The new paradigm

If we look at the world, most of it still runs in the direction Barack and I planned. This is not to diminish Mr. Trump. He has been doing quite well internationally, and should be respected for that. 

But simply to try and understand what is going on in the world right now. When Barack and I started the peace effort in the Middle East. Everything was in shambles and everybody was fighting everybody. Now, there is peace. The last little nugget of true atrocities were finished, more or less, with the fall of Mosul. Thank you again Mattis, very well done. 

In the US, the economy is still in very high gear, and Mr. Trump is still using the ideas Barack and I had. He uses them more forcefully, but he still uses the basic ideas. So in a way, we all live inside of my head. 

I noticed this condition of the world, when there are great minds that make something of the world. Like Tesla, Thoreau, Newton or Steve Jobs.

It all comes down to the character of the idealist or philosopher. The world we create is a reflection of our own character. 

Like Newton. Newton was truly a terrible man. He hated people, and he was very cynical. The world he left us, that of industrialization, was cold and unrepenting. 

Niels Bohr, who oversaw the making of the atomic bomb was a very nice person. So even though he made the bomb, he also left us a world where we actually never used it, on his command. Imagine that. 

With the current crisis in the Democratic Party, please have a look at what Barack and I have done. It HAS changed the world to something else. It reflects our stance on ethics and life. When I was younger, I was more revolutionary. Today as I have matured, I am more inclusive. 

The first phase of my work is what we witness in Europe now. For better or worse, it will go down in a revolution. But that suits the Europeans the best.

In the US however, the depth of what Barack and I have done, is still not realized. 

We made, here it comes, so pay attention: CHANGE, right. 

That change was a true shift away from the Alinsky paradigm to a Trier paradigm. Where Alinsky was for minorities and truly a Frankfurterschool adherent, what Barack and I have done is much more broad and sound. 

We went back to Hegel, fixed the flaws of Marx, installed a whole new economic paradigm, made peace in the Middle East, brushed off the ideas of Democracy. 

In a sense, we made a whole new Social-Democratic paradigm. A more sound one. A deeper one, and we still have not realized this in the Democratic Party. 

We DID make a turn around, we fulfilled the promise, and we should build on the platform. 

G-d bless the will to be strong in our faith. 

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Do not lose hope

I know that we are a little depressed now. Things seem to fall apart, and there is very little hope. 

In this situation we could perhaps look at the victories we have had, and learn from them. First of all, the Obama administration was a resounding success. We did it. 

There has been little criticism of what we did. We did it by trying to find new ways for Social-democratic ideas. And we succeeded. 

What did we do right? We reinterpretated the ideas of socialism and democracy. 

Socialism was brought to a much more spiritual place, and we tried to ally ourselves with business instead of alienating ourselves. 

In practice a middle leaning political platform. 

In the field of democracy, we went full tilt. We fought for the arabs in the Arab spring, and we tried to fight for democracy in the face of Islamic state. 

This created a huge league for democracy that Mr. Trump has inherited and managed to strengthen. 

The strength of the foreign policy ideas is evident in the fact that Mr. Trump continues to reap the benefit of it. 

He has managed to continue and does it really well. 

So we did do a turn around, but we still lost the election. 

What we can do however, is to continue the reflection in the issues. 

Healthcare is better if it is served with a community spirit, right ?

What is the meaning of healthcare if it is not to help people in need?

So on and so forth. Again let mr. Zuckerberg pay me a ticket, I can get the discussiongroups started. 

Do not lose hope, do not despair. We can do it. 

G-d bless the will to remain strong in spirit and community. 

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The macromovements

With the continuing focus on the negative aspects of the Trump administration, I believe we are missing the opportunity to discuss what really went wrong with our own campaign. 

I believe that I am pretty good at campaigning. I just won with May in the U.K., but we still haven’t figured out what went wrong in the American election. Pointing the finger at Mr. Putin doesn’t help us really. 

I believe that there is a basic reason we may have overlooked. We went too far away from the center. 

Even though ms. Clinton did reach for the center in her politics, her political career and some of the players she brought along were not centrist. Among them Huma Abedin. 

And then there is the fact that the electorate likes to change from time to time. Try something new. 

That has nothing to do with the performance of the party leadership. That is just a part of the mechanic. 

