Listen, I know, that the crisis of the Coronavirus kind of took off, and made people mad at each other.

Especially those who see themselves as black are mad.

But that is not an excuse for killing innocent old people in a private owned garden.

As there are racists and bigots in the white camp, that fact of the matter is, that it goes both ways.

You cannot as a black person reduce your behavior to a justified rebellion to kill all white people.

It is inhuman.

At the other side, killing blacks is ALSO inhuman.

There are trends within the white community that is evil, but it is also the same in the black.

Truth is, that in Zimbabwe and South Africa, whites are at the bottom of the latter.

If we are to live together, what is important, is to recognize the other person in your community as someone equal.

We are all born and cared by spirit. Spirit does not care whether you have brown or white skin. What he cares, is your actions as a person.

Do you forgive, or do you do acts of evil?

That is what it is about; your personal responsibility as a person.

Maybe it is time to stop demanding so much, and start giving a little something.

Recognizing that other person, not as a person of color, whatever the way that is, but as a true person.

Someone you can relate to, understand and respect.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it remain whole.

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Law and anarchy

When you are young and angry, you want to Change the society NOW. Not tomorrow, not the day after, but now.

Be as it may, the direction of that Change, if it is to work has to be discussed and planned by people who are in the know.

Take the French and American revolution, that gave us Democracy and slave abolishment. This was inspired by some pretty heavy thinkers; Voltaire, Rousseau and a few others. Let me be clear about these eggheads, they were not young and brash, but mature and rebellious. They KNEW. Voltaire was a Platonist.

This was why the French and American revolution worked in the first place.

Now, there have been a lot of revolutions that kind of had the opposite effect. Take Venezuela, that is built of good ideas, that is good ideas on the surface. But these ideas are pretty shallow when it comes to the day to day work.

You cannot both make a huge state owned society, and expect people to work hard. Not unless you make a strong incentive like an ethical, moral case as the Spartans.

These things have to go hand in hand.

If not, the society crumbles.

Now, it may seem like a good idea to bring down the police and make an anarchistic society without the police. But the fact of the matter is, that without laws what you fall back on will be the rule of the strong.

You have to understand, that rule by law is a containment of the rule of the strong. The rule of the strong is the NATURAL rule. That is what happens in nature. Here the strong rule, by preying on the weak.

Law is made to PROTECT the weak. Thereby create a better and more lasting civilization.

It goes all the way back to Hammurabi, the Babylonian king and founder of law.

You can build an anarchistic society, IF you create an unbreakable allegiance to LAW.

Thereby ruling yourself.

That is the point of Marx.

Just skipping the step where people are brought to this higher level is, will all end up in tyranny.

You know, I am sorry, I wish it was otherwise, and nothing seems to change right now.

But don’t worry, we will change things from within.

Make the necessary educational reforms of the police, so that it gets closer to what it is supposed to do; serve and protect ALL citizens.

Thereby creating an equal footing for all, with no regards to skin color.

I have two daughters one is considered at brown girl, the other a white girl, judging on their skin. Both are my own flesh and blood.

You would wish a society for them, where they can both grow up to be a part of society, not judged by their skin.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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If you do not understand the basis of socialism, you will not create a better society, but a worse society. Just going bananas trying to enforce ideas, that in the past have not worked, will not get socialdemocratism anywhere, it will only lead to tyranny.

Tyranny being the state of society that is the effect of a system that does not work, and therefor tries to enforce its rule on people.

You can only have freedom, if you have a system that will give people that freedom. To make a system that gives people freedom, you need to have good, solid rules to go by. Like justice, freedom, equality.

To make this, you need to understand the ideas that rule any kind of society, otherwise what is the aim of the revolution anyway?

One of the ideas, that people seem to have forgotten and is pretty vital to socialism is progressive tax.

It is an idea, that Democritus, the ancient philosopher made, and it aims at creating equality in society.

So, what is the effect of equality? According to Democritus it is happiness.

Happiness is the aim of any society.

That is the path we need to find, the path to happiness. Not the path to destruction and misery.

G-d bless the will of finding a good way.

