​To understand what is happening with the EU right now, one has to understand the reason to the problems. 

This is not to point fingers, but simply to try and analyze the problems. 

When Dion, the supporter of the Syracusan aristocracy and friend of Plato was exiled from Syracuse in 500 BC, he tried to retake Syracuse. (A small greek state of classic times).

At the time this was seen as impossible, because the Syracusean army was very, very strong. Syracuse was a tyranny. 

But he went to Syracuse anyway with almost no help, and managed to turn around the military, the aristocracy and win over the tyranny. 

What is the learning from that example, well as Cornelius Nepos, the author of the historical treatise I am writing comments; no state can survive without the love of the people. 

This is where the problems of the EU really hits the mark. 

It is reviled by the people, and rightly so. The EU has time and again gone in the opposite direction of what the people want, and is suffering for that tyrannical behavior. 

This is a solid learning all politicians in Europe should take to heart. The political elite needs the love of the people to rule. Without it, the only other way is tyranny. I think it would be wise to really consider the ethical question that confronts all politicians of Europe. Would they continue down the path of tyranny, or, as Dion, consider the virtue and benefit of the people as their interest.

Democracy is a messy thing. Sometimes you do not get what you want. But it is much better than tyranny, because it is balanced. The different interest has a peaceful way to calibrate. 

In the US the elite is lectured by the people. That is good, in the sense, that we should truly listen to what they say, instead of, arrogantly, assume that we are right. 

The combined intellect of the people is always supreme to that of a few elitist aristocrats, whatever they may be. 

At the end of the day, politics is about being humble to the opinions that is around us, and act on them. Serve the people, not the other way around. 

G-d bless the will to be honest and strong in the face of any tyrannical development.

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The strong words

Europe is changing whether we want it or not, war is coming. It is already here. Not realizing this, is like the Second World War, just delaying the inevitable.

Hitler has already blown the horn, and he is moving, with intent on Poland. As in the Second World War, what we need is not another Chamberlain, we need a Churchill. Someone who has intent is intelligent, thinks about the Empire, and has the sheer courage to meet the enemy.

This is what the Manchester attack was all about, calling the Winston Churchill out.

As Mr. Churchill said, when he made his famous speeches. We need the Anglo Saxon words. The strong, often vicious words, that are unpolished and are remnants of the old ways. The way of the olden Gods.

I will give you a lesson about that, seen from the perspective of my own school Vallekilde.

In the centre hall, is a very famous painting, depicting the lore of Grundtvig. The founder of the Højskolebevægelse in Denmark.

Here you see the mother Mary holding the baby Jesus in his arms. You see them illustrious and benign.

But behind this pair, you see the founder of the olden Gods, the gods of our ancestors. Woden or in Danish. Odin. The war father.

Vallekilde is a bit more primitive than Oxford, I admit that. But the primitivism also has its strengths. One of them a deeper link to our shared past.

What would the olden gods advise us in this situation?

Woden was the god of war and wisdom. His eight legged horse and his spear war seen on many a battle field in the old times.

But unlike Thor, he was not a god of strength, he was a god of wisdom.

This is how we should approach the oncoming fight with the islamists. Not with blind strength, but with wisdom.

We have, in our culture, a lot of strength. We are, seen from outside, according to Joseph Conrad, strong, but not that intelligent.

So, to be honest, we have made many an empire, dating up to five thousand years back. But it was not made on diplomacy, to say the least.

What we have learned however, is to control our rage.

And that is what we should do now. Control our rage, to oppose the enemy we are meeting.

We should not fight all muslims, we should not fight all who are dark skinned. We should fight ISIS.

But that we should do, with all the rage and anger that is inside us. Focus that rage, to win that battle.

Use the rage and the strength that angers gives us, to put aside our worries, and FIGHT.

We need to fight on the beaches, fight in streets, fight in the media, fight where fight is needed. And YOU Boris, you need to lead that fight as a Woden behind the mother Mary.

But you need to have free reins to tackle that fight, as that Churchillian hero you are.

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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Phase II

We have covered the ideological basis of the fight against ISIS. It has been like that from the beginning, and will continue like that. It is an American lead democratic fight against an inhuman enemy. Something we saw in all simplicity in the attack in Manchester. 

The power brokers of ISIS seems to have had much to free a rein for all too long, it is about time to stop that. This is where we go from phase one to phase two. Phase one was in the Middle East only. We made it a proxy war, and sought to diminish our involvement to the airborne forces primarily. 

This was due to two considerations. First we needed to recuparate after the Bush wars, and secondly we did not have the public support for another war. 

War in Europe is different. We have public support for that, and we have restocked our armory. 

Add to this a R & D focused on infantry gureillawar. We are ready. At least the American side is ready. 

