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There is a whole lot of bad vibes in the business of migration. Honestly, it is a minefield and a political question that really drives people apart.

As in the DACA discussion, as in Germany where the entire election has been on that single point, and in Denmark, UK, Norway and so on.

It is the single most dividing issue in the whole West. We need to understand this and try and mend the idiocy of those who were before us. But we need to look at it from a humanistic perspective. This is not about race or superiority of the white man, or some other lame ideology. It is about challenging those conflicts, that has arisen in the demoralization of the West in the cold war.

What we need then, is to remoralize. That was actually the whole point of the Trump campaign, Make America great again, really means, we want to be proud of our own values and even our contribution to civilization itself.

Not a wrong idea.

But we need to understand what this civilization is in order to defend it.

It is, as simply put as possible; Democracy.

Democracy is a system with bells and whistles, ideas. Based on deep thinking and a lot of experience.

It dates, on its Middle East branch all the way back to Babylon, Eden and some of the other famous cities of the fertile crescent. On its Viking branch, it stems from the free marauders of Scandinavia and England.

The virtues are justice and freedom. Freedom to think as we will, and freedom to roam where we want.

Justice by the public law.

So making America Great again and defending our values is, essentially that; making the world democratic again.

When we then see this in the perspective of migration. We can see, that there are many peoples who are willing and interested in following these ideas and creeds, but some are not.

Those who are not, fall in two groups.

1. Criminals
2. Islamists

Criminals are often awfully destructive, and they threaten to ruin many western countries, hence all the fuss from the voters.

We need to stop being soft, and be strong about the defense of common law. Stop the willy nilliying around the issues and throw these monsters to where they belong. They need to be put to justice.

Secondly, the Muslims who are destroying not only Islam itself but also the countries they live in, must feel the same wrath.

The amount of Muslims with an Islamist bend are horrifyingly many. We need to realize this and act on it.

Democracy is at stake, and not least the wellbeing of the public. This terrible terror attack in London underlines the problem.

It is enough! We need, with an iron will, to stop it and use the means necessary.

Throw these bastards back to where they came from, no pardon asked. This goes as well for all the violent gang rapers.

We will NOT accept it.

What we need to see from the political establishment, is action. Thorough action.

Then the true patriots that are among the rest of the migrants, should be welcomed and have a chance to make a good life.

G-d bless the will to act on the horrors of the migrants, and then also share with those who wish to be like us.

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Apple has just revealed the best batch of products since Mr. Steve Jobs passed away. Fitting for a celebration of the new Apple park in California.

Let me be honest with all the Apple aficionados out there. I bought all the Apple products I could afford when Mr. Jobs passed away. In fact, I am writing right now on an Apple Airbook, that I have used ever since.

That was my way of saying goodbye to a lifelong companion in computer science. I graduated with a masters in human/machine interaction two decades ago.

I also did it because, I were really worried. Worried, that the genius of Mr. Jobs would be the only true drive of Apple.

That was repelled yesterday with the new Iphone X. That is an amazing product, hands down. The innovation, the beauty, the care for the user is just very, very good. Well done workers of Apple, you did that very well.

It spells many years of future in the beautiful new buildings.

I feel, maybe right, maybe not, that I have a special relationship to Apple. At the end of Mr. Jobs work, he seemed to develop a certain fondness to philosophy, and I believe that I inspired him a bit.

At the same time, be it strange or not, Apple seemed to be there as an inspiration and support in some of the hard times I had.

I remember five years ago. I had a job in a school working with the kids of second and third grade. It was a desperate job. It payed very little, and the working environment was killing me.

I managed to set up a little network of computers, so some of the socially challenged boys would have a place to stay, and just be normal boys.

A great success in fact.

But it was still hard work, and as computer work is a place of a lot money, caring for children certainly is not.

So I was desperate, and then this scammail came, you know some Nigerians (with all respect for Nigeria) send me a mail, I could win this and this, if I just send them a little money.

But then I could also get a new Apple computer, thrown in.