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We are going in the wrong direction with the Black Lives matter demonstration when it comes to the solutions we find.

I get it, the police does not protect or respect black people in many places. I get that, but defunding them will not solve the problem.

Police is a VERY important part of society.

Let me explain.

Socialism is a reflection of the greek city-state Sparta. Karl Marx was very infatuated with the iconic ancient city.

Communism is a reflection of Sparta.

Now, as we all know, communism has never been a good idea, and is opposed to Democracy, that is the creed and idea of the US.

But there are many socialists in the US also.

So how do socialist play a positive role in a democratic society.

They do it, by helping the disenfranchised and poor, those in need, right?

How do they do that?

They do it by law, at least that was how the Spartans did it.

Law is there to protect the weak against the strong.

You get a good story about this mechanism in George Orwells animal farm. What happened to all the ideals of the animals when realizing the Bolshevik revolution? It ended up in a dictatorship.

Why? Because there were no real mechanisms to realise the ideals.

How did the Spartans realise their ideals? They did it with an almost fanatic allegiance to law, equality; equality beyond the law. Social justice; let the law protect the weak.

See, law is the only tool, that will realise the ideals of socialism.

Now, I get it, if we do not have any influence on the law, it can be the opposite.

But no law, will only get us comrade Napoleon, and that is worse.

We need a new understanding of law, make sure, that law truly serves the weak and not the strong, has no colour blindness, and is above all citizens.

In this way, we can actually make a better society not a worse one.

Right now we are tearing down, not building anything, and that is a dangerous path to walk.

Tyranny awaits us at the end of that path, we have to be realistic about that.

Orson Welles was right about this, we need to clear our heads and be serious and progressive about this. Not destructive and just stupidly angry.

We need to build, not tear down. We need to make dreams available to everyone, not destroy peoples chances.

We need to make an Eden not a hell, as we are on the course of doing now.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it prevail.

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The western world has descended into chaos. What was once the epitome of civilisation, has in a few years crumbled.

Western civilisation is not finished off, but it is tetering on the brink of absolute chaos.

The latest chaos of the epidemics and Black Lives matters is just the last step of a long run against the destructive end.

It all started two hundred years ago when western civilisation went from expanding to moving back.

In the meantime, the western alliance has been cut to pieces, and the pace with which this is happening is dumbfounding.

What can we do about that?

We can chose our fights carefully.

The migrants of Europe wants to chose a fight with the native Europeans over race.

I mean, when you start desecrating the monuments of Churchill, that is a blatant call for war.

That is the way it is.

Perhaps the system, our civilisation is not responding but the hatred of the Saxon seems to fill the air. That is a prelude to war.

Now, what can we do to stop this descent into chaos.

We can pick the war we wish to fight.

Do we fight a racewar, or do we fight at fight for freedom, where race is not of the matter?

I chose the latter.

Let us see, that where the Democratic/humanistic society is threatened, it must respond, forcefully to the challenge. This includes burning of poor peoples of houses and desecration of statues.

It must do so to keep the law and defend our civilisation, not to make a race war.

If we do that, we are finished for good.

G-d bless our tetering civilisation.

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Non violence II

These past two weeks have really tested the very core of the United States of America, not really on a material level, on things built or other physical things, but on a moral level.

This is really what this is about, do we continue having faith in the IDEAS of the United States or do we falter and lose faith in the ideas that the country was built on.

The core tenant that was tested was that of non violence. Non violence is a genuine American idea made by Henry David Thoreau Walden.

He looked at the little acorn first burrowing in the soil, then sprouting and then growing into a tree.

He saw in this something sacred and profound, the sacredness of life.

In this perhaps insignificant observation something beautiful and lasting grew.

The RESPECT for life as an essence of Humanistic Americanism.

Something that gave us Ghandi, rev. King among others.

This true American legacy, the inherent respect for life is what was a stake, and still is at stake in wake of the Corona crisis. Do we go all hay wire violent, or do we actually respect the sanctity of life?

It actually goes both ways, and it also calls to a possible way out of this mess.

Please let us remind ourselves, of the worth of life. We cannot take it away just because it is in our way, and we CANNOT excuse the destruction that the grief of a lost life gives us.

