New international relations

When there is a new situation with an international agreement, well, then we have to change the way we deal with international arrangements.

As the Iran deal has been scrapped by the US, things are different in the Middle East.

I do not think that the Iranians are prone to react positively on renewed pressure, especially since the deal was made together with so many other powers, so that they can see, that if they hold on to the arrangements all that will happen is that the adversaries of Iran will be split.

But that is the way it is, by doing absolutely nothing, Iran can put in a wedge between the Western powers.

So what do the European powers do now, with all this new international clout?

It has been a while since the European powers have played an international role, so we might as well try to start remembering how it was.

Essentially it comes down to skill with the international game.

You can be a small player materially, like Denmark, and still play a leading role. If you have the cultural and intellectual capabilities.

But the core of international diplomacy is not diplomacy, but raw military power.

So, we can start our adventure here, but we need to invest heavily in armament to fulfill the promise we have.

We need to make new weapons, and use a great deal more of our money on that.

Secondly, we have to focus on the immediate challenges ahead of us.

That is migration and IS.

We have a stronger profile in Middle Africa, but we need to capitalize on the money and investments we send that way. There should be only one serious demand. The countries must admit their citizens back if they are caught in Europe.

At the same time, the military fight they have in Africa is as well our fight. The radical IS backed guerrillas there needs to be stopped.

But we need to push the African Nations to start taking their people back.

If we add serious border control to this strategy, then we have a solution to the migration issues.

The same goes for the Middle East, to get European help, you need to accept your citizens back. We will help, support and build infrastructure. But as soon as there is an option for the migrants to go back, they must.

That is our priority.

Add to this, I believe that we should make peaceful agreements to all who want that.

We should also keep out of the Sunni/Shia competition. As long as they stay clear of Israel, all we wish to do, is to make peace.

G-d bless the will of peace.

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Human rights

The core of European culture, as of now, is Human rights.

But what are these Human rights; a set of rules and regulations that I have pressed into a new direction.

How may I do this a mere philosopher. Add to this a renegade, a troublemaker, and a recipient of torture, harassment by the state, radical muslims and many, many others.

Essentially Human rights is a set of laws. That is the essence, and then you may ask, laws, ok but these are just rules right?

Well, laws are not just rules, laws are a system of a philosophical theory that goes all the way back Hammurabi, the Babylonian king who invented law as we have it today.

So, what was it, that Hammurabi really wanted with his laws. You can trace it back over Plato, who is the foremost describer og natural law we have.

In essence what he claims is, that law is a states protection of the weak.

Civilization is a state that protects the weak against the strong.

If we live without law, the strongest will rule. But law protects people who may not be strong, so that even the weak can have a nice living.

So law is a social protection system.

That is the core of Human rights, to support laws, so that the weak are not preyed upon by the strong.

Lately the natural law discussion have turned the very foundation and meaning with law upside down. Many judges see their purpose as protecting the evil doer. By using the hallowed halls of justice to protect rapists and murderers.

By doing that, law itself is in danger of loosing its purpose and support by the European people.

THAT is why I have been adamant in my attempt to change the direction of Human rights to its basis.

According Heraclitus, Law is like the inner wall of a city. If the citizens take the law into themselves, law is upheld and the rule of the strong is curbed by people themselves.

THAT is civilization, and that is the aim of Law. To be so accepted by the citizens, that they automatically adhere to it.

If I had not lifted the handbrake forcefully, the inner adherence to the law, may have broken down in Europe, because of lack of understanding by the human rights council.

So, I urge you to reconsider the very essence of Human rights, and see it as it is.

A SOCIAL system, where the strong, the criminal is put down by law enforcement so that the weak may be safe.

We fight for the kids, the elderly, the ones without a home, the lonely, the poor.

Those are the ones we protect, so lift yourselves up to a new understanding of Law and civil rights, and fight for it.

When you see that a girl is raped, don’t protect the rapist. Protect the girl.

When a homeless man is kicked and abused, don’t protect the kicker, protect the homeless man.

Otherwise, you are making YOURSELVES criminal, and that was not the intention of Law.

G-d bless Hammurabi, the inventor of Law.

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How to fix things

Change is, to me, to understand the theories that our forefathers made in their situation, and then reapply new theories to tackle the situation you are in today.