Apple represented, at that time, some kind of fata morgana, a distant mirage, too expensive for me, but a symbol of someone who had the same values as I, same humanistic drive, to make better world, to help the kids, to create, to support, and do it through an equillibristic musical performance.

So I almost jumped on the scam, just to relink to Apple.

But I was wise enough not to it, but it just made it clear to me, that Apple represents something that I can strive for, in my deepest hour of need.

And, lo and behold, here five years after, I am ok again. Using those values of Apple, that we share to recreate a better and sounder world. A world where we actually help each other, and give instead of taking.

Stupid story, I know, but it is etched into my own retina screen, inside.

So for all the hours I have stomped on my Apple keyboard, here is a token of ideas, you may use at Apple.

Listen, you are thinking too much in products, and too little in how the user uses these products. Let me give you an example. When the first Apple computer was made, I remember it as yesterday. I studied at university, and we got a whole bunch of them at school.

What was truly revolutionary, was the mouse.

When the Iphone was made, what was truly revolutionary, apart from App Store, was that you could use your finger instead of a mouse. THAT was the great leap in innovation.

My point is, that while as Apple has created some of the most beautiful products in the world, what Apple has really done is to recreate the interaction we do with machines.

I think Steve thought a lot about our fingers, how to emulate them. That is the interaction between man and machine.

The next step is then logically not to use your finger anymore, but your voice.

I think Steve thought a lot about that when he made Siri. How do you make a system that will allow you to control with just your voice.

So the next logical step in machine/human interaction is to realise all the potential Siri has.

Think about it. Instead of using a keyboard, we can just talk to the computer, goodbye keyboard. Or all the other menial task we do all the time, sliding, swiping pushing. Integrate Siri much deeper in the system, and you have a whole new way of interacting with your device.

This will also allow new devices, that has no keyboard, and help the devices that is already there, especially I Watch.

Siri IS the new leap in innovation.

It just needs to be easy to use by the developers, and made universally usable by all third-party developers.

THAT would elevate the entire business, and be in the true spirit of Mr. Steve Jobs.

May he rest in peace, and be proud of you guys, because you deserve it.

Well done, we look forward to the next batch of inspiration, and don’t forget the kids, especially the disabled and socially disenfranchised. They could all use a good computer.

G-d bless your, and may have all the luck in the world. Peace.

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Change based on our parents

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I truly believe, that we have to move on from the 68 cultural communist perspective.

First of all because we need to Change, we cannot hang on to ideas, just because they are there. Things move, the world moves, so we need to move.

What I have tried to do, was to look at the theoretical groundwork, and find a new direction.

Our parents supported cultural Marxism, feminism and free sex. They wanted to make a world without borders and sing Imagine and kumbaya.

Ok, I get it, for my parents, who were exactly like that, that was great. I loved my parents dearly, and I still respect them. But it is time to move on to something new.

That is the core of my ideas.

As Marx tore down religion, I have tried to make it live again. As my parents were into free sex and culture without borders, I have made it a principle to raise a sound family, keep my faith in my beautiful wife and support my country.

This does not mean, that I do not recognise the values of my parents that were good. I fight for minorities, I fight against a racist world.

But I am patriotic, and I believe in Democracy.

In that sense, I truly believe, that my ideas are the next step after the cultural marxists. A new creed based on the old, with new ideas and new priorities.

It’s a new mix democratic humanism combined with socialism and based on a true faith.

I have wrecked the world already, and people still seem to not be able to wrap their heads around it. Insisting on the old ideas of cultural Marxism opposed to nazism.

Well, this is new, and has already changed the world, not least with the late presidency of Mr. Barack Obama.

Hopefully it will bring a new unity, and a new world, with borders, but with a serious humanistic base.

In a sense its the natural development of the ideas of my parents.

That is truly Change, and that will give us hope.

G-d bless the will to Change.

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Have faith

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I have been thinking and thinking, and thinking about the current crisis in the Liberal part of the US.

I have, due to some serious problems in the country, talked a lot about solidarity and unity.