Non violence is, at the core, a story about that sprouting acorn. Still that acorn is not felled, please let us take care of it, and eventually rest under the foil of its branches.

Because, at the core, that is what the United States of America is about. A carefulness about that life that is in our world.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Non violence?

These new online infiltration techniques, that may have been behind the latest Black Lives matter campaign are what they are. They are trolling. As the internet is filled with people who are there to ruin the debate, by provoking the discussion into a line that is unconstructive these Black Live matters are the same, just stupid memes to stir up trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe in rev. Kings legacy. That of finding a peaceful way to live with each other, brothers and sisters black and white.

But what I also truly believe in, is non violence, in the dialogue.

We have enemies, as the islamists, as China, but we shouldn’t treat each others as enemies, we need to be strong together.

Looting and pillaging is not getting stronger or finding unity, it is the opposite. That is the way it is.

To demand justice and sympathy, the real truth is, that you need to earn it. Justice and sympathy is something you gain and make yourself. It is your own actions that will give you an image.

That is why burning down churches is not the way to go. Seriously, a church.

Rev. King was a man of G-d he respected all men of any cloth, and his mark as a preacher was to respect and dream of a better world. A world without violence, a world where you could live side by side.

Non violently.

This is very important to remember. And to me a sound and even voice that tries to recall that vibe and ethos is what is needed. Not more agression and destruction. We have enough other problems to deal with.

Please G-d, bless the great nation, and make it whole.

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Cold war

The latest attack on American soil is pretty devious. Let us take a historical look at it. In the 70´ties cold war attacks were mainly done by infiltration of media, culture and academia. In Denmark we had “no atomic power movement”, that was devised by KGB.

In the US there were numerous other attempts at undermining the American society.

Now, since we are getting into a kind of cold war with China, and partly Russia, what would the next step of cold war be, in a socialmedia driven world. Well, you probably get; social media.

How does social media work, it works by driving a narrative by some subculture or other, to inflame peoples minds and feelings, and generating general mayhem.

Does that ring a bell?

Black lives matter?

All lives matter, but the whole structure of the riots do look like a cold war media manipulation attempt.

I have no prove off this, but truly who benefits the most of these riots that just to come out of nowhere, exactly at a point where Hong Kong was in trouble. Well, Hong Kong suffers and China wins.

So we have a blatant cold war mover here, using the net and probably collaborators within the US.

At least this is how cold war moves usually were, probably still is.

What to do about that.

Well it is pretty simple, keep attention on Hong Kong, douse the rebellions, be kind but not weak, and get to the bottom of it on the internet.

Dont buy the bait of going into a fight with these guys.

And off cause, help the black voters and workers. They are as mush a casualty of the this kind of manipulation.

Start to see through the deception, and stop the onslaught.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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How to find peace

We have to understand the riots to understand what to do about them.

Listen, I understand the insecurity and desperation many feel due to the Coronavirus. Mr. Trump has not really delivered here, and so people get frustrated, and helpless.

But, look at the statistics, he has actually had a bit of a comeback, and is making progress. We need to give him that, after he started working on the Chlorochine scheme, things are actually moving a bit forward.

This gives a bit of hope, a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, all the hard handedness of the poor black guy who got killed by a white policeman, is off cause wrong, but this is not the reason to torch whole cities.

It is the frustration over the Coronavirus that takes a mean turn.

What is the best course of action? It is to fix the economy after all the hits it has taken, get people back to work, and see some progress again.

Here is my recommendation:

1. Put in motion huge packages of relief, but focus on jobs. Those patriotic, yes, American companies that hires right now, help them even more. All those who have lost their jobs, make some kind of temporary arrangement to keep them fed.
2. Look at the root of the problem: China. Who is benefiting right now? Is the the US, or is it China?

So, please reconsider the two complicated perspectives of this riot, and help each other instead of fighting each other. It doesn’t help a anybody.

Please reconsider this, and try to find some peace.

G-d bless the peace that CAN be found.