So what should we do now?

We need to keep the focus we had in the first phase. The concentration of power, solely focused on the enemy, and being very careful not to harm any civilians has payed of very well. This has given us the upper hand in the Middle East. 

We need to continue this strategy in Europe. Be VERY precise in our operations. ONLY ISIS combatants or supporters should be targeted, and we have to be 100 % sure, that the enemies we hit are in fact enemies. 

We also need to think a bit about collusion on the municipal level. There are a lot of mayors who are actively working with the enemy. It happens in the UK and it happens in Denmark. So we need to take this into consideration. 

My idea is, that we simply ignore the collusion in the first phase, and concentrate on hitting the ISIS combatants. 

War is black and white. The colluders in the political rank will probably join our side as the war unfolds. 

Finally, we need to realize, that this is the time that the funding of the army has to hit the 2 % mark at least, if not more. 

All NATO members should start chipping in. All. 

Focus, precision, superb intel, and a relentless attitude without fear should get us some results. 

They are actively killing our kids, this is the call for action. Otherwise, what else is?

G-d bless the will to protect our children.  

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Never surrender!

In the face of the Manchester attack, there is a bit of soul searching for all of Britain. And a bit of waking up. 

In its essence, this is a philosophical discussion on the how’s and what’s of the conflict. It is really quite simple, if you look at it from outside. You were attacked by ISIS, the Islamic Caliphate, and you were therefor attacked by an enemy of Democracy. 

The entire fight in the Middle East has been singling out the ISIS connections and fighting it. 

Add to this a certain humanitarian revulsion against such hypocrites that have no regard for any human life. Be it the Yazidi girls or, in this case schoolgirls. We have the moral basis of our fight right in front of us. 

We fight for freedom and Democracy against the Caliphate. 

So when we speak about our values, these are the values we fight for. Democracy, rule of law, freedom, justice, humanity. Against the theocratic malevolence of the Islamic state fighters. 

This basis serves as a basis under NATO and under the whole anti ISIS league. 

So, the moral basis is clear. What we need to address is, what do we do about it. 

Here we have to be honest about the range and the depth of the Islamic State infiltration of Western Europe. 

It is a lot of people, and not tackling it, will lead to bloodshed. 

It is not enough with passive measures, we need to go on the offensive. 

Operation Tempest should be about more than protecting, and should be about rooting out the network of the islamists, and shutting it down. 

Or rather, this is where we are heading, we should be realistic about it. It will come sooner or later. 

It is devastating, but it is the result of too many years under multicultural dominance. 

I am not saying we should not be humane, we should, but we should stand up for our own values, and defend them. 

This is the call of Oxford, or at least the call of the Oxford reserve called Vallekilde, my families school.

Shed the veil, accept that there is a mournful fight ahead of us, and it will be brutal, but the alternative is the end of Great Britain and the British people, and that would be even more devastating. 


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It is with the utmost horror that I hear about the terror attack in Manchester. The unspeakable atrocities done there, and I do condemn them with all there is of any shred of decency in my soul. There is no excuse for killing innocent children. And we need to buckle up, shed the illusions and get ready for another round in the ring with an abomination of an enemy. 

One could say, that this is our own fault. Multiculturalism has led us to this position, where we end up with kids dying on our doorsteps. The moral relativism of multiculturalism gives us a true moral hangover. 

We need to realize, that there is a difference between cultures. Some are better than other. By accepting the moral stance of multiculturalism, that all cultures are equal. We have effectively closed our eyes for the atrocities done in cultures that we are supposed to be on par with. There is a difference, and this is written in blood all over the stadium on Manchester. 

We need to wake up from the slumber, and realize that there is a vile, destructive enemy living within our own house, that is rearing its head, and using all the tools in the toolbox to subdue us. 

The world has become like a village, what happens in Iraq will happen in Denmark, the UK or Germany if we are not vigilant and careful. 

When it comes to the political intent of the terrorists, it seems pretty clear to me, if the news of ISIS going ballistic about the attack and celebrating. That the Wests fight with ISIS is not confined to the Middle East, but is everywhere, especially in our own countries. 

We are at war, in our own countries, due to the sick relativism of multiculturalism. 

We need to do something effective about it. Unravel the networks of the mosques that is linked to any kind of ISIS activity, or any other kind of proislamists activity, and put these guys either in jail, or on a boat to somewhere they will do no harm. We can easily find an island in or around Greenland where they will have to cope with the harsh environment on their own. I mean it, this is war, and we have to be strong and humane. 

But we need to start acting. 

G-d bless the will to be strong and decisive in the face of evil. 

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The UK

The UK is in a bit of a trouble. First of all, it is the very complicated divorce from the EU. In itself a mounting task. At the other hand, there are the requirements of the British public. 

