The liberal discussion

August 9th, 2018 No comments

Well, that was quite a ruckus due to a small and insignificant comment on Islam by Mr. Johnson.

But, seriously? Mr. Johnson DEFENDED the right of Muslim women to wear the burka, and then he got all this criticism. As any subject in the political discourse that is essential to discuss, off cause one needs to put a serious enlightened focus on it.

I do not hate Muslims, actually there are many Muslims that I truly and with my whole heart, love. Among them my little sisters.

But that does not excempt Islam from a critical analysis. I love my own country as well, but that does not excempt it for critical analysis.

Critical analysis is a necessary tool to adopt to challenges.

There are absolutely obvious problems with migration in the UK, and the sole and only way to solve them, is to discuss them on an enlightened platform.

The democratic constitution of our countries are in conflict with some parts of Islam, especially the political parts of Islam.

What do we do about that?

My solution is to at least reflect upon it.

Not talking about it will end up in fascism, at least that is how it usually goes when there are major problems that the liberal democracies cannot solve. Then people rightfully conclude, that the system is the problem and they want another system. That is how the democratic state falls, the strong man comes to clean things up.

We need to be strong on these issues, but we need to keep our democratic constitution.

Have faith, fight for an enlightened debate without prejudice.

One way or another this discussion will have to be taken, we might as well do it with adherence to sound and positive principles. Such as freedom of speech.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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The fine line

August 6th, 2018 No comments

The great difficulty in trying to counter the threats that radical Islamist is confronting most of the Western world with, is trying to find the line between too much and too little.

Everybody agrees, that terrorism, that is direct attacks on different targets in the West is not acceptable. Being it the car attacks, rapes and so on.

But, one needs to see the fine silver line between these attacks and then just normal people.

THAT is what is needed in the cases in Rotherham and other places. This is not about all Muslims, or all migrants, but some.

At the other hand, protecting these people is not good for anybody, especially not those migrants that actually live according to the law. It brings badwill to all.

So that is what this discussion should be about, where are the limits of offensive behavior. Not taking the discussion is not wise, being too condemning is not wise either. It is about finding that fine line inbetween, but that takes a lot of discussion to reach a public conclusion.

We did it in the facing of Islamic State, we should do it on a national level as well.

That is the third way between too much, and too little to me.

I have done a lot of research on this issue, and these ideas are behind the strategic focus on IS or Daesh as it is called by some. The same reflections should be used to deal with crime done by Muslims internally. But be humane.

G-d bless the will to see these things in a reflective light.

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The way of Change

August 6th, 2018 No comments

There are things going on i Europe, that is going to change us. The changes are a consequence of the radical physical changes that Europe is seeing.

So, what we conclude these days, are very important not only for us, but also for the future generations.

As when France went from aristocracy to democracy, those philosophers that was in the process really had a lot of impact.

THAT is why I truly believe, that the basis upon which we define the changes is truly important.

There has been a lot of discussion on the philosophical basis on which the criticism of the massive migration to Europe has happened.

There are answers to this, and then just things we have done.

As mr. Boris Johnson points out, one of the latest steps have been banning of the burka. And as he more rightly points out, it doesn’t make much sense. It is not a solution, and just a way to increase hostility.

We didn’t invent it, but are witnessing a common trend that we follow.

So, I believe that we did that wrong.

What we need to do, is to differ between those migrants who are against our system and forcefully seek to destroy it, and then just peaceloving migrants who seek to contribute.

There is no denying, that putting on a burka is not the most progressive thing to do. But if you can make money for yourself, support the community, and keep your kids out of crime. That is fine by me.

What is not fine off cause is tyranny, anti democratic behavior and crime.

Peace is built upon the acceptance of the system. Denmark as the UK is generally an uncorrupt, civil society, and we like to keep it like that.

It is not a matter of political colour or religion it is about the system.

Everybody should respect the system, that is the democratic constitution and common law based on the representatives of government.

The system should not deteriorate into unlawfulness, and the citizens should at the other hand respect the law. It is a two way system.

Don’t get me wrong, when I criticize the British system, it is not because I disagree, but because it is such a precious system, and not respecting the principles it is built upon, not only breaks the system down in Great Britain, but brings repercussions to all those who look up to Great Britain as an example to follow.

You are a beacon of civilization, we are scared if we see cracks in the wall of that system. It has to sustain its integrity.

The leader has to keep the fire and the moral.

We try our best in Denmark, to retain our liberties, and develop answers to the issues we face. But we also admire many things in England. Among those the impeccable system of law.

We also admire your boarding school system, and your way of live, your squeecky humor and your humanity.

We need to tackle the issues of migration, but it should be based on humanity.