In this situation, where the country is searing in the seams, we cannot afford a fanning the division. We need to trying to work with the Republican administration, otherwise things might just truly fall apart.

The problem with this attitude is the fact, that it gives all the attention to mr. Trump, and almost no attention to our own predicament.

But here is an advice I think is good.

For a long time I searched for the solution outside my own philosophical ideas. Maybe because we lost, so I got demoralised.

But then I just realised that was the wrong way to go. We should not look for the answers in the historical development or in other wise men. But in ourselves.

WE have the answers. We succeeded in turning around the US. So we did something right.

Instead of being so demoralised, lets look at the beautiful nation we have with all its rich history of Democracy, humanism, a positive Christian and Jewish faith. Perhaps even inspiring Islam to find a positive way.

That is our legacy and true strength.

Why try to find new answers, why not just build on what we have?

Hope and Change, faith and freedom. These ideas are eternal, let us strengthen them, find nourishment in them. Have faith. Then everything will fall into their right places.

G-d bless the will to find a positive path in the face of demoralization.

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The will to be free

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I have been following the development between the EU administration and the Eastern European countries, formerly known as the Soviet bloq.

First of all, the freedom to act is given by G-d, taking the freedom to act away, is to strip a person of his right to follow his own heart.

There can be situations, where one must restrain a person, if that person hurts another person. That is written in the human rights.

But in this situation, where the Eurocrats are forcing the European nations to do something they do apparently not wish to do. The one who is wrong is the one forcing.

What is truly the problem?

The problem is, that the European Union is so riddled with corruption, ineffectiveness and lack of true moral guidance, that it is tearing itself apart.

Destroying nations it was supposed to uphold and strengthen.

In this situation, where the Eastern European nations are not willing to comply, leave them. They have suffered enough already, do not let them suffer anymore.

On the contrary, get this absurd migration situation under control, and stop it.

It is possible, and would benefit all, not least all the countries in Africa that loses all it finest young men.

I hereby give my unsolicited and full support to mr. Viktor Orban president of Hungary, for his brave fight for his people. Do not stand down, you are right to defend the liberties of your nation, and no-one should hinder you in this mission.

G-d bless the will to do good in this difficult situation.

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The will to persevere

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In the upcoming conflict with some of the worst elements of the migration, the English public and service seem to be paralysed. It could be political correctness, that is, cultural communist control, some of it is perhaps. But there is a deeper problem, that really seeps into the system, stopping the actions of all who wish to tackle this civilisation conflict.

If we presume, that spirit is WILL, then it is, honestly quite obvious what is really wrong. Having lost the faith in G-d, the English people have become numb and without any true will.

It is truly the loss of G-d, that is the problem, beneath all the apparent stalling of action.

Let me explain. G-d in ourselves is, when everything else is stripped away, willpower. But it is a willpower directed at something. Ideally at what is good in this world, and against what is bad.

There are good things in the world, and bad things.

The eternal fight in this world, is the fight between good and bad. If you lose faith, you loose your will to fight this fight.

When the system is breaking down in Luton, and other small cities that is caving in due to some pretty evil practises by some uncivilised migrants, targeting young and defenseless girls in the vilest possible way. Not acting on this will not be an act of goodness, but is an act of evil, due to ones passivity.

Being a true servant of spirit, is to see into this monster of problems and actually find a humane way out of it.

I am not talking about racewars, I am talking about the recognition of the problems with migrant communities.

This should be clear to both sides of the political divide, though some in the liberal camp refuses to acknowledge it, due to cultural communist deference.

Anyway, finding a true and good solution to this, includes recognising all the problems that there is, and truly act on it. Also problems in Tower Hamlet and other parts of the English heartland.

This vile and inhuman way of life must be fought with all possible means. Not doing it, will be accepting evil.

THIS is what faith is about. Not just accepting defeat and go into oblivion due to lack of faith.

Looking at things as it is, but always trying to find a path to light and harmony.

The way out of chaos is often riddled with fights, but is the way it is with this material world. It is waiting for us to step up, be strong and face evil wherever it is.

