The virtuous

December 4th, 2020 No comments

There is a new paradigm on the way, you can look at Great Britain, France or the great United States of America, with different leaders.

But all have to tackle of the deterioration of the nation and the challenges ahead.

So, how to we go about tackling that.

As we have discussed it is about unity. United we stand, divide we fall.

But unity has to be something. It can’t be a hollow unity, it has to be a unity of some people, or some ideas.

Here I believe, that each nation has its own set of rules and ideas to work with. France is the great republic, Great Britain is a United Kingdom, The United States of America is a dream come true.

Each nation has to define what it is, and what its guiding ideas are, and will eventually be able to put those ideas at the heart of each nation. Educate people, fight for the values of each nation, and say no to people who disgrace the virtue of the state. Honestly there are some, who do not understand or respect the virtues of the nations at hand.

Those people, be it islamists or other, are and should be targets of the nation states security apparatus.

We have to realize, that freedom, equality and solidarity are not free, sometimes we need to stand up for those values, and say YES WE CAN!

G-d bless the will to be a good person in a world of conflict, and chose the path of peace.

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November 12th, 2020 No comments

The coronacrisis seems to wear off, but there are still some pockets of resistance, and things to do to make thinks all right.

First of all, let us have a look at the reaction and the threat. There has to be some kind of level balance between the two.

If we react too harshly at an epidemic without cause, then people get angry, if we do not react enough when there is a crisis, people tend to get angry.

So, the right balance between too much and too little is really where we want to be.

Right now there seems to be a vaccine on the way, let us hope, that it is truly on its way, so that we can get on with our lives.

Because that is really what this all about, getting on with all the projects and ideas we have. So that we can make a better world.

G-d bless the will to make a better world.

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Climate change

November 10th, 2020 No comments

Well, now it seems like, that we are back at the track again in the US.

First of all, let me be clear, I did not support any of the candidates. I held on to the belief, that it was the best man that should win. So essentially, this is not my victory, but mr. Bidens victory. I held on to the belief, that he would come through, but I didn’t support any of the candidates. It would have been unfair.

So, now that we are here. We have to get to work.

Because where lies the basic political paradigm, that seems to be at hand. Well, it is climate change.

As we in the Obama times worked on the economy, a thing that seems to be working as of now. We can work on other things to make a better world.

When we talk about climate change, we have to realise, that this challenge is pretty steep. I am working quite extensively with it here in Denmark, and boy can it go wrong. Right now Northern Jutland is closed because of a fake vendetta against mink farming. Seriously, the left is bleeding votes faster than you can count.

This calls to the fact, that working with nature in order to make it a better nature, is a very delicate thing, why?

Because the leftwing that is mainly citydwellers have to work with the countryside, where nature really is, and that is republican mainland. See the difficulty in terms of political progress?

However, as I have worked quite extensively with farmers, pig farmers, minkfarmers, fishermen and woodsmen, it seems to me, that the country boys are much wiser than what you would think if you didn’t know them. In fact they can be really, really cool.

One of the greatest experiences I have had, was visiting a woodsman, whom had been working with his forest for 50 years. The forest is just extremely diverse and interesting, it is a paradise. I know him through a friend of mine who likes spiritual things, and goes to the forest to do all kinds of hippidances and so on.

So this guy, who has been working with forests for 50 years, and is a country boy if you ever knew one, has showed us a way to go. It is complicated, by it can work.

Biodiversity is possible to work with, but it takes time.

So, having the respect for the people who live in the countryside, is pretty much a given if we should have any success in this area.

There are however lower hanging fruits, like sea pollution that is huge problem these days, we need to do something about that.

And essentially realise, that the basic premise of climate change is, that we are growing out of the planet. So we need to figure out better and more understanding ways of working with nature.

If we do not do that, our ressources will run out soon enough, and that will create hunger, and war.

So it is pretty serious.

The good news is, that if we get to work, and invite the best experts, and no, more often than not, the experts are the people, the worksmen, working with nature, and hear them out. We need ideas on the table, and an opportunity to do some real change, our future depends on it, so lets get on with it.

G-d bless the will to do good, and make better ways with nature.

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The independence of the UK

November 8th, 2020 No comments

I believe, that the UK should start moving out of the EU. Get the job finished, and find some new cooperation with the US.

There are new winds blowing over the US, and the UK might just get on that train.

There are a number of agendas that is interesting, one of the being the independence of the UK.

As the drums of war is sounding in Europe, being independent is not such a bad thing.

So focus on Freedom to find a way.

The path to independence is not such a bad path.

G-d bless the will to be free.

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Congratulations mr. Biden

November 8th, 2020 No comments

It is at one hand great relief and at the other hand great sadness, that mr. Biden has won the election.