Making just symbolic laws is stupid, I concur. But let us then at least discuss what to do within a humane frame of understanding. That will give us answers that are good and the best possible in a tremendously difficult situation.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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Tommy Robinson

August 4th, 2018 No comments

Mr. Tommy Robinson, the former leader of EDL, now free journalist has finally been freed from jail.

Let me say it like this, that was a crime against humanity. Putting the poor sod into solitary confinement, leaving him at the mercy of radical Muslims. Seriously?

I understand, that there are a lot of problems in the UK, but you need to talk about them, and I KNOW that mr. Robinson is not a pedophile or racist or anything like that. He is essentially a decent bloke from Luton.

I have had the same treatment by the officials as Mr. Robinson, perhaps even a harder treatment. They killed my mother and tortured my daughter.

So I know these things, and how they makes you feel. But at the end of the day Tommy, it is not over.

As an American president once said, if you are at the end of the rope, hang on.

I have another friend, his name is Dan Park, and he is your equivalent in Sweden, an artist and a provocateur. He has had several jail sentences as well. Perhaps because he is so cool, it does not get to him.

Once, when our little Union the Vilks committee was attacked by a terrorist with a machine gun. Dan, he just sat there drinking his beer, while the terrorist were shooting everywhere.

We talked a little about what they are doing, and it is a proces of trying to break you down.

Don’t let them get to you, you can do it.

I have another friend, he used to be a soldier in the IDF, in the elite corps actually. A strong guy, but also marked by the fight.

He just lost his kids in a divorce, and in this process he had to fight the system. With his broken mind, that can be pretty hard.

But he got through it, and he is now feeling better, even though he is not getting his kids that much.

But, as he fought this process with his PTSD and all, one thing kept him up. His faith. His faith in his kids, on the justice he is trying to find, in friendship and in G-d.

That is the cure if you are hurt by the torture they have thrown at you, have faith. Have faith in your cause, in your fight and in your country.

G-d bless the will to keep ones head up, even though people are trying, with the vilest means to put you down. Get up Tommy, we need you, and you need us. As we used to say, United we stand, divided we fall.

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Happy birthday mr. President

August 4th, 2018 No comments

In the last ten years, I suppose my ideas have made a huge impact on the world, the West is finally having a turn around, and we are back.

But it would not have been possible without the friendship I have with Mr. Barack Obama. Right now, he is pretty much in trouble in terms of legacy, as a lot of the things we did together is challenged by mr. Trump.

But, to be honest, it seems to hold, most of it. The Iran deal, the focus on China, the fight against IS.

Some of the things we did are actually blooming and really working, like the economic turn around of the US.

The blue collar workers are actually having jobs, warms my heart.

Maybe they see mr. Trump as their savior, but I fought for them as well, and what they are having is due to my work, and off cause all those who use my ideas.

But again, sometimes it seems unfair, that I or mr. Obama does not get the credit.

You know why? It is because we are too bad at sticking together, at carrying each over over each hurdle. We should be better at that. Start working together more, look out for our neighbors, take care of those in our community.

We formed a community at the beginning of the adventure that was the presidency of mr. Barack Obama, we beat the odds, we changed the country. We did it.

So, in practice, we can hold our heads up, and we will. As we work together, share together, sometimes cry and suffer together, but at the end of the line; we do our duty to the USA.

G-d bless the 44 president of the United States of America, and happy birthday.

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The tough problems of England

August 2nd, 2018 No comments

The current climate of debate in the UK is not good. The difficulty in challenging the problems on an enlightened basis is not really there. And the few persons that actually try to talk about the problems, they live a hellish live.

But there is no other way around it. You need to try and open up the discussion.

Of cause, I understand that nazism and fascism and things like that is awful. Being a believing Jew, we know what these things have done to Europe and Jews in general.

But, that does not imply, that there are not problems with Islamic institutions, that cannot be discussed. It just implies, that it should be discussed on an enlightened background.

As they say, Jesus is the savior, because he is the light. The light is the truth.

The truth will save England.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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The difficult questions

Discussing difficult things take a lot of courage, but to truly Change a society, you need to be able to do just that.

As a platonic philosopher, with Socrates as my guiding light, I KNOW that difficult issues are thorny and often deadly to discuss. But one needs to do it anyway, to remake and Change Democracy.

It not, the Democracy will fall, and fascism will come, the strong man.

THAT is why I believe, that we need to discuss the ethical principles behind the rise in violence done by some migrants in London. Because if we do not, then someone much more nasty will.

This does not imply, that all migrants are evil, or that you are automatically stupid if you are not white in your skin.

That would make it pretty difficult for me, since my father was from Bangladesh.