These two processes are in direct opposition. 

First of all, I believe, that Ms. May is a good choice. I did support Mr. Johnson, but he has been adequately placed in the government, and is helping rather than obstructing the process. 

I did the election campaign for Mr. Cameron the last time, so the succes it has been is partly due to my ideas, in all humbleness. 

The challenges we face this time is much harder though, the process we face is very, very difficult, and we need to meet those challenges head on. 

If we look at the EU demands, what really strikes me, is that EU thinks it is in a good position to negotiate, but the opposite is really the case. 

The UK has all to win, and little to lose from the divorce. In fact Germany seems to be the loser of the divore more than the UK. The EU Eurocrats are living on a complete other part of the earth, with demands so outrageous, that it is simply impossible to even start the negotiations. 

There are many people that are dependent on the negotiations, and the EU is practically holding these people hostage. 

But negotiation should be pretty simple, since the EU is in such a bad negotiation position, it is, more or less, a matter of the UK sizing up the project and seeing through a process that will ensure most fairness to all that are dependent on the EU machinery. 

Better do it fast than slow, the outcome is pretty much given. 

Then we can go on with all the other problems that are still around. 

If we look at the other end of the equation; the electorate. Their demands have not been met either. And their demands are much harder to meet. In fact, this process, something that is under scrutiny in the election process is really difficult. 

The winning side of the Brexit campaign basically saw a complete dismantling of all EU citizen infrastructure as the result. 

Not giving them that, will require quite a strong argument. That is not something we need in the middle of a negotiation. 

We may need to shut down a sizeable part of the EU citizen migration and see where that leads us. 

This may seem ludicrous at the moment, but if we look at the Trump campaign, this was exactly what he campaigned on, and what he won on. And honestly, it was necessary in some parts of the US. 

The same is true for the UK. 

I know that this seems inhuman, but the effect of uncontrolled migrantion is often more inhuman, as we have seen with all the atrocities in Rotherham and other places. 

We should not accept the breakdown of the law and our democratic institutions just to be humane. In fact accepting what is happening to young girls in the UK is absolutely inhuman. 

So we need a firm but humane handling of these issues. This is what Ms. May will ultimately give us. 

She has the backbone, and she is a wonderful person, we just need to support her in the awful job that is in front of us. Because it will not disappear if we ignore it. It will only get worse. And we need to do something about it. Something effective. 

G-d bless Ms. May, and may she find a way in between all the dangers that lie ahead. 

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One of the true mysteries that I have pondered through the years is what good is. We talk about it all the time, and everybody, or most of us, wish to be good persons. 

But do we know what good is?I know, because I have finally had a revelation reading the Platonic dialogue Protagoras.

It is really quite simple, when it comes to the end. Good is G-d. 

We talk about love as being G-d, that is also true. But how can it be, that both love and good is G-d?

It is because that in the realm of G-d, the most prescient character is love. In the realm of love, we are all connected. This connection is love, so love is G-d. 

It goes further. We know that there are principles to the interconnectedness in the realm of G-d. Ways that this interconnectedness will thrive by or wither by. These principles are called ethics. Virtues we have observed either elevates the love between us, or hinders it. 

This is why we talk so much about being humble or sharing. Because these virtues are the helping principles that work with G-d. As a consequence, they are good principles. 

Love is the highest state of being we can be in, and all that leads to that state are good principles. 

It sounds easy, but in the brutal world we live in, it is not. 

Civilization is, in its essence, the organization that leads to the interconnectedness of men and women. If we have a good civilization, the peace and love will reign. If not, hate and destruction will reign. 

But as we have fought and warred each other for the right answers, the bottom line is quite easy to see and verify. 

The civilization most apt at making and supporting a living where love thrives, is good. 

G-d bless the will to do good, and understand what good is.  

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I have a clear shot on being the king of Israel. The timing is right, the prophesies are right, and I have the motivation. 

But, the thing is, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings. Having a shot on something, is not the same as it being true. 

I say this, because I do not want Jews to be disappointed. If it works, fine, if not, then we just have to wait. 

What is important is not the possibility, it is the process of Israel we need to focus on. 

In fact, if I really end making peace, joining the three monotheistic religions, and create a new era of peace and stability. Well then that is what we need to celebrate. In fact Jewish kingship is then only a minor thing. 

My point is, we need to focus on the problems we face, and there are many. And if we end up with a new temple, then it is because we succeeded in the work we did. If we only got halfway, as we are now. Well, that is also a cause for celebration. 

We need to wrap our heads around the challenges and dangers Israel is in, and we need to solve them. 

G-d bless the intention and promise of Israel.

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Feel the Bern

I have given quite a lot of thought to the issue of, what do we do now. If we look at the Republican, they are in total chaos, because they have not accomplished a viable cooperation with Mr. Trump.