Take Marx, he lived in an age, where the industrialization began. I think all agree, that the industrial Great Britain needed Change in their time. The Workers were living in terrible conditions, and even his eminence, Winston Churchill admitted this, and Changed it.

I dont know if many people know, but Winston Churchill was a Socialist in his younger days, and put in the wealth fare state in the UK.

Today however, the problems are not that Workers are living in terrible living conditions, but the fact that the European Union doesn’t have a clue about political architecture. So, taking a bit of Socialism and a bit of Democracy and then let the Banks run the rest, is a bad idea.

You need the philosophers to run the show. Because we are the ones who actually know how to make a political system.

You know, if you have a house where the roof is leaking, the floor is half rotten, the staircase fallen apart. What do you do? You call a carpenter to fix the house.

So if the carpenter tells you you need a straight staircase, a new roof and a new floor the what do you do? You look at your purse and see if you can afford it, you do not plot how to kill the carpenter. That is a stupid strategy, sorry.

So, there is only one carpenter available in town, that is me. So, instead of trying to kill, look at your purse, and see if you afford my services.

Off cause, it will not cost you anything to hire me. But it will cost you, if you do not get your house in order.

You cannot afford it.

So, I will help you, but stop being so stuck on knowing about carpentry. You DO NOT know anything about how a house is supposed to be build, you just need a place to live.

Leave it to the professionals who took a long education, worked as a carpenter for a long time, and then as a result actually know how to fix a house.

If you then follow his instructions, down to the very letter, you may just end up having a brand new house.

You want oaken planks and a brand new kitchen, no problem. Just DONT KILL THE CARPENTER!!!

G-d bless the will to be humble in the face of realizing, that you know nothing. But that will make you the wisest guy in Athens.

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The needs

There is one overriding problem with the European Union, that is the fact it works against a force that no political construct has ever been able to work against. The needs of the people.

Essentially the negative end of a political construct is the needs of people. That is the red line a political architecture cannot cross. Take the Tzar regime in Russia, when people did not have anything to eat, they rebelled. The NEED to eat was not met, and the empire went down. The same happened in France, it was not the briliance of the ideas of the French philosophers that really started the revolution, it was the fact, that people had nothing to eat.

The same problem is now prevalent in Europe, you cannot make a political construct, and then reduce the security situation to lethal to the people living in it.

The problem, aside from the obvious moral problem, is the fact, that it will not work as a political construct. The NEEDS of the people to have security and peace is not met, so they rebel.

At the other end, the true aim of a political system is harmony. This is created bu using the tools in the toolbox. That is law, democracy as the core, and then added systems as free trade, loyalty of production to the nation and so on.

You can also make a wealthfarestate if you have the resources and the system is hermetically closed.

See? Political architecture is an art form, and so far we have been really bad at it in Europe, and the result is rebellion and destruction.

What you need to do, is to fix it by understanding the principles of government ship.

But first of all, you need to meet the NEEDS of the people. Right now the need to be safe.

G-d bless the will to truly understand civilization.

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The EU

To Change the European Union, one has to understand, the problems that the union see.

At the core of it, is a principle that Marx got all wrong.

Marx wanted to make a copy of the Spartan state, that is the ancient city state of the Greek classical world.

Whereas the French Revolution was a renaissance for Democracy, that is, in the classical times Athens, the Communist revolution was an attempt at remaking the Spartan state.

That is a communal state where no-one owns anything, and the state is the family of the Spartans.

Well, the great fault of Marx was, that Lycurgus, the philosopher who founded Sparta was quite clear about one thing, in fact that was the very prerequisite of the Spartan state. It was to be hermetically closed.

Spartans were spartans, not anybody else.

Hence, the ability to make a communal state.

If you look at Marxist states around the world, you can see, that only Marxist states that are actually closed work. Or rather, they do not disintegrate as Communist states usually do due to a flawed political architecture (Marx was pretty shallow when it came to truly understanding Sparta).

EU is essentially an attempt on making a Social-democratic state.

It is flawed for exactly this reason. You cannot wish to make a Democratic/Socialist state, and then make it open.

It does not work that way, Lycurgus says it, and he is a philosopher on a higher level than Marx.