We have had a democratic leader with a rather conservative politics, but still he was colored in his skin. That was a big leap for many Americans. Having a female president was just too much. 

Americans do not like to experiment just too much. 

So they chose the closest they could get to the normal white couple. 

My point is. What we should consider are these macro developments that has little to do with the platform we are running on. I mean Mr. Trump is very much continuing with the ideas that Barack and I came up with. 

So soul searching is not just about criticizing the opponent in politics. It is also understanding the macromovements. 

Mr. Biden we could have won with, because he was the “normal” choice. 

G-d bless the will to have the ability to learn from our mistakes. 

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The Russians

People from the U.S. usually feel that they do not understand Russians much. That is quite normal considering the historical rivalry and fighting between the two great nations. 

But, seen from a Danish perspective things might not be so different after all. Please let me explain what the Russians are, and how they ended up being who they are. 

Russians or “Rus” came from the Scandinavian peninsula a thousand years ago. At that time it was quite the rave to go to the Byzantine empire to serve as bodyguards of the Byzantine emperor. We Vikings were, rightfully I might add, seen as the best fighters, so the emperor wanted a hird of our good men. 

Many came home with very beautiful clothes and a lot of riches. 

This was alproximately at the same time as Denmark and England was under the same king, that of Canute.

The route down to the Byzantine empire was along the rivers of Europe. So we sailed in our longboats down the rivers, and we noticed some nice arable land along the route. 

Especially in Ukraine, there was a lot of nice land, so we decided to settle there. In the beginning it went quite well, but that all changed at the time of the Hun invasion. 

The Huns were extremely savage. They burned down whole peoples and they, more or less, destroyed the Viking cities in Ukraine. 

Imagine that. You live happily in your land, as the Americans do now, all of a sudden a vile conqueror decend on all your peaceful cities and burn them to the ground, rapes all your daughters, kill you indescriminately. 

This really changed the Russians, in fact the Russians never truly got over that abuse. This is why Russians are so sceptical towards foreign powers who try to impose their will on them and have this deeply ingrained suspicion towards conquerors. 

It has served then well many times. Russians single handedly took out Napoleon and Hitler. Imagine that. 

Do not wake the Russian bear they say. In other words, Russians always are ready to fight to the bitter end. They know that there is no depth to human depravity, and will fight rather than surrender. 

But they still remember where they come from, and the good things we develop here in Europe, they learn from and try to use to the best of their ability. 

Like the rise of spirituality that I have been a part of. 

So in fact Russians are like Americans. They have had their frontiertime, their longing for their roots. But they are just an older wave of migrants, and they are wiser to the evils of the world. 

But deep down Russians are as freedomloving, proud warriors. I might add with a great warm heart. 

Mr. Putin is of a generation that look upon Europe for good things, he is not a generation that wants war. In fact he just wants to be left in peace. 

G-d bless the peace we CAN find. 

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The Copts

In Egypt, there is a rise in anti Christian sentiment. Especially the Copts, who is an ancient Christian group of worship has been hit hard. 

The current government of Al-Sisi tries it best to protect the Copts, but the problems persists. Especially ISIS related gangs seems to be targeting the poor Copts with suicide bombers and the like. 

It may seem a little far off, but terror attacks we experience here in Europe and in the US is far worse for the Copts. 

Let us not forget, that the Copts is an ancient church, that has been instrumental in many amazing feats of development of Christian thought. It still retains some of the most sacred Christian sites, among them the place where Moses was found. 

Connecting to the Copts has been a boon to the Catholic faith, and will continue so. 

The Copts are a sign, that the Middle East is actually a place where Muslims and Christians can live side by side. A project mr. Al-Sisi, thank you great pharao, has tried to make. 

Why? Because otherwise the endless cycle of violence will eventually pit all Muslims or at least Sunni Muslims against the rest of the world. 

In this case, I believe that Mr. Al-Sisi has a crucial role to play. But he can only do that if we really get behind him, and support him for his crucial role in the development of a peace. 

Please support his protection of the Copts, they are a wondrous people, wrought with disaster, but still holding on to the dignity of their faith. 

We can learn a lot from them, and we should support them, and all the rest of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East. 

G-d bless the peace we CAN find.