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The light from Bagsvaerd

There is a sound medical producer in Denmark called Novo Nordisk. It has produced medicine for diabetes patients for many, many years, and I happen to know some of them.

It is a company, that seems like one of those medical companies, that you can actually trust and respect.

When the craze of valuedriven, ethical leadership was over the world, Novo Nordisk went all in, so much, that they almost did it too much, and things started to went sideways economically.

They call it the light from Bagsvaerd, since Bagsvaerd is the place they live and produce their medicine.

In contrary to big pharma, Novo Nordisk is a fund, that has no other point to their existence, than to help people in Denmark and around the world.

When the founder died, he made a trust, where no one could get any profit. The company was and is contained in itself.

It was at the same time, as when mr. Niels Bohr, the danish physician went to the US, and gave inspiration to the Copenhagen school of working, that gave us Open source, and free working environment. An idea used today at Facebook and Google.

The point being, that it is about the light of creating. Not usury and money, but creating something that will actually help other people.

These are your roots, maybe it is time to try to find these roots again?

Being a doctor is about healing and helping people. Not make money on it.

G-d bless the will to be enlightened in medicine also.

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Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim [Paracelsus].

I am not an expert in medicine, I know something about the essential principles, but apart from that, my knowledge of this leading industrial arm of Western culture is limited.

We must however be honest about the current problems, that the crisis of the Covid has unearthed.

A large portion of our medicinal practice is corrupted by money and earning.

This is a true problem.

Apart from this, there is also a lack of humility in the industry towards other parts of the world, and their traditions.

Let us have a look at it.

When Paracelsus initiated chemichal medicine in the wake of the plagues, he did it roaming around Europe and its vicinity with his ubiquitous broadsword.

Let us be honest about the founder of moderne medicine. He was part scoundrel, drunk and genius.

Where was his genius, and how may we use this today.

His genius lay, in the fact, that he went away from the corruption of the day, that of high minded philosophers proscribing useless medicine at excobiant prices.

Does that ring a bell?

His idea was to look for what worked. He travelled around in the known world, and experimented with alchemical procedures on folk medicine.

That is the core of modern medicine; what works tranferred with chemical procedures in opposition to highminded greedy philosophers.

Heed that calling, again today, and we may just save modern medicine.

G-d bless the will of Paracelsus.

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Adam Smith and Keynes

Ok Boris, listen starting up the society by infusing loaned money into society by using Keynesian methods is a stupid idea.

This is the reason why.

First of all, Keynes was an economist and not a philosopher like Adam Smith. Adam Smith had a more eclectic view on his theories than Keynes, and actually did make ideas, that worked, like international trade.

Keynes is, in the hall of philosophers, not even mentioned. Why? Because his ideas are simple, does not really understand economy, and thus are poor to work with.

So, let us have a true view on economy.

What is economy? According to Aristotle, economy is political housekeeping. Making the budgets meet, and, as a good housewife, save a penny for the times of trouble. That is essentially what economics is.

So, how is it with the wealth of nations? According to Adam Smith, wealth of nations is something you make by trading freely. That is, the goods that Great Britain make can be traded with the goods other nations make.

The point being, that it is the GOODS that it is all about. That is the effect of MANUFACTURE.

See, this is where Keynes does see the ups and downs of economics.

Let me explain in a simpler and more true way.

So, economics means housekeeping of nations. Then how does that system of wealth creation work in this metaphore, you could say?

Well, in housekeeping you sometimes make something in the house, or rather pa does, right?

Pa can be a smith or a builder of furniture.

By making things, he earns a living for the household. So ma keeps the budget, pa makes things. See?

So in this understanding, in order to make money, do you lend ma money to buy things, or help pa in his smithy?

Keynes idea is to lend ma money, so that she buys new furniture and paves the path to the door.

My idea is to help pa DIRECTLY, so that he makes better things.


Keynes idea will work, it will make ma buy things from other households, but the problem is, as Adam Smith points out. Ma does not necessarily buy thing from WITHIN the nation, but often buy things over the internet, like …. from China.

So the money that was supposed to help the NATION on its feet, effectively only work with 50 percent of the money spent, and the rest goes to our competitors.

