as it is hinted in Fox News, then that is a warm war aggressive act.

The islamists and all their aggression in Western Europe will increase as well, as we are heading for a fight with China. They will seek to dismantle us, as we have our attention elsewhere.

So we effectively have to fight a two front war.

But war it is.

That is another lesson we can learn from the Punic wars. Nobody actually wanted the wars, but they were a effect of the rubbing of territorial forces between Carthage and Rome.

It was inevitable.

I mean, do we see the US accepting Chinese domination over our land in the near future. Us paying tribute to them?

No way.

So the war is there, and it is real.

What we need to do, is to start fighting.

Do it in an honorable, effective way. But start doing it.

Repatriate the criminals from the Middle East in Europe (not all, but all those who are resting in our prisons, or seek to actively undermine our democratic society through Islamist organizations)

With China, it is the same. We need to stop fretting about it, and realize that we have a warm war at our hands.

We are warweary and old, but only if we start acting like we would like to survive, do we have the chance to do so.

In fact, the problem is. We have no choice whether we would like to fight or not, only HOW we would like to fight.

China likes to fight by killing civilians through epidemics. So they fight with no honor. Are we the same?

Questions like that are questions we need to ask ourselves.

And then start acting on reasonable, reliable intel and motives.

G-d bless the will to peace.

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April 13th, 2020 No comments

Utopia means somewhere that is not there, according to sir Thomas More, who coined the phrase.

It is not there, so we can dream about a place with no poverty, where every man is so selfmoralizing, that nothing can really touch that place of imaginations.

The sixties was in many way a time of dreaming and trying to realize these lofty ideals. Yes I know, that many see Beatles as a Russian tool and so on.

But at the end of the day, they were dreamers.

Today, that dream has come to some kind of conclusion, the utopia that Marx saw as a reflection of the ideas of sir Thomas More has become unbearable.

It is like that, we have to be honest about it.

Then it may be a good idea to revisit the ideas of sir Thomas More, the English renaissance philosopher, to see if we can somehow reflect on the path from here on.

Thomas More starts his writings on a conclusion he must have made as a judge. He talks about thieves and inevitably of creating more thieves, if we make it impossible for people to make an honest living.

You could say, that that is really the spark of social sciences, that harks to the idea, that education is the answer to all. If people have a job, they do not have to steal, so we have a better world without the misery of a poor working class.

Well, that was WITHIN the English society.

What happens, when you open up borders, and import a new proletariat, as we have done in Western Europe.

Well, it creates a new class of poor people, that cannot feed themselves. People may not be able to even speak the language.

So, as in the world of Thomas More, crime is rampant.

Again, this is not a criticism of the individual, but a plea to be realistic about these issues.

If we import a new subclass of very poor people, we ALSO create the basis for more crime.

That is one of the reasons, that open borders is such a dangerous thing.

Now, again, this not a plea to not help people. But it is a plea to make people be a bit realistic about open borders.

To make a utopia, we need to be realistic about the world, and see it for what it is.

Sir Thomas More was a warm humanist, and should be made an example as such.

We need to find a balance between those lofty humanist ideals, and the material world.

That means, making communities again. Trying to find each other, be stronger and realize, that there are to be simple borders between people.

Not to not help people, but to have more strength to be a viable and sound society, that can then be of help to those who are in need.

There is a viable and important lesson to be learned from the virus, that we need to heed.

No, China cannot do whatever they want in our countries, and yes, they are a danger.

That is the lesson learned, and we need to understand and heed it.

G-d bless the will to be in favor of order also.

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April 11th, 2020 No comments

To understand the basic political implications for the different republics in this overall discussions of politics, one needs to UNDERSTAND the ideas behind the republics.

As I have discussed in the previous post, there is a balance between Sparta and Athens built into the system.

But there is a problem within the system itself, that seems to baffle the mind, if you think about it.

Socialism, is really, in a Marxist view, a replica of the city Sparta. So true gong ho, communists are trying to remake the ancient city of Sparta to a new version here in this modern times.

When you read about Sparta, this is both understandable and reprehensive.

Seen with a modern view, things as forced slavery, secret services to repress the Helots (slaves) as a sport, is not exactly a good thing.

At the other hand, communal services, equality, and solidarity are good virtues of the Spartans.

Ad too this their beautiful piety, and brotherhood, you have a system of virtue, but also with some cruelty that is too much.

Essentially point being, that when we talk about unity and brotherhood of man, we have to realize that in order to make these things, in the current state, we need to be realistic at what that takes.

It takes a certain conservatism in the eyes of the republic.

We cannot on one hand have open borders and not care about who enters the country, and at the other hand have brotherhood.

The brotherhood we are talking about, is a NATIONAL brotherhood, based on the PEOPLES of the different republics.

This does not mean, that we cannot be open to people of need, but it means, that we should be very much realistic on what we can help with, who we help and so on.

Terrorist, criminals and so on are not allowed in, but true refugees, that flee some kind of tyrannical repression should be welcome.

But, as of now, we should close our borders, and think about what and how we make a brotherhood of man.

It is, at the heart of it, a mix of liberal, humanistic and conservative ideas, suited for the current situation.

G-d bless the will to see these issues clear and honest, and let us not forget those of need, because they are many these days.

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