So, that is really the remedy of the current problems. Each people should have borders around them, and the general borders should be enforced.

That is the key, to make Europe have a come back. In the meantime, off cause some of the barbarian migrants who are here, must be remigrated. Not all are barbarians, but some are, and those who do not accept and respect our laws tear down the cohesion of the society, bring destruction to states.

They cannot be allowed that.

So, put in borders around people, to make them save, and make the socialist wealthfare-states working again.

This way, we heed the principles of Sparta, the true principles of Sparta.

That is the only way it can work, otherwise we should stop Socialism, because a flawed political architecture is some of the most devastating and destructive in the world.

Look at the world today, see all the devastation these flawed ideas have brought, and be honest about it.

G-d bless the European Union.

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We are actually making a turn around in Europe. When I first started politics, it was as a rebel in SIAD. I still remember how I descended upon Bruxelles and almost tore Belgium into pieces. Some ten years ago.

After that, Ms. Helle Thorning Schmidt was tasked with shutting me up, something she was so thorough with, that she almost killed me, and started torturing my little daughter.

That was actually the first spark to start the Ukraine war.

The EU system was, at that point, very far down the lane of inhuman action. Ok, they did not control Thorning Schmidt, so off cause it is not really their fault, the fault lies at the feet of that …., never mind.

So, now I have become a well established blogger, with a load of clear wins for the Western democratic system behind me. Especially the run I did with mr. Obama was a clear humanistic/democratic victory.

So, there is only one who can change the narrative of Europe, and, even though I loath to put myself forward, it is me.

But, I mean, there has been bumps on the road right?

You almost condoned the actions of Thorning Schmidt. And so far, I have not seen that branch of olive pointing my way.

There are no medals on my breast or anything.

You could have given me an excuse, but you just wanted to control me.

But, my role is not to put myself first, it is to put you first. To make people of Europe thrive and be happy. That is my role, if I ever become selfish, it does not work.

I believe, that in essence, politics is about sacrifice. The more you sacrifice, the more you make the world better.

My good friend Mr. David Webble a renowned Cornell scholar and a expert in sacrifice (check out his books, they are really, really good) believes that miracles will happen, if you sacrifice yourself.

If you think only about yourself, G-d will not help you.

That is truly the Change I believe that European Union needs to address. How do we help, set ourselves below the citizens, be servants, and not the other way around.

Only a miracle can save Europe now from total collapse. If you need a miracle, you need to pray.

But you also need to shed your own ambition, and serve those who put you at a place of power.

It is not, that you shouldn’t fight for your freedom or your rights. Especially human rights. But it is about doing it for other people, not yourself.

That is the cure, and that is truly the only way.

Be open, humanistic, and have the courage to enlighten the world.

G-d bless a renewed Europe.

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The UK

April 30th, 2018 No comments

It is with the most terrible feeling, that I see what is happening to the UK these days.

The UK is treated like a slave, and poor Mrs. May is not left with a chance to get a deal.

It was the same with Mr. Cameron. The reason why he was toppled was because the EU system did not want to play ball.

Listen, the United Kingdom is one of the greatest and most humane powers the earth has ever witnessed. It lifted humanity from scrabbling for a few scraps of food, to a dazzling civilisation.

This is what we are trying to enslave, by giving mrs. May no room to maneuver.

It is a sin, and a crying shame.

If I were Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Macron I would get on the phone with Mrs. May and ask her what she wants, and how we could do it.

Make a fair deal.

We all need a strong and confident UK when all this negotiations is over. We need the UK to be a powerhouse and a beacon of civilisation as it has the potential to be.

To humiliate the Brits will only get us one angry beast, that will tear out in desperation. A beast that powerful is not something you wish to fight.

So give them an opportunity to make a fair deal. At the same time, reform the system to a more simple and realistically functioning system a UN of Europe.

Then probably the UK will wish to join.

If we do not bind them, but just make a platform to communicate and make arrangements, then why not?

Lets perhaps have a look at ourselves, and see our own faults, instead of believing everybody else are to blame.

Set them free, and they will come back. That is an old proverb of love. And it is the same here.

You cannot chain the ones you love to yourself, but you can set them free, however difficult it is, and they will come back on their own terms.

G-d bless the will to find a fair deal for England.