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The dawn of the fight

You know, I am really amazed at the performance Mr. Trump did in Poland. Seriously, hands down, that was a class act. No doubt about it. You just hit all the right buttons, in a balanced, supportive, avant-garde speech that will go down in history as the first move of an American president in the war against ISIS in Europe. This is the horn blowing of a real leader. 

I never saw it coming, it was that amazing. 

I ran against mr. Trump, then he asked me to guide him, I have done that to the best of my ability, and the thing is, it is working quite well. 

The fight with China is all but prepared, mentally as well as military tech wise. The fight with ISIS in Europe is ready. Everything is in the finest order. 

When I think about all those years back when I started the work first with the resistance here in Denmark, then with Barack, I intuitively knew that we would make to here. I never really doubted it. I just knew it in my bones. When there is trouble on our doorstep we have this ability we of the Vikings, to look for the best, and let him lead us. 

It is one of the secrets why we have survived, we have this deeply ingrained way of organizing ourselves, across political differences, across nations, just doing the wisest thing. 

Now we are here, at the dawn of the fight. 

Let us pray. 

Dear G-d. 

Please let the mourning that will come be light. Please let the bloodletting be scarce. Please let all the fighting be done with the best possible and most humane end in mind. Never let us fight for money, but for that of freedom. 

Please attend our needs, secure our borders, help those who are weak, black as well as white. 

Do not pressure yourself on us because we are in need, but because we wish to let your will be done. 

Please, let this fighting be as mild as humanly possible. 

Let our league be strong and let us stop the bickering. 

Please, when it all ends, let the peace be everlasting. 

Thank you, and let us all say Amen. 

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Mr. Putin

I really fought for Ms. Clinton in the last American election. I was, all in all, one of the prime strategic advisers Ms. Clinton had. 

When we lost, I kind of lost my own swagger, it was the first election I have ever lost, and it was the fifth one I had had a part in. I won with Barack four years earlier. But that is the way it is. You win some and you lose some. I won with the conservatives in U.K., though only slightly. 

But that is how democracy works, it is the will of the people, and sometimes you are not the one the people wants. It can change again. 

But to blame the loss of the election on Mr. Putin because he manipulated is truly wrong. I must know, I have a friendship with Mr. Putin of sorts. 

Yes he is a an ex. KGB spy, yes his friends are KGB, but that does not imply that Kremlin still attacks the US with disinformation campaigns. 

I know what a disinformation campaign looks like, I have just fought one down in Denmark. 

The American election does not wear the signs of a disinformation campaign. 

Now Mr. Putin is a vile fox, he is a fighter and he does use techniques of clouding his actions. But he also a person who has taken his country from a Communist rule to that of a Christianity. 

When he points to the Jews as their, or our, experience as scapegoats. He is right. 

I hereby extent the support of the Jews to Mr. Putin. If you feel like one us, you will have our support. 

G-d bless mother Russia. 

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Winter is coming

Great literature usually carries a claim to formulate what is not conscious. The subconscious truths that we all agree upon, but are not ready to speak openly about. 

You can shine with the light of the moon or the light of the sun. The moonlight is usually the light of great novels. The philosopher however must be the one who are able to formulate the unconscious like the sun. Openly, brazenly and therefor with the strongest of power. 

There has been a proverb of the Trump administration, and especially Mr. Bannon; “winter is coming” the saying goes. 

It is a reference to the motto of the Starks of Winterfell in the saga of George R.R. Martin in Game of Thrones.

I have wondered about that reference, it is so strong. When I was a kid, the stories really enraptured me with the strength of characters, the depth of storyline. But I did not understand the subconscious reference of that giant wall that Martins were talking about, the monsters seeping through the cracks, the corruption of the city in the middle, and Jon Snow, the orphan trying to stop the wall from crumbling. 

Well since Martins is British, it seems to me, that the wall is the crumbling borders, the monsters the migrants and the corrupt center Bruxelles. 

Winter is coming, and there is some truth in that, and not unless we realize that and plan accordingly do we man that wall truly, or rather look at things in a clear light. 

Literature has that gift sometimes, to arm us with truth. 

Not all migrants are monsters, but some are, and we need to man that wall in order to stop the flow of monsters. 

But we also need to man the inner walls, the Millwals and be brave. 

G-d bless the vigilant. 