At one hand, there is no secret in the fact, that mr. Biden has been a friend and a champion of my cause since he worked as a vp with mr. Obama. At the other hand, the difficulty of mr. Trumps election, and the closeness of the election is a problem. I really hope, that it will come to some kind of positive conclusion. Voter fraud is a very, very serious thing.

I mean, democracy is about giving power to the people, not taking power from the people.

At the end of the day, I am very happy to see mr. Biden back in the White House, and truly hope, that it will be a beginning of reconciliation, and the end of all the fractional fights that is within the American people. We are all united, as is the basic idea.

United we stand, divided we fall.

So, congratulations mr. Biden, it took a while to get here, but now we are here, we can finally do some good.

G-d bless the will to be an honest and positive force in the world.

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Denmark supports France!

October 28th, 2020 No comments

It is with great trepedation, that I see, that the muslim world is rallying against mr. Macron and France.

Let me be clear about this; Denmark is 100% behind mr. Macron.

To fight for freedom, and freedom of speech is not only a must, but also a great honour.

In this matter against islamism, definitely Denmark stands behind France.

Avant les bleus!!!

G-d bless the republic of France!

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The mother of all democracies is under threat

October 22nd, 2020 No comments

In these days with great insecurity in France, this is the time to remember, what France really is. The traditions, the virtues and France is the product of.

This is to say, that France is the heir to the democratic/humanistic traditions of the enlightenment era.

These are the true values that are under threat these days, by people beheading teachers in the middle of the day.

We must admit, that the terrorism, and the islamism of moderne France is the enemy of the Platonic republic, and act accordingly.

G-d bless the mother of all democracies; the nation of France.

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I hereby support Samuel Paty

October 20th, 2020 No comments

It is with grave worry, that I hear about the islamist attack on a teacher in France. Seriously, a teacher?

A person dedicated to bring light to the minds of students, a person well known for culture and knowledge.

So a person kills such a person. That is, next after killing a priest or any other holy man, a grave thing to do.

So what did the poor man do?

He showed the image of Mohammad.

Ok, I get it, it is sacrilege, I do not like people doing bad things to Moses or in any way show a lack of respect to Moses. To me Moses is a very wise and indeed almost perfect person.

But would I invite the idea to kill someone because they would show a lack of respect towards Moses?

No way, it is their idea, and I truly believe, that such an act as to take the life of a teacher is a very bad thing indeed.

It shows the dark side of Islam. I faith that has many qualities, but also, in some areas, have some dark spots.

We must admit that.

This does not mean, that all muslims are evil. Not at all, but it has a bad rep. towards our democratic institutions, and the will to speak freely.

G-d bless Voltaire, the founder of free speech in modern times, and his teacher Socrates.

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October 7th, 2020 No comments

When you are sick, you usually deteoriate. Your physical functions are simply not working that well.

I remember when I got sick, seriously, the first time. It was just after the dot coooom boom. I was working as a project leader in various IT companies, and consequently fell when the industry fell. That was a pretty hard stop.

What happened was, that I got fired a couple of times, as the IT world collapsed. At the end of those strings of firing, I got really, really sick.

I had hit my head on a wall, and suffered a severed head trauma, a brain damage that just didn’t want to go away.

It stayed like that for a couple of years, still is with me to this day.

For a year I was home on my couch, looking up in the ceiling. I couldn’t really do anything but look up in ceiling, because my brain was so damaged, that it couldn’t work with any input. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t watch television. The only thing I could do, was to listen to classical radio. I found a German classical radio, that I really loved. I can still hear the jingles; “wir Lieben classical, wir Lieben, wir Lieben….”.

After a year I slowly recovered, and now twenty years after, there is no more, or very little left of the disease.

While I was so sick, I ran into other people that had the same disease. You somehow end up in a community that has the same problems as you have.

Most of them today have miserable lives, still sick, more or less. Some more, some less. That is the way this disease work.

So, what did I do to get over my disease?

I went down on my knees, and I started praying. I prayed hard and long, putting all of my devastated heart into that prayer. I knew, that this was it, either I started getting better, or I was done for.

You know, it kind of worked. After the prayer that I really put all of my soul and everything of me in, I got new ideas on how to work on the disease, and these new ideas really worked.

Basically my brain needed calm and quiet. I gave it that, by meditating.

I meditated for hours and days, just to give my brain a break from the constant barrage of stress and thought.

After some years, I became a new and wiser man.

I still miss the carelessness of my youth, not having to care about anything. But I also do recognise, that my brush with death, and my ability to claw myself out of the hole, is a natural part of growing up and becoming mature.

That is life, you look death in the eyes, and you find your faith in that moment.