He loved everything British. From the way brits dress, to the fact that there is so much good to say about the boarding school system. In fact he went to a boarding school himself.

He was an aristocratic, liberal Muslim. Yes i have heard a lot about Mahamtma Ghandi when I was a child.

He was essentially a decent man.

From this point of view, what happens in London these days, are horrendous. That beautiful civil city of ancient traditions and tremendous skill. Acid attacks, soaring numbers of knife attacks, terror.

It is wrong, and to my mind, the public needs to address the problems behind these attacks. Why do they come?

Is it because of religion, social issues, or just plain evil?

Daring to talk about the difficult things is the only way that you will be able to solve them.

Just be clear about your intentions. It is not about race, it is simply about trying to SOLVE the problems that is there, plain for all to see.

G-d bless the will to be able to tackle the taboos of society, based on an enlightened discussion and intent.

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The virtue of Democracy

England is suffering, the young are in danger, and the acid is flowing in the bottles, ready to be thrown at anyone, even children.

This is difficult, and I understand, that many intellectuals in England are wont to challenge these difficulties, and do not wish to get their careers burdened with too much heavy accusing from people who tend to see any criticism of the multicultural society as racism.

But you MUST. Criticizing the multicultural society is not the same as racism per se. It depends on the the theoretical basis you discuss from.

The problem with many racist right wing groups is, that their criticism is based on racism. So, what do you want, a pure white race, or acid in bottles thrown at people?

The answer is off cause, neither.

But you still have to discuss the murders, the terrorattacks and the heinous crimes against the girls of Rotherham and other cities.

What you do, in my opinion, is to base your criticism on democratic virtue.

What is the democratic virtue. It is humanism in its original form. That is enlightenment and the will to see each individual person as something sacred and beautiful.

If you do that, you can see, that neither racism or multiculturalism in its current form is good.

You can say no to both, and aim at a society, where all are brothers in the belief, that the sacredness of living things are most important. Humanity, care for the human and other living beings.

That is the basis you can stand on, and still retain your humanity.

Because that is humanity.

G-d bless the will to be human in the current crisis of our international societies.

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Iran deal

Well concerning the Iran deal. I made it, and I did hope to get the support of the EU in the keeping of the deal. The EU however is slowly melting down, and is not capeable in turning the boat around like the US has done.

So, in essence, it is not a serious partner in this process. I wish it was, I have reached out, but nothing comes of it. Maybe it is because they do not know me personally and are therefor afraid of me, or some other argument. But that is the way it is.

I am alone in trying to keep the JCPOA afloat.

First of all. I have no problem in trying to expand the deal. It could happen, there are things that mr. Netanyahu is not happy about. Let us get it on the table.

Secondly, let us have a look at what the Iranians are doing. They have upheld the agreement to the letter, and are essentially honest about it.

That is a clear indication, that if they are truly respected, they can be a serious partner.

We made peace with them, because these people are essentially an honourable people. I do not agree on some of the ideas of Teheran, I believe that women and gays should be respected. But, I also recognize, that the Iranian people are essentially an honest and good people.

In fact, all the Iranians i have ever met, I have really liked.

I don’t know, if the deal is void, maybe it is. But nevertheless, it will always stand as an example of a peace process, that actually worked.

Peace comes from two equals, that respect each other. That respect is based on might sometimes, and ethics at other times.

With the Iranians, it has always been about self esteem, and virtue. They do not like being pushed around, and they only respect people who are virtuous.

So, my best advice is. Have a look at the current deal, and then come up with some kind of remake.

But make sure, that the Iranian do not lose face. They have a liberal as well as conservative part of their society, and we need to understand that they have limits to what they can do.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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Mr. Bannon

Mr. Bannon is trying to influence the EU, or Europe with a new think tank. Well, that is good and all, but seriously, Breibart (the blog network Mr. Bannon was born in) was spawned as a reaction to the Mohammad cartoon crisis ten years ago. So in many ways then the US was influenced by Denmark, still is.

So why do Bannon come to Europe to influence us, why not just cooperate?

I hereby invite Mr. Bannon to have a free hand in Europe, based on the premise, that we are in this together.

Call me, please, send me an email.

G-d bless the will to cooperate.

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It is now or never

Well, this is essentially the last wake up call for the European Union, either you write me a mail and give me a budget for the renaissance of the project or it is finished.

The Iran peacedeal is moving, and you haven’t even started your own process yet.

So WAKE UP! Write me a mail at least, you could just promise that you are serious about these things, or just do not.

The world is moving fast, and you need to keep up.

Apart from this, I hope that the Iran peacedeal that Mr. Trump is aiming at, will be fruitful.

G-d bless the will to actually do something and fight for a renewed existence.