By this attitude, redemption is possible.

G-d bless the fine and beautiful meadows of England, and may it flower once again.

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In this world of fast food and shallow relationships, we often tend to live our lives in the fast lane, not looking back.

In the olden times, this was not the way you were supposed to live. Things were slower, more stable. Things did not Change that much.

I understand this, and even though I have always called for Change, I also understand, that there is importance in keeping the virtues of values of the olden time.

There are some things, that are not supposed to Change.

I will give you a story about conservatism, and what that truly means, from the best possible source.

Here it comes.

Ten years ago, when I started my philosophical career. I started it with a small book of interviews, the book you can see at the right column on this page. It was a number of interviews with prominent Danes of the time. We tried to have a dialogue over Platonic dialogues. The three virtues; courage, wisdom and justice.

One of the interviews were with the Crown marshal. The leader of the queens administration. We were to discuss justice, he was a lawyer by education.

For me, as a liberal, that was a challenge, but also an important lesson, I believe.

So I took my bike, rode into the part of the town that is the queens, and pressed the button at the door of the queens administration.

I decided not to put on a suit, because, that was not me at the time, so I went there with my normal clothes, being true to myself.

I went in, and, lo and behold, I really connected with the Crown marshal. I did not know it at the time, but a great part of me is Conservative.

We had an enlightened conversation. The Crown marshal being both a wise and idealistic man. Talking Plato really brought up the best in both of us.

We talked justice in relation to the law, and then he started giving out his lessons.

He said, that inside of us, there is a guiding principle, it is called the conscience.

Not following that guide, will lead us into misery.

I agree, we have to listen to our conscience.

Then after a long talk, he kind of took me to the side, after I had stopped the tape recorder. And he said to me, Asger there is something we are beginning to lose. We are loosing our loyalty.

That kind of blew me back in a sense. It did not get into the book, but I saved it in myself, and since then, it has become some kind of a guiding principle for me.

My experience is, that you may take a beating for being loyal to your family, your city, your country. But at the end of the day, that is what truly creates the depth of your own live. That is the antidote to all the superficiality of our world.

Oldfashioned, yes, but a good principle to go by, and a means to happiness.


Especially when it comes to my family, this is truly the principle, that drives the whole little band.

We have had our problems. Internally as well as externally. Being in a political life really sucks sometimes, but me and my beautiful wife, have kept the loyalty to each other. Through thick and thin, through good times and bad times.

But the most important thing to consider with loyalty, is your relationship to your kids.

They are loyal, pr. default. To them, your are a great knight in shining armour, and they will go to their deaths trying to protect you. We should always remember that.

As a token of respect to their loyalty, you should treat them the same way. Always stand up for them, always try your very best to create the best possible life for them. Sacrificing your own life to their benefit.

That is what is important, and that is what life is all about.

That will, with the words of the Crown marshal, give you a profound and meaningful live, despite all the trouble the maker will throw at you. Because he gave you something to care for; your kids, your wife, your city, your country, in that order of importance.

G-d bless the willingness to look beyond ones own needs, and be strong in our loyalty, to that which is truly important.

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IS in Europe

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The world, and especially the West is in extreme turmoil due to mass-migration. It happens in the US, it happens in Western Europe. And, honestly, we are not doing a good job in this area.

Here are the conflicts that seem to paralyze us.

First of all, there is the human side. Many of these people are poor, desperate, refugees and so on.

But, at the other side, we have some of the worst scum of the earth hiding among these bastards, ISIS warriors, Al Queda operatives, Taliban and so on.

Unfortunately, a great part of Sunni Islam seems to be coagulating around a Muslim Brotherhood creed that teaches the superiority of Islam to the West. Creating a conflict of immense proportion.

We have, in the past, tried to support Mr. Al-Sisi and we are and should be, supporting him 100% in his crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood. I know there are supposed to be some cooperation between North Korea and Egypt, but this is small compared to the obvious war we have in common. Not to mention, that we truly need to support the beautiful country of Egypt. If it gets into the hands of The Muslim Brotherhood, they will tear down the pyramids!