So this is it, at least, to my experience. If you are sick, start praying, and go down your knees. Maybe, just maybe, you end up a better man or woman, and start caring for what this is all about; being that honest, sympathetic and true person, that tries his best to make a difference.

You may also really become stronger, and wiser.

It is all about one thing; faith.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of this awful disease that has struck us all, and G-d bless all those who are living through the hell of being sick. I know how it feels, but it will get better.

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Building british

October 3rd, 2020 No comments

Now, this Corona hysteria has to be winded down. Ok, don’t get me wrong, it is horrible, and I really do feel with mr. Trump and his wife Melanie, I really, really hope that they will get well fast.

But after that, we need to do other things than just focus on Corona. We still have countries to run, economies to make greater and many other things.

Corona has to be handled at the same time as we are handling other business as well. The world goes on.

This leads me to the UK. Before Corona, we were working on the redemption of the empire, and the rebuilding of the economy. Add to this the process of redefining the british spirit.

We have to get on with this.

This is how we do it.

We simply make a deal with the EU that is fair, and gives both parties a good deal. No negative outcome for anyone. Everybody are interested in getting on with our lives, so we should do that.

At the same time, lets take a clue from our American allies, and start building british again.

Put those proud words of Made in England on our wares, and start exporting again.

These two issues are pretty straightforward, and should be possible to do while we care about Corona.

Corona has somehow become the new normal, we have to work around that, and get back to business.

I know it is a lot to ask, but be as it may, the world still carries on.

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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If you want peace, you need to be ready for a fight

October 3rd, 2020 No comments

Concerning EU politics towards the close vicinity of EU, that is the Middle East. To me, we have to get on from a 68 flower power understanding of the issues.

In the 68 Palestine was the victim of Jewish brutality. But today political winds have changed, and we have to change our understanding accordingly.

The greatest threat to Europe in general is Turkey. While as Egypt has been a stalwart ally in the region, and we have good ties to Iran, Turkey still seem to ride the Islamist bandwaggon.

We have to be realistic with this, and see Turkey for what it is; it is an enemy. It has threatened Greece, and uses its leverage in Europe to get more guns.

What will happen if a nation gets more guns?

It will use the guns to get power.

So to me, we have to be realistic with the political forces that drives the development of our neighbours.

If not, we will just create more havoc and problems.

To have peace, you need to be ready for a fight.

Because realistic force behind a political process is what drives the process.

Arms are not necessarily meant to be used, but if you do not have any arms, you are sure to be having a fight, because you are seen as weak.

Strength is a detterent not a thing that should be used unless really needed.

We need to have more physical strength, to find peace. As the Romans used to say; Si vis pacem, para bellum.

If you want peace, you need to be ready for a fight.

Maybe it is time to learn that lesson again, that Scipio Africanus tought the Romans at the Phoenician wars.

We need to build our strength in order to make peace with our enemies.

G-d bless the roman way of doing things.

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September 27th, 2020 No comments

I believe, that truth to be told, we have come a long way with the US. When Barack and I kind of started having influence on the US. We were almost bankrupt, jobs were going to overseas, and the dollar was really in danger of collapsing.

If the economy collapses, the entire system collapses.

Be as it may, we have seen a lot of development under mr. Trump. Especially in the fire power of the US, and also in sweeping up some of the darker sites of the American system.

These developments will most probably save the US in the long run.

I know, that people hate Trump, and see the Black Lives Matter as some kind of revelation.

But to me, these things are essentially superficial things.

What matters, really, is what the deeper structures of society develops into.

We see, that the STRUCTURES of the US are going in the right direction these days.

Economy is getting better, the system is healing in a way.

Ten to twenty years from now, I hope we will look back at these times, and see that the Change that Barack and I did was a true turning point.

Because when we look at the essence of the American project, that is making a Democracy. I truly believe, that we have saved it.

The problem of a democracy is, when it gets morally corrupted. We are getting LESS morally corrupted, not more these days.

I know, that the police is slowly getting pressured, but I also believe, that at the end of the day, NOT having police does not make sense to anyone.

So, the true outcome of all the discussion and so on with regards to BLM, will not be, that anything devastating changed, it just made people have a lot more focus on these issues.

Point being, that what we need to do now, is just more of the same.

Make more jobs, by taking them back from China, support a democracy for the little man, not the powerful. Make a business environment, that truly makes it possible to attract all those brilliant minds to invent and create new products.

All in all, we are actually saved.

And that is a big win in my book.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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We need the healing to start

September 14th, 2020 No comments

Joe and Kamala, this time you need to stop fretting, get your clothes, put on your best hat, and start getting out there on the campaign trail. I know, that it can seem a little daring in these times with Corona and everything. But the fact of the matter is, you are not going to win, unless people know what you are standing for, and that you are actually there to tell them.