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The contenders

I have been neglecting the US for some time here on Rubicon, mostly because I have been really busy with Denmark and the UK. 

Put on hold but certainly not forgotten. Anyway, I hope that some of the things that is developed for the UK, can be used in the US as well. 

There is the question of the next generation of Democratic leaders. It is a little difficult for me to really follow the trends there. I am basically too far away, but, as always, I do my best. 

I have been thinking a lot about mr. Mark Zuckerberg. I can relate a lot to Mark. We have very much the same background. Both grew up in secular more or less Jewish family, IT, and the succes we have had with each our professions. 

Here are my recommendations. First of all. Politics is so tough. Much tougher than you would imagine. There is a lot of tactics, you have to be realistic about the pressure it puts on you and your family. 

But, that is what it demands. At the other hand, it gives you an opportunity to really make a difference. It is also much more challenging than IT. 

Not that IT is not challenging, it is, and MUCH better payed. But the skills you need to fight in politics are different. You need to be a fighter, have a superior character, have depth of knowledge, be a very good and loyal friend, and then you need to feel the burning desire to make a better world. 

Anyway Mark, my door is always open. Invite me to your house, or pop by. I would like to help you, as all the other contenders. You may have to pay the ticket for the US however, considering the low pay of bloggers these days.

The US in general is in a much better position than ten years ago, and we will manage. 

G-d bless the US of A.

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The wealthfarestate

To truly understand the depth the change that we may be able to carry forward in the UK, one needs to understand the problems that we are facing. 

The socialist doctrine of free movement and free everything is not a viable way forward. 

What is viable however, is to understand what the shortfalls of said system has, and then remedy where it is not working and find a new way. 

Ok. Have a look at it this way. Nobody really knows what socialism is. The only ones who truly had an idea about it, were the first socialists around Karl Marx and perhaps the first generation around Lenin. Why? Because Marx wrote in a typical German way, which is almost impossible to understand. 

Being Danish, and that is what people call very German in many ways, I do understand it to a certain degree. But only after checking the sources of Marx do I really understand it, and then also the problems of Marxist thinking. 

Here it comes. Marx made a replica of Sparta, or rather he was very inspired by Sparta. 

There is however one problem. Marx did understand the classical sources, but he never went into absolute nerd with the old texts. He has read Lucretius, a bit of Plato, but not all the texts that describes Sparta, and not all the texts that describes Athens, the Democratic counterweight to Sparta. 

So he missed quite a few things. What he really missed are the following:

1. According to Lucretius a communist society needs to be closed, not open. This is important to know when we talk wealthfarestate. This is why EU does not work for countries like Denmark, it simply ruins the wealthfarestate. 

2. Sparta had checks and balances internally in Sparta. There were two kings, and there was a council called the Ephors, who advised the king. This is important to understand in the light of the communist states that evolved into corrupt kingdoms. A socialist system will not work unless there is a check on the power. 

3. Sparta had gods and goddesses as any other polis of the time. They had a fervor for law, almost as a G-d. 

Now, there was a lot of criticism of Sparta in the days it actually worked, something we can learn from today. First and foremost, it was criticized for being too insulate. That was why it eventually died out. Spartans had too few children. Why? Because basically there was no meaning in having children. The state took them over anyway. The same problem is very true for the socialist or communists countries of today. Especially in Western Europe, where the wealthfarestates have had a tremendous decline in birthrate. It is not because people are generally full of weltschmerz, but because the system makes it like that. 

If you do not have a wealthfarestate, then people have more children, because then the family becomes the social security. 

The other thing that was a huge problem in the antiques, was the Crypteia, the secret police of Sparta. It was loathed, and it was used to dominate and tyrranize the helots, the slaves of the Spartans. 

The same problem is prevalent in the modern socialist systems, it creates an incentive for a huge secret service, and ends up being policestates. 

With all of this in mind, we can see, that there is room for a Spartan like society, they were extremely brave and were generally seen as uncorrupted and really good fighters. 

But we need to be careful not to make the same mistakes as the ancient Spartans did, and we need to make sure we do not simply make the same mistakes as the last generations of communists did. 

This means, as a conclusion, that we need to make a wealthfarestate, but run on spiritual, national principles. We also need to secure that the legislative system retains its checks and balances when it comes to the use and control of power. The democratic system needs to be the foundation. All the other principles of state; the rule of law, enlightenment by the press and so on, needs to be supported and encouraged as well. 