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April 30th, 2018 No comments

We are gearing up for a new angle on European power. So, what was really the aim of the European Union? It was to make a system where upon Europe could make a new powerbase.

The idea was, that if we put our ressources together we could be a new player internationally.

Well guess what, this is what is happening when and if the Iran deal will rest on European power.

Europe is a player in its own right once again.

So, since that basic aim of the union is accomplished, maybe it is time to think about what now.

First of all, we need to reform the system. Instead of having a overblown bureaucracy in Bruxelles then make the arrangements locally. So that the things we do in Europe is arranged between the different states.

Cut down the bureaucracy, and send the power back to the national parliaments.

The Union will then be the framework, that the powers will use to make arrangements.

That will work.

Having a grotesque, corrupt, overblown system that nobody wants will in fact tear the system down.

But having a small flexible servant to the nations, and kind of UN system will be much more stable.

G-d bless the will to do the right thing, and Change while we still can.

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April 29th, 2018 No comments

Concerning the Iran deal, there is a certain profile to it, that now seems to be coming through.

Essentially the European powers want to keep it, and the US together with the leader of Israel wants to scrap it.

What comes after the deal seems to be unclear seen from an American perspective, so in essence, it just seems like a voter promise mr. Trump wants to realize. Good, fair enough, but we here in Europe still need to live very close to the Middle East, and the problems there tend to spill into Europe, so it is in our best interest to work and help the Middle Easterns.

Right now, only Germany and France are a part of the international great power game due to the fact, that the UK is mired in trouble on the homefront.

There is also the fact, that European powers, especially Germany wants to keep peace with Russia as well, so we really have situation, where the ligthposts are shining down a path of peace in and around Europe.

We also have the problem of ISIS brining mayhem to central Africa, to force new waves of migrants. The last time it was an effective weapon of mass destruction. A lot of the European states are still reeling from the impact, and it changes the mood of most european states, from absolute dovishness, to a more hawkish attitude.

Still European politics have not caught up with the development in France and Germany, but threats are threats and we have to meet them somehow.

But back to the Iran deal. It is really in the best interest of European powers to keep the deal.

We do not do this to meddle or threaten Israel in any way. On the contrary, we do it to help the peaceprocess.

We are essentially in the middle between the US and Russia, and we are slowly digging ourselves out of the lethargy of the second world war.

So Europe will, if the Iran deal holds be a great power again.

This will give Europe both benefits as well as problems.

Being a great power means that you can essentially project your will on the world.

Before the second world war, we did it by colonializing the parts of the world that we wanted to control. This is not really an option these days, but an strengthened profile is a possibility.

What we need is the following to realize that role:

1. We need to control the EU bureaucracy. They are supposed to serve us, not the other way around.
2. We need to bolster our military capabilities.
3. We need to enforce a remigration of IS operatives in Europe, and by that also the “swamp”, that is the backdrop of the IS operatives, all the islamists who are supporting the IS operatives.
4. We need to make sure our borders are working.

The strategy for IS is pretty clear. They want to swamp us with migrants, in order to ruin our states. We need to take a responsible stance to that. Help the African states, but at the same time stop the migrants from coming in, and remigrate them when they enter, have entered, or are on the borders.

We need to realize, that the destabilization of the Central African states is done to fight Europe, and make a sound and serious approach to that.

G-d bless the will of Europe to counter the threats that is there.

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The Middle East

April 27th, 2018 No comments

The Middle East is changing due to the fact, that Mr. Trump has become president, and we have new players as Mr. Macron.

This is not the first time, that the battlefield changes, but the priorities remain the same, more or less.

First of all, everybody wants peace, but on their own terms. The west wants a more democratic development, the East wants to fortify and solidify its presence.

In the middle we have rogue powers everybody wants to beat, and that unites the two wings, that is Islamic state, that has won an independent status.

It all comes down to Syria, that is the problem right now. That is, there are other fights going on, but because Syria is the last pearl on the string of states Barack and I tried to make democratic in the Arab spring, everybody is involved. Actually Yemen is much worse in terms of warfare and fighting, but that is a feud between Sunni and Shia, so the great powers are not that much involved.

To zoom back to the initial mission, that of spreading democracy in the Middle East. We need to see the fight in this light, I believe.