I think, that talking to the American worker should not be a problem. I mean, who is REALLY hit by the corona crisis? It is the worker who is laid off, and is in danger of loosing his livelihood permanently.

We need to think about a plan to save him. A good plan is to make sure, that all the manufacture, that is now leaving China, and is going to some other low-cost labour countries gets back to Detroit.

We need the motor city up and running again, and it is not going to happen, unless there are cars built in that wonderful old city.

When the engine is running, then the car can get in gear and start driving.

That is pretty obvious.

So getting manufacture to stop the senseless depleting of American manufacture should point to a possible future for not only those laid off of jobs, but also a path out of the corona nightmare we are in.

Show the public that you are ready to take on this challenge and stop the bleeding of American jobs to the pacific region.

Then Kamala. You are a g-d given gift to the health of American way of live. A person of color, that has done a good job of making your own way.

It is your job, to try and reach out to the parts of the US that feels disenfranchised and left behind, because they are not into the mainstream protestant view of things.

It is your job, to make everyone see, that it is possible to live side by side in a humanistic society. A healer not a divider.

That is truly an incredibly difficult task. You need to reach out to so many little corners of the US.

Here, there, everywhere. But people need to experience the healing process started.

Need to see, that there are people in power, who listens to their plight and difficult living conditions.

By this, we can, slowly, get the ship sailing on a straight keel again.

Because right now, we are taking in water, and people are desperate.

We need to sail straight, and have a clear direction towards what people are truly fighting for; that dream, that everybody are equal based on equal rights in a place called the United States of America.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it prevail.

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September 7th, 2020 No comments

There is a campaign and an election coming up. I hereby support and give my thanks to Kamala Harris. I believe she will be an exceptional VP for the US.

But we should be honest about the challenges we have with the grassroots of the Democratic political life.

It is going down a very destructive path.

Do we really want to defund the police and make anarchistic og black american areas with a system that is not founded in the republic of the USA?


I believe, that the constitution is a platfom we should all stand on, and make common ground.

So to me, the upcoming election is about unity and the ability to reach across the aisle to connect with the people we may not be in agreement with 100%, but are fellow Americans.

The succes of the US, is based on the fact that protestantism and Martin Luther paved a way for us, that we could travel on to reach a good and sound life.

A life of happiness and security, yes a life of hard work and putting a dime away each month to save for a rainy day.

But nonetheless a simple and good life.

We should not forget that in these days. If we want to progress and make a better world, we need to understand each other and reconcile not go into conflict.

We live as servants to spirit. If we forget that, we risk creating a world that is full of trouble and destruction.

Maybe it is time to unite not fight all the time.

Maybe it is time to remember that the US is a bastion of humanism and enlightenment, not a place of destruction and adversity. But a place of unity

G-d bless the United States of America.

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August 29th, 2020 No comments

In Israel we have had a good succes with connecting to the Arabs. Off cause Arabs and Jews are very close in terms of lineage, and we look very much like each other. So the jump between Jews and Arabs is not difficult to take.

But the next possible ally that has emerged is the Lebanese. As I have written in the last posting, Lebanese are not Arabs, they are essentially Phoenicians.

They know it themselves, but due to a history of secrecy, they do not share this identity with anyone. Not that anyone would really know what to do about the information these days, but old habits die hard.

To understand the way of the Lebanese, one needs to understand what they are coming from spiritually. Spiritually the Lebanese are the ones who brought all the softness in the world, or rather was the people that always traded and never went to war.

Their deity Aphrodite, is, according to my sources, the closest you get to grasp the basic identity of the Lebanese.

That is born from the foam of the waves, beautiful, merciful and close to nature.

All beauty and benevolence.

This is the neighbour we have, if we chose to try and really understand the Lebanese.

Not very long ago, this was expressed in the Paris of the Middle East, with long alleys of green trees and a lot of peace.

If we, from an israeli point of view, try to support the basic feeling and culture of the Lebanese, by being good and supportive neighbours, then we can help the Lebanese find themselves again, and thus win a good neighbour.

Who knows, perhaps we can even be friends with the Lebanese in these difficult hours of the Lebanese, and their terrible struggle with crime, chaos and bombs going off.

That is painful for the valiant and great Phoenicians living next door to Israel.

We as good neighbours and friends from the last time we were in the vicinity can perhaps be a good friend and a spiritual ally.

We share the urge for peace with the Lebanese, perhaps that is a good embarking point with a shared friendship across borders.

G-d bless the will to fiend peace with the amazing and ancient people living next door to Israel. May we find peace.

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