THEN we can have a wealthfarestate, that actually works and supports the society and system. 

That will bring a better society. 

G-d bless the will to make a better world.

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What did we learn in the election?

The election, and the fall out of the drama, is finally over. 

It is time to wrap it up, and talk a little about the potential political growth that we realized in the election. 

First of all, we need to do other things than just Brexit. Yes it is a humongous task, but focusing only on that, will potentially cost us the next election. We need to do a multipronged strategy. 

One of the great things in the election, was the talk about the NHS and the wealthfarestate in general. I know, that communism was spread by the KGB, we have just have a rerun on some of the methods here in Denmark. But communism has good things in it as well. 

The best being a kind of state security wrapped around all members of the society. 

This we HAVE to work on. Someone should convene in Oxford, invite rev. Brian Mountford and talk about the Anglican Church and its role as a moral base under the wealthfarestate. Talk about the caring for the weakest of the nation, talking about doctors, teachers, policemen and all that support the nation. 

This will give the Anglican Church a way to be a part of the society again in an important way. 

There should be space for other beliefsystems, but the church should be leading in this process. 

A good task for a vicars daughter. 

Secondly, we need to work on terrror. I know that it is both sides and so on. But the best way to stop terror, is to get rid of the jihadis. Then the right wing will stop. 

There has been talk about internment of islamists. I think this is too harsh. Locking them up will stop the problem, but they are young people, with a life ahead of them. They should not be locked up. What I would recommend, is repatriation. Most of them are not citizens of the UK, so they should be asked to leave the country, and if that is not possible, forced to leave. 

This will make a situation where the UK has to negotiate with different countries to take their citizens back. Well, that is possible, that is basically a matter of will and ability to negotiate. 

A good project for an ambitious conservative. Deliver on this, and that is a huge boon to the party.

Thirdly, there is Brexit. As I see it, the real challenge lies in satisfying DUP. They will not accept any kind of soft Brexit, and they are pretty fond of Mr. Farage. The negotiations on the EU side are really unrealistic, and they are not holding the cards. Drive a serious bargain, and if they do not comply, just define the rules yourself. 

G-d bless the UK, and thank you for a good fight. We won, but it was pretty close this time.

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A dangerous situation

June 19th, 2017 1 comment

The endless cycle of war has finally begun in the UK. That of attack and retaliation. This is how war works. 

If the one side keeps attacking, and no one answers, in the end someone will do it in a primitive way. 

As the conflict unfolds, people will be forced to choose sides. This is what we know from Thucydides, a war will eventually pit people against each other. That goes for the muslim as well for the democratic side. 

In this situation, the state needs to up its game. If it does not deliver on the war on terror, people will just take the matters in their own hands. Condemning it will not do anything, people are too angered to care about condemnation. This is war, no words will change it. It is a hot war, not a cold War, so it is not a spywar. 

The only responsible thing to do in this situation, is to go hard, VERY hard on the terrorists. That is IS afiliated organizations and the like. Close down the mosques, and untangle the vast network of Islamist terrorists.

It may sound as a callous response to the Finsbury mosque attack. And yes, those Muslims that were there by chance are not necessarily Islamist, and for those, it was wrong to target them. Just as wrong as killing innocent Londoners. 

My point is just, that the state is loosing control over the situation, and the only way it can regain control, is by closing all the terrorist mosques, repatriate all who are terrorist and not citizens and so on. 

The lack of action on the part of the government is the cause of this situation. 

If the security forces do not step in and do something, the situation will spiral out of control. 

That is how humans think and work, and we should understand it and try to take the initiative instead of leaving it to the street. Because that is a dangerous situation indeed. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom, and may it prevail in these very difficult times. 

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To do good

There has been a lot of discussion on the Wealtfarestate and the problems this part of the country is in. 

Let me clear, more money is not the answer. Already it is extremely expensive. What will work however, is the ATTITUDE towards the wealthfarestate. 

The basic problem with the wealthfarestate is firstly a widespread demoralization. Secondly it is the priority. The wealthfarestate is, in principle, for all. But in a society where all needs more and more. One needs to prioritize. 

The prioritization needs to be founded in something. 