So seen from a Western perspective, we hope to spread democracy.

How do we do that?

Democracy rests on individual peoples. That is, the Kurds for instance, they are a people, they have taken up the Democratic cause, so they are prime allies to the West.

Mr. Assad is a protector of the Alawite, and a Herdian democratic believer.

There are other factions in Syria, but seen from the perspective of the West, the most probable course of action, to me, is to split the country into ethnic factions, so that each people has a country of their own.

In this country, we off cause need to see a civilized and democratic development.

The whole problem in the Middle East right now is the split of territory that the Western powers made after the first world war. It did not follow any lines of peoples, but was a haphazard and random split. Lawrence of Arabia wanted something else, he wanted the Middle East to be governed by the peoples there. He also had the knowledge of the roots of these peoples, and his plan would have been much better than the plan that was set in action.

Instead of drawing lines on the map. Look at people, give them a home and a place of their own. Somewhere where they can develop peacefully and with control of their own means.

That will give the Middle East some peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace again.

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April 24th, 2018 No comments

We are facing a rising China, this means, that we need to truly understand what China is.

China is not something new, it is a truly ancient place.

The first few states of China were kingdoms, and truly lost in the veil of time. But they had wisdom and a unique blend of spirituality and system of governance.

The most prominent of them being Con Fut Tze and Lao Tze. On the one hand the bureaucratic idealist, and on the other hand the hippie/poetic liberalist.

Essentially China is mix of these two strands of thought. The conservative being the Confusian bureaucrat with a support of country, family and system, and the other hand the hippie freethinker.

China basically is a bureaucratic state.

This is really the strength of China today, because all Chinese are brought up with the discipline and loyalty to the state. Put this in motion with so many people, and you have a pretty impressive powerful, potentially dominating entity.

Add to this the freshness of their new existence, and you have the same movement as in the Frontier days of the US.

The weakness of the anthill of China however is their inability to give a good fight. They have not fought successfully for themselves since the Vietnam war, and are not a warring people.

The only reason they won in the Vietnam war, was because they were supported heavily by Russia, and Russian are VERY good fighters.

The world has changed a lot since the days of psy ops and media manipulation. So the battle field is new.

Where you in the Cold War could get at the big powers by manipulating the media, this is not possible anymore, because the media has changed dramatically with the advent of the internet.

The truth is there to be found.

This gives the generals a much wider range of possibilities, and it favors brute force.

The Chinese are essentially still living in the Cold War mentality. Focusing on manipulation (cyberwar) and underestimating the force of a united Western force.

They will not live for five minutes.

At the same time, the Chinese are expanding aggressively with bases at sensitive spots around the world, without having the necessary military capabilities to back it up. They are essentially over confident.

This will not continue, as their production base grow, they will be able to support and build more military vehicles.

Anyway, they are not good at classic warfare, so we should meet them there.

Build up our allied forces around them, and if they do not stop their continued siphering of our secrets and steal our production, we should finish off their production capabilities. That will cripple their economy, and set them back to point of start. Then they can rebuild, but at a more sensitive and balanced way.

G-d bless the belief in a sanctioned approach to China.

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April 22nd, 2018 2 comments

The world is, strategically divided between different enemies. I am, partially fighting for the West, but still see it as vital to keep a good relationship to the East.

Both Russia and the Anglo Saxons are descendents of searaiders from Scandinavia. So the culture is different in the US and Great Britain, but the outset is the same. The Russians have had a rougher time in around the turn of the 1000 century, with Mongol raiders and ultimately the fall of Constantinople, the Eastern wing of the Roman Empire, that Russia is the heir to.

But they, at the other hand, expanded earlier than the West, in some respects. So their customs and experiences are different.

But, the peacekeeping between East and West is not impossible, if we realize, that we are not so different.

The Russians see Sweden as their mother country, but also have kept good relations to Denmark over the years. Many Russians princesses and queens have come from Denmark. We even have a little Russian church in the centre of Copenhagen.

We in Denmark try and see as our mission to keep the ideas of the Scandinavians as pure and fresh as possible. The fight for freedom and democratic ideas. Add to this the lore of the ancient G-ds.

My name for instance is a viking name, Asger means the tree that upholds middle Earth and Valhalla.