This is beyond our own time, and our own priorities, this is a protection of the wealth of human history. Egypt is the birth cradle of human civilization.

So, in reality, we have a conflict inside the Muslim community that we have to navigate around. Not doing that will give us simplistic and unfair solutions.

My basic point is. What we need to do. Is to crack down, with all our might, on Islamists in Europe, while accepting democratically and peaceful Muslims.

Peaceful Muslims being the victims of the jihadis.

If we go on lingering around sites as Tower Hamlets, not doing anything, we inadvertently help the Muslim Brotherhood and abandon the Muslims who are trying to find a way out of all the mess.

And we need to be tough, repatriation, jailing, persecution of IS operatives. We should use all tools in the box, not shy away, but hunt them down.

We need to do this, in order to keep the peace, and even though I hate the consequences of such a crackdown, not doing it will lead to much more mayhem.

G-d bless the will to act on the evil that is floating from these monsters.

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What we are

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It seems to me, that the current conflict between the right and the left, is going haywire. First all the battle in Charlottesville, then deterioration of the presidentship and the division between left and right.

Most conflicts are basically misunderstandings. Let me try and shed some light on the misunderstanding of the alt-right, or whatever it is called.

When I started my career as a philosopher. I tried to lift the West out of the misery it then sat in. We were trapped between the left crying racist onto all who opposed them, and the right crying because they had no power in the intellectual realm.

I wanted to change that dynamic, and arm the right with some basic ideas that could lift our world away from the destruction it then was in.

As a non-white, or whatever you call it, I was sent from the sky to the political right. No-one could blame me for being racist.

At the other hand, the things that I formulated were conservative, but not racist. In fact, what I humbly did, was to formulate a conservative, democratic perspective, that was not racist.

This formula spread like wildfire, and culminated with Breibart and Trump in the US. In France it is le Pen, in UK it was EDL, in Germany the Adl and so on.

To be honest, I had much more power than was due to my political imagination. Yes, I am good, but there are many out there who are much better. It was because I worked as a kind of Martin Luther King type, making a case for my country, trying to find a middle way, where there were both room for whites and blacks and whoever wanted to be a part of the nation.

Then Barack came along, and due to some problems I had with the Danish system, that did not like the way I saw this, I changed side.

I then helped the Liberals with some political theories and solutions. As this happened, the first part of my career blossomed and progressed.

In a strange, weird coincidence, I was beaten in the last election by my former self.

What is the point?

That perhaps the hated alt right is not so bad, and perhaps Barack Obama is not an evil imposter.

99,9 percent of all Americans are not racist, and the philosophy I gave the alt right, is definitely not racist, in fact, it is anything but.

I think it is inventive, has a new angle on Democracy, and strengthens the right things; Democracy, rule of law, the church, family. All the things Americans take for granted and see as their home and dream.

At the other side of the aisle. It is the same, but just a little bit detailed. There is an economic philosophy, there is the fight against ISIS and China. There is the anti corruption striving and so on.

So maybe, it is time to shed all these animosities, and truly look at each other without all the prejudice.

See for ourselves, that we are all American, and we still wish to care and strengthen that great and amazing country that all still see as the ultimate ideal. Free and just, brave and humane.

G-d bless the will to see each other as we are.

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September 2nd, 2017 4 comments

I have been talking a lot about the American revolution. But you guys need to know what I am talking about exactly to understand what I believe Change really is.

We are talking about Democracy, right? The banner of a system that is the creed of the mightiest power earth, the very glue that binds the people together. The claim of a system that gives the US international leadership. No, what gives the US international leadership.

What is it really? And why does it make sense to strive for it, to even revolutionize for it?

Well, as Montesquieu claim, the very birthplace of the Democratic revolution is in fact not in Athens, but was brought to France through the settlers that came from Scandinavia. The Merovingians, the Goths and so on.