The philosophical challenge to the current socialist wealthfarestate, is that it does not make sense. 

Marx idea was to copy the principles of Sparta. But he did not understand Sparta, and he did not respect the sage wisdom of the founder of Sparta, Lycurgus. 

Lycurgus was quite clear about the constitution of Sparta. It was to make Sparta a completely closed state. Because he knew, that an open state could not carry the community. 

Sparta was also extremely ideological, it was FOR law. So it did have virtue as a basic motor. 

If we look at the current wealthfarestate with this in mind. We can see that in order to make it work we need two things;

1. A principle to drive it.

2. A realistic set of borders to guard the frame of the wealthfarestate. 

My idea, written in the book ‘The Freestate’, is to go back to the principle that Marx left, that of Hegel. To Hegel a nation was inspired by the grace of spirit. ‘Gott mitt uns’ as the saying was in Germany. This works. We can see it in hospitals where doctors work for the grace of goodness and spirit. We can see it in the schools, where good teachers has a calling. We can see it in the way a spiritual system PRIORITIZES the resources. It goes to the ones who needs it the most. 

This should be the guiding star of a renewed discussion on wealthfare. Who needs it. And lest not forget. Help is only good, if it makes the person that get the help selfreliant. 

As the venerable Pope Francis said. The communists stole the flag of the church. Well, let us steal it back. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom, and may it prevail in these difficult times.      

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The danger

As the conflicts with the islamists are on the rise, the measures to use against them must meet the challenge they pose. 

If it is truly is an act of terrorism burning down the sky scraper of London, well, the true horror of the foe is fully revealed. We saw it in Syria with the Yazidi girls, Christians being persecuted and other atrocities. But we are not that used to it in our own homes. 

What we did see however, were the sheer and incredible bravery of the firefighters. Such resilience in a dangerous situation. Conflict brings both the worst and the best up in us. 

There will be more, but we will NOT sheer away from trouble. We will meet it, again and again as the heroes we are when we meet such incredible danger. 

We will never surrender, never. 

G-d bless the city of London, and may it prevail in such difficult times. 

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Now, there is a hung parliament. This is very unusual for British politics, but in Denmark, this is the way it works. 

It is like this. A PM for a coalition, will have to serve the entire coalition. That is really the difficult thing. Because a PM from one party has to include the most important parts of other parties as well. This craves an extremely competent politician, the PM has to be extremely good at making all parts of the coalition happy.

The trick is to take the best qualities of each party, and strengthen them. Add to this, a look on where the common interest is, and then you make an alliance. 

It is fair enough if you cannot get everything through in a hung parliament, because the votes are not there for it. 

In the case with the cooperation between DUP and the Tories, the common ground is pretty obvious. Hard Brexit, security, and a common interest in strengthening the British Union. 

Since DUP is more conservative than the Tories, they will, as a consequence draw the Tories to the right. This has a lot of implications for the Brexit talk, the cat is already out of the bag, as we see it. 

The way forward would be, to sit down and make a new deal with DUP on Brexit, and see where that will get the negotiation. By mathematical logic, it will mean at much harder Brexit than the one David Davies wanted to negotiate. But that is the way with a hung parliament, parties need to feel they get a part of the negotiations in relations to their size. 

Tories is the big party, but in order to compromise, DUP needs to get a few things in as well. 

It can be done, but it will require a lot of discussion to find a solution. 

At the end of the day, a good compromise could be to accept the open borders in Ireland and then go for harder borders to France. That would probably satisfy DUP. 

The great question is; what about the EU citizens in the UK. But not only that, what about all the foreigners in the UK.

In a difficult security situation, one needs to be sure that the citizens in the country are actually loyal to the system. The amount of serious malcontents are very high, and as a consequence these malcontents needs to go back to their own country. This will be the end of the matter. I know that it will be difficult to set in motion now. But the mechanics of war will eventually lead to that result if we want it or not. That is the wisdom of Thucydides, the classic Athenian historian. 

So, in order to prepare for the next few years, we need to get the Brexit talks over as fast as possible, and then start tackling the terror as fast as possible. 

If we get control over the borders, we then have a chance at actually securing the process to happen orderly and done by the state. 

Difficult times indeed, but we CAN do it. 

G-d bless Ms. May, and may she prevail.

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