My point is, there is not so much difference between East and West, as one would imagine. There is a possibility for peace, if we shed the veils of ignorance, and see each other for what we are.

We are all pirates originally, we have evolved. But the great, strong, proud warrior, that made the place we now live in, is kin to the other sea pirate that went the other way.

G-d bless the will to make peace between the East and West.

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April 20th, 2018 No comments

Thank you very much gentlemen. I believe, that if the current saber rattling between east and west had continued, we would have ended up in a third world war.

Just because the media is hysterical, it does not mean, that we cannot remain level headed. It is not the spur of the moment that should decide things as war and warfare. The consequences of the decisions of such things are too severe not to be looked at level headed.

So thank you mr. Trump and thank you mr. Putin for your steadfastness and seriousness in this situation.

It could have ended up in destruction and global war.

If you take a step back, and think about the consequences of that, then you realize, that this should be avoided at all costs.

There are still wars with Islamic state and others, but that is absolutely dwarfed by the mayhem that a third world war would have costed humanity. It would have been the end of the civilized world. Are we ready to go down that path?

So please, let the reconciliation begin, let us talk and not just throw mud at each other, and let us have the courage to look our own beast in its eyes.

I look them in the eyes everyday. I fight islamic state, with honor, and to me they are not so frightening. Yes, I respect them as worthy adversary. And I honor their courage, going up against our machine.

But nevertheless, they are an enemy, and I treat them like that.

That is what we are supposed to do, be men and women of courage.

G-d bless the will to be courageous in the face of strife, and find peace after that fight.

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April 19th, 2018 No comments

One of the keys for a sustainable Israel, is the connection and fusion of faiths in and around Israel.

As the venerable rav Ashlag prophesied, peace in the world would happen, when there is a common mansion of thought, that all three Abrahamic religions share.

This project, is essentially what will give Israel peace.

How do I know this. It is because, ever since I started this project, Israel has become more and more popular. So Ashlag is right.

It makes sense also, because why would the other religions attack someone who can give them a better understanding of themselves.

The light of Israel is thus a grand project, beyond our imagination.

Please, let us all shed the tears for those have fallen, but then again stop our agression towards those who we do not need to fight.

There is no reason to fight someone you know, and you share a platform with.

G-d bless the peace Israel will give eventually, and happy birthday.

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April 17th, 2018 No comments

We need to have a closer look at China, and the problems China poses to the West.

The most obvious parallel is the fight between Rome and Phoenicia. You know the fight where Hannibal Barca braved the alps with his war elephants and made a lot of trouble for the Romans.

This is a classic great power battle that does not stem from ideological differences, but because one power rises, and threatens the other power.

Before the rise of Rome, Phoenicia was one of the leading lights of the Mediterranean world, and still holds great honor as, among other things, the inventor of Stoicism.

Phoenicia was a very advanced civilization, that rose through trade, and expanded through a businesslike process of hiring mercenaries at each expansion of its realm.

Rome at the other hand, was a new beast at the arena, young forceful, ressourcefull, sure of itself.

You could draw a parallel and see the West as the Phoenicians and China as Rome.

We are the established, war weary nation, China is the new rising, selfconfident star.

But you could also turn it around. Because we in the West are the children of Rome, and China is not.

The Thycudides trap it is called, when two powers find themselves trapped in a mutual race for power, prestige and ressources.

The problem about the Punic war was, that it was a relentless war. The winner took it all. The escalating conflict made the animosity between Rome and Phoenicia so dire, that Rome eradicated Phoenician totally after they had won. They smashed everything, everything. Buildings, literature, boats.

They made sure, that Phoenicia would never rise again. Totally sure.

This gives a hint of the hatred that Rome felt for its adversary.

So, in comparison with the current war, we should be aware, that if it folds out as in the punic war, the atrocities and mayhem it will bring, will either eradicate us or them.

See what we are up against? THAT is why we need to do our best to prepare, and perhaps defuse the large and true evil conflict.

You may be afraid of the eradication of Chinas production capability. But the alternative is a war where either the West or China wins. If we end up in Punic war theatre, the victor will eradicate the looser totally.

I will cover the China again soon, with more analysis.

G-d bless the will to learn from history, otherwise we will repeat it.

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