The yearning for freedom is not a system per se, it is the way we here in Scandinavia used to organise things.

So how did that protodemocracy actually work?

We have some written sources about it here in Denmark, because the shift from what used to be called “The Freestate” and consecutively the churchstate, is documented by the scribes of the new rising church power.

In Denmark it was founded by the king Valdemar and his bishop Absalon.

When you read about the atrocities and the torture the kings men gave to the free farmers, it is like seeing and ancient world dying in its sad, sad demise.

All the ancient elders were slaughtered, the brave young men of the Thing were killed in their beds. It led to upheaval and battles at places called Dybsiebro and Lommeå.

THIS is the ideal the French philosophers tried to recreate in France and after that in the US. The freedom of the free man in convention to chose his own leaders.

So in a sense, it is wrong to call it a revolution, it would be more precise to call a renaissance, a rebirth.

So how did it actually work.

It worked by a convention of free men, meeting a the Thing, discussing the affairs of the world. The convention, the Thing, could choose king, call for war, call for migration, could elect ministers of affair and could solve disputes.

The king would then have a hird, his personal protective guard.

So what is the difference between then and now?

First of all, there are layers upon layers between each free man or woman and the leadership. There are media, there are bureaucracy, there is business interest and so on.

Each power must be held in check, in order to let the people have power.

That is the task of the politicians, as the representative of the people.

Change is, in its essence, the striving for that Thing, that were so evilly taken away from us, from the kings men.

They had great riders, riding down our free men. The free men were tortured and put down, only to rise again a thousand years after.

This is your birthright and your mission, NEVER to let the kings men take away the freedom of your citizens again.

You had this as a birth present, and now things have detoriated a bit. You need to think about how to keep the system alive and well.

Sometimes that includes shedding all your prejudice, and look at things anew. Be honest, look at things from a fresh perspective, accept that we are not perfect, but we can be better, look at yourself and not just at other people for faults.

Democracy has this thing called, Change, because it is the greatest motor of changing, sometimes not to our liking, but always to the liking of the people.

Arm the people with wellbeing, security, good institutions, justice, safety, jobs. But all these things are basically superficial, what is the most important to give the people, is freedom.

G-d bless the willingness to be bold in action and honest in conduit. G-d bless the United States of America.

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Hope and Change

August 31st, 2017 No comments

Well, I have just had the honor to attend a speech by the late ambassador to Denmark by the US. It was a trip down memory lane, with all the things that Mr. Gifford told us about how he experienced his stay here in Denmark and his loss at the election.

I almost felt I was there with him. I had exactly the same feelings of loss and defeat.

Then, the crux of the matter with the Democratic party; what now? After such a profound loss, something we have not really recovered from, then what now?

When Barack and I set out to Change the American Democracy, we did exactly that. We fought for Change for two central pillars of American society. The Democratic Constitution itself, and the church of America.

We call it Hope and Change. Hope being a reinstatement of the faith of the church. Change being the reinstatement of the faith in the Democratic system.

We did it because there was a problem. Faith in the church was seriously lacking, and the faith in the system was lacking.

I will give you a story, that might tell you a little about what is really at stake here.

In the Bible, there is a story about a man who lives in a city, where everybody are corrupt. G-d tells him, if he can find one man beside himself that is good, then he will redeem the city.

He cannot find another good man, so G-d burns down the city Sodom, bring hellfire to bear.

This is the stakes we are up against, and the reason why our Democracy is failing. The corruption in the system is eating the whole Republic.

So what did we do; we tried to inspire a new generation of good people, that would strengthen their own resolve, and reject the corruption of the city.

Unfortunately, we never realized that project, the people did not see what we were trying, and they elected someone to tell us to clean up, to be strong in our conviction of moral integrity. No more coronations, no more back ally deals. Clean people, with a clean slate.

So, in a strange way, both the people and Barack and I agree. We should repent, do better, be better people. Stop taking anyones money. Be simple and idealistic, with the will of the people.

We sincerely tried to ask G-d for another chance, and he did not really agree.

So what is the morale of this story.