Thereby weakening the economy long term.

It’s an easy fix, but like any easy fixes. It will bring a little warmth here and now, but long term, as our competitors grow stronger because we gave them orders on borrowed money, it weakens us.

I don’t know the advice you get, but please fire them, and get someone a bit more competent. This is not worth you and my project.

Use philosophy, not economics.

G-d bless the will of Adam Smith.

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Having jobs

Ok, when we have tackled the Coronavirus challenge, we have to, at the same time, work on our businesses.

This how we did it in Denmark, we did not do it perfectly, but we did some things ok.

We put a security net under the businesses, so that the businesses did not have to fire any employees.

This means, that now when the crisis is over, our businesses are able to get up and running pretty fast.

This the focus of a opening of society. To get the businesses up and running as fast as possible.

Use the money allocated for the task by the state to make this happen.

There have been some rumble and discussion on the issue, since the rules were a little inflexible.

But the whole helping package was made in cooperation with the businesses that are threatened.

Talking and communicating can get you a long way.

So in order to make a package for the opening of society, try to help those poor families that are in need of support.

Give them a helping hand, by giving them the opportunity to get back their jobs.

Union will hopefully back this Joe, because having jobs are kind of what it is all about being a worker, right?

Instead of headbutting in this situation, try to reach out and cooperate with the owners of businesses.

It can be done.

G-d bless the will to make things work again, after the crisis.

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It seems to me, that people do not understand how to treat the Coronavirus.

Really it is not rocket science. What we are dealing with is a disease, that is transferred via hands, touching things that others have touched and so on.

So it is really quite simple to cut the chains of the disease spreading.

All you have to do, is to find the weak link and cut it there.

How do we do that?

Well here we really have to methods. One is testing the other is tracking.

How do we test? Well that is also quite simple, what you do, is to make the test as widely accessible as possible.

In Israel we have built special booths for that purpose. But if that is not possible, surveillance over the weakest citizens of the country is mandatory. Elderly homes should be tested over, really.

You have, also the ability to track people with gizmos and gadget, that is phoneapps that communicate. Getting these methods underway are pretty much a no brainer.

But last, not least. The entire discussion on Chlorochine treatment is a bogus. Yes it works, so use it.

With these simple precautions, the entire country should be up and running pretty fast.

Then the other discussion is the economy. Which is the next question we need to address.

That will be a posting for tomorrow.

But also here we have time tested methods, that can take the industry back from China.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant and forceful in these matters.

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Political development is 99% reuse of old ideas, and 1 % new ideas.

That is the way it is with all kind of political development.

Take the development of Democracy. It is a mix of law state that comes from Plato, that again comes from Hammurabi or Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian kings.

And a mix of the right of the citizens to be free. Again an idea that stems from ancient Athens, and the viking states here up north.

Free men on bikes, horses, boats or any kind of vehicle really have their ancestors, the vikings to thank for their urge for freedom.

Point being, that political principle is reuse over reuse over reuse.

Then, sometimes, a little extra i added to the mix. Like free trade, or my ideas of loyalty of the production apparatus and so on.

But compared to the idea of freedom and the justice of the law, these things are really small, small things.

We the people, is an ancient and tremendously deep beckoning, called by so many generations, that we have lost number.

We are just small, inferior holders of the light, compared to those who came before.

So to be a progressive, you need to stand on a firm foundation.

We do not go away from what the founders said or had of opinion, we, humbly, build on the edifices they raised with so much toil and through some very hard times.

That is a true progressive to my mind, not a destroyer, but a humble craftsman, building on the base of those who came before us.

This does not mean, we should not work with fervor and fire. We should keep that flame alive. But it does mean, that we should respect those who came before us.

There were some strong men and hopefully women who wrote those amendments, we need to hold them in regard and respect them.

Continue the work on that beautiful structure and valley of dreams.

Otherwise we will lose our perspective of what this is all about.

That would not serve us, we should be rebuilders, not the opposite.

That will propel us to a new world, where dreams are dreamt, and we remain most important of all; free.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of the challenges ahead, we will pull through, if we have faith in the dreams people before us dreamt.

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