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Working on a blog as is a blast, I admit it. I love doing it, I do it to Change the world into something better. I hope that when you come here as a reader, you get ideas to improve your world.

But, at the same time. Doing it for free is a hassle. It is difficult because there is a wife to make happy, kids to feed, money to pay to make a roof over ours heads. Things like that.

So, if you wish to contribute to keeping afloat, please do so. It is really appreciated.

When you make a donation, tell me why you did so. I will not change the course of the blog because of the donation. But it is really good to hear from the readers. What are their concerns, their worries, what they need to make their lives better.

It is off cause under full confidentiality.

[email protected]

I am here as rabbi a priest or an imam. To listen, support and help where help is needed.

G-d bless you, and may your projects bear fruit.

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The EU

The European Union is not getting things turned around. It seems to me, that the will is slowly materializing. But the true will to do something has to come.

It is the leadership that is the problem. Mr. Junker seems to be a positive and honourable man. He means well, but we need some decisive action now. Someone with the strength and will to move the ship around a Barack Obama or Donald Trump. A person with strength and integrity.

I don’t know if such a person even exists within the European system, but without such a person the slow decline will just continue.

G-d bless the will to do something else.

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New strategies

I am getting more optimistic, as mr. Trump develops his presidentship internationally. The meeting with mr. Putin seems to be an all out victory. Peacedeals, a deal on Syria, renewed communications between the US and Russia. These are all good signs.

Why? Because Russia is not really an enemy anymore. Yes, it is a competitor, but competitors can be worked with on a diplomatic basis.

I know, that the press and many in the Democratic camp are loath to give mr. Trump any credit. He is very provocative, and annoying sometimes. But a man should not be judged on his appearance, but on his results.

This gives the US a free hand in the confrontation with China. Leaving a lot of resources to deal with that country, that truly is an enemy.

But off cause, we need to challenge mr. Trump also, but with good, positive strategies and ideas. Not just frustration.

Being up against a good opponent, is difficult and frustrating. But instead of being sorrry, lets change the mood, and see what we can do to find new ideas and better strategies.

G-d bless the will to do good, and find new positive ways.

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The Middle East

The Middle East is not really in my hands anymore. When I worked with mr. Obama, he used my ideas, and consequently brought some peace to the Middle East. The Iran deal is lauded as the most successful attempt at making peace in the Middle East.

But mr. Netanyahu wanted otherwise, and convinced mr. Trump. You know, that is ok, maybe I am wrong, and the ideas that I am working on are not at the sufficient quality. Maybe the religious ideas of rav Ashlag are too poor a quality to work in the long run. That may be so.

If that is so, then Netanyahu will perhaps make peace, and the idea of peace through strength will work. It has worked before, so maybe it will work again.

To me, I was truly surprised that mr. Trump made the North Korea deal, so maybe he will be able to make a deal in the Middle East that will actually work.

To be honest, I hope so. This is not about my vanity, it is about the peace of the Middle East. So my vanity is in the big picture absolutely unimportant.

The Palestinians, or whatever we call them, have increased their activity with a new weapon. The Molotov cocktail kite bombs. They have a lot of success with this, if killing innocent people can count as a success.

It also does not give Israel any plus points when they do it. When Hamas and the other local Palestinians did all the Kassam bombs, they lost a lot of international credit. Why? Because at that time, we were doing the Iran peace deal, and you cannot attack a peacemaker.

After the Iran deal was rendered to naught, Israel has lost a bit of the moral high ground, and there is more space for the Gazans.

I believe in rav Ashlag, and I am not naiv. Still most of what I put up in the Middle East is holding. It is just a scratch in the surface.

That is why I have realized, that peace was not given in one fell stroke, but has to come over many years.

I will not be able to descend on Israel tomorrow and make the temple, but hopefully in ten or twenty years I will.

The momentum of the first wave of my ideas are now ebbing out in the Middle East, and we are facing another kind of development. That of slow consolidation.

The aim is, to make a common platform for all the monotheistic religions.

This is what the Middle East is essentially all about. That is the true purpose of the Middle East. Everybody knows it, and they have faith in it. By the will of G-d we will do his work.

This is not over, we just have to be a bit more patient.

It was the same with David. First he became the chosen by G-d, then he was rejected by the Israelites. But ultimately, it is not for us to decide. It is up to G-d. I believe, that what we are supposed to do, is to remake the realm of G-d here on Earth. That is what religion is all about.

Sometimes we do the opposite, and do not succeed with our work. Sometimes we get a step closer to this aim.

We are the tools of G-d, and we will succeed.

G-d bless the will to respect the will of spirit, and see through our own misconceptions and selfish needs.

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