The morale is, we need to do better. Shed all the corruption, if we can. Be good, in our hearts, be wise and honest.

So Mr. Gifford thinks, that there is a new generation of leaders coming up, and there are many who wish to be the next leader.

At least, that is a good thing. There are actually now people flocking to the banner, trying to be honest and search for a clear way out of the mess.

So all is not lost, we still have time.

Democracy will only survive by the blood of the martyrs.

I gave you my best years, while I was tortured by the Danish state.

This blood of mine, I gave you without any thought of repay, is the blood you are running on now.

Use that sacrifice wisely. Because I did not only do it because I am your friend, I did it because you have the most illustrious, beautiful, amazing and wonderful Democracy on earth. Your system is a rare gem of politics.

We philosophers invented it, and now it is in trouble. I hope, that the transfusion you got from me, will save it.

Because otherwise, such an amazing thing will fall away. That would be devastating.

So buckle up, lift your chin, have faith. It will come around, if you just look insides yourself, and fight for Change and Hope.

Because that would be the fundamentals of Democracy and Church.

G-d bless the willingness to do good, and never give up in these difficult times.

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August 29th, 2017 No comments

We need to start reflecting on a possible fight with both China and North Korea.

On the one hand, we have a pretty good situation. Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin are friends, and hopefully this will be a bulwark against the vision of an American/Russian war, which nobody wants.

We can, if we are good at this game, keep the fight as a local fight only.

Then there are the strategic considerations concerning the fight itself. The media is not really a problem anymore, and if Russia keeps out of the fight, we will not need to worry about the Disinformation campaigns that lost us the last war against North Korea. But this is a potential problem we need to take into consideration.

Then there is the cyber threat that is really the largest threat of fighting China, we risk them shutting down our systems, both military and domestic. This can be difficult and risk loosing a lot of lives, not least civilians.

When you fight against a serious threat as China, you need to be clear about your objectives from the beginning, and you need to attack with full possible force, there is no room for dangling.

So if we are serious about this, all available troops and material should be amassed, and then used in a swift attack.

The tradition is founded by Carl the Great, and then used, with great success by Nazi Germany, they called it Blitz krieg.

The Chinese army is undergoing a modernisation, but a great part of it is still not any match for the superior American hardware. So, there needs to be a detailed plan of attack, both on North Korea, and then also on China.

We need to make some serious plans here.

We might never use them, but the serious sabre rattling tells a different story.

Using a military as the advanced one made by the US, is using some very expensive hardware. What we do not need, is to be scared of using it, to keep it intact. When we use it, we use it. That is the learning of Carl the Great. In his time, they had the same problem. Armies were expensive, so they were almost never used, except for Carl the Great, who used them and won.

What is obvious off cause, is to hit the nuclear and long-range missile bays first, and then invade with troops and other materiel.

After we hopefully win, we also should consider what we then do with the occupied lands. We need them to be pacified, but we should also consider regime change.

We will see where it all ends up, but we need to be prepared.

G-d bless the will to see clearly in these difficult times.

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August 29th, 2017 No comments

There are some voices around the world, that calls for at new strategy for the West. Well, what about the strategy that we are already following, and seems to be going all right?

I mean, if there already is a strategy at place, then why make a new one.

The strategy that is in place was made by me, in all humility, under the Obama administration, and actually Mr. Trumps seems to be following it, more or less.

There are som differences of objective in and around China. I would have attacked China head on, but, it will end there, probably.

In the other end of the world, there is ISIS, that is moving into Europe. With more attacks coming.

This was also something that I prepared for under the Obama administration, and it is simply the result of a detailed strategy.

My idea was, basically, that we needed to tackle the violence done by the islamic fundamentalist by defining and understanding them as an opposition to Democracy.

The problem in the West, is lack of faith in our own system, our own values. So in order to rekindle the faith in Democracy and humanism, we needed to be clear WHY we fight the islamic fundamentalists. Because they oppose our values.

This will begin, sooner rather than later, and I really hope that Mr. Trump will be able to lead this struggle, it is his claim to fame, and it will cement the leadership of the U.S.

At the other side of the American continent, there is the fight against China. This Barack and I initiated in the second election of his presidentship against Mitt Romney. The reason is quite clear, China were out competing the US in terms of industrial output. This will not work on the long run. We need to fight back, and we did.

So, in the one end, we have a fight to boost our values, this boost will give us the will to fight the other fight.

So in a sense, it would be most adequate to begin the fight in Europe first, because then we would have the moral strength to take the other.

But, we will see how it will end.

But, that is the strategy.

G-d bless the will to do good in this terrible fight.

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The unmoving mover

August 28th, 2017 No comments

In this situation, where the West is ridden with self-doubt, on our values, on the way we should conduct our course, it is time for us to change our conception of ourselves.

As I have tried to converse about in the past, I sincerely believe, that there is such a thing as spirit.

I have even brought forth a prove of my ideas.

This is intrinsically linked to our downfall, because the reason why we are in this difficult situation, is because we have no faith. No faith in spirit, and no faith in ourselves.

If we define intelligence as the spirituality in ourselves, then looking at that spiritual core is understanding what G-d is, in ourselves.

We are not G-d, but we share a part of G-ds being in ourselves.

As Aristotle say; G-d is the unmoving mover.

Therefor G-d in us must have something to do with moving things.

This is the problem for us these days, we cannot move anything, because we have no faith.

So in that Aristotelian sense, G-d is our willpower.

I believe, that willpower is intrinsically linked to ideals. We move things, because we want to make a better world somehow. Ideals being the plan of a better world, that is closer to G-d.

Therefor, as a conclusion, what we need are clearer ideals, and with that we will regain our will.

THAT is why we need to get away from the ideals of the last century, and reunderstand the values in this century.

Specifically, what is the fight for Democracy today? Where does a humanely understanding person strive to use his powers for good?

The WILL being the spiritual part of ourselves, that is really the moving part.

That is Change, the will to find a more democratic and humanistic world.

But this has to be based on wisdom, otherwise we will not challenge the problems we have in a serious and effective way.

It seems to me, that the fringes of our political development are choosing stasis, unmoving, while the centre is actually moving things.

Strange, it usually is the other way around.

G-d bless the will to see and do good in a desperate situation. And G-d bless all the victims of the late storm, we wish you all the best, from the bottom of our heart.

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The UK

August 24th, 2017 No comments

I have not blogged a lot about the UK for some time. Why? Because things are actually pretty stable, and the negotiations with the EU is proceeding with a good tempo. Not too fast, not too slow.

In the meanwhile, the US is in a lot of trouble, and they really need my help. Mr. Trump has a lot of problems, and not helping him, will mean the end of American leadership for some time, maybe for ever. These are the stakes.

We need a strong US in this world, with their traditions for Democracy and humanism.

Anyway, rest assured, if and when things move again, I will be there to carry you through these things as well. Or at least try.

In the meanwhile, the work mr. Johnson is doing in the realm of empire building, is really quite good. Bringing the family together again, should have been done a long time ago.

This is not evil imperialism, this is basically a family reunion, and family need to stick together, right?

There is a war coming in all of Europe, if we want it or not. The implications of this is truly terrible, but we need to get on with it, and protect our citizens.

Anyway, you are, right now, in pretty smooth waters, use it to prepare yourself for the wonderful expansion of your own clout in the world, and listen when Trumps comes and want to fight IS in Europe. Working together can mean a lot of cross sharing in terms of intel, fighting and so on.

Be glad, that you are on a good course, for the first time since the first world war.

It is not much, but you actually managed to stem the flow, and change the course.

Mr. Cameron was really the man behind the change of course, and he has not really got the benefit of this admirable feat, hopefully he will in the history books. He sacrificed a lot, and he serves the thank yous and all the medals. At least I will remember a courageous and well-meaning student of Brasenose college, who changed his country at the cost of his career.

G-d bless the willingness to sacrifice for the realm.

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