This is not to say anything mean about Trump, he is what he is. It is simply to point the finger on, what we need to avoid.

We are living in revolutionary times. We live in these revolutionary times, because we need to. We need to water the roots with the blood of the martyrs.

But these revolutionary times are difficult to handle by the system. We have created outsiders that challenge the system, and the system have a difficult time dealing with it.

The critical stance is good, it is good that we are reminded about our own tendency to be corrupted and not live up to a high moral, ethical standard. This is good, and we should definitely change our behavior in that matter. Be more honest again.

Instead of repulsing our rebel, that is Mr. Sanders. We should listen to him, and meet him. Try and learn from him. Otherwise we might just end up like the Republicans with a weak organisation and a lot of chaos.

A new revolution is not about not having a Democracy, it is about changing our corrupted behavior towards each other in the political dealings.

Take a moment and look at ourselves. Are we what we wanted to be when we were young and idealistic, or are we too old and corrupted by the daily dealings. Maybe it is time to be a little young again, remember why and who. Remember the dreams we used to have, listen to Bernie and we might just also get a little of the Bern.

G-d bless the will to be idealistic and remember our dreams we used to have.

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The EU

It seems to me, that there is a huge problem in Europe. The Islamist are truly arming up, the European Union is falling apart, and the questions are more than the answers. 

In this case, my basic problem is, that there are so many political parties that I am invested in, and I am in trouble because I have criticized the Eurocrats. The way it is, is like this. If I talk about the EU, the Danish authorities will punish me one way or the other. The will torture my child, fine me or in other way try to shut me up. 

So I do not speak about the EU, because they obviously do not want me to do that. I focus on the individual countries and try to help them and their issues. 

I do have a plan for Europe, that is, in its essence, to support the individual democratic forces, in their fight against the issues at hand. These being Islamism, economic issues, in Germany the rebuilding of a national identity after the Second World War and so on. 

I cannot focus on a EU process. Both because the immorality of the project is so low, that I cannot invest my name in it, and because they will try to kill me if I do. That is the bottom line. 


G-d bless the will to do good. 

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Tommy Robinson

It is with an absolute disgrace I see the video where Mr. Tommy Robinson explain how he treated by the police in the UK. Is this really the level of civilization we have fallen to?

I know that talking about difficult things are problematic, but seriously, taking in his pregnant wife for interrogation. Scaring his kids. Are you out your mind. You are disgracing the law and the proud principles of western Democracy. It is wrong, and you owe a recompense and a huge excuse, and then you need to aim your guns at the right enemy. And seriously, Mr. Robinson is not the enemy, the Islamist are. They are the enemy, in Iraq, in Syria and in the UK. 

G-d bless the justice that may end up given back to Mr. Robinson.

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The path of goodness

I have been reflecting a bit on the ethical stance of the renewed Democratic Party. Why is it so important?

There are several reasons. First of all, because being a good person, is in itself important. Goodness or the ability to serve G-d on this green earth, is an imperative for us all. But there are other more technical arguments behind a striving for good. Democracy has, as its most difficult flaw, a very corrupting influence. The backdoor dealings, the power, the endless compromise corrupts people. 

Here it is very important for me, as a philosopher, to warn people, and try to pull people away from that corruption. That is my designated role in a Democracy, the guardian role. 

According to the Ancient Greek scriptures, the danger is, that a tyrant will overtake Democracy if we are not careful, because people get so tired about all the moral corruption, that they elect a tyrant. 

This is the phase we are in right now, or rather Mr. Barack Obama tried to be a good person and wheel things around. With succes I should say. 

But we need to continue this striving for moral clear sight. Otherwise we may lose our Democracy.

This is not to put blame on Mr. Trump. He has actually been ok, and done something we did not have the nerve to do. I do not know about the Comey case, but lets see what happens. 

But, I believe, that it is really important, that we look at the ethical basis of our great Nation, and try to live up to those values that our predecessors gave us.

Instead of cheating and making backdoor deals, we should do our best, and start being honest. Honest to the people, and to ourselves. 

But we should not stop there, we should also be good persons all in all, be brave, humble, work hard, help others in need, protect the weak, share, make an equal world and all that is good in this world. 

That is the true path we should walk, the path of goodness.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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I am reading a lot of Isocrates, because he may not be as famous as his namesake Socrates, but he was, in many ways, just more practical.

A lot of the citations just speak for themselves, so I will give you a small cavalcade here.

And in btw. I have reached out with my press message about the burning of Koran, and I have been received nicely by Associated Press. I believe, that a good conclusion to that exchange could be some kind of cooperation.

It is not about the fame, it is about the democratic dialogue. I believe that it is very important that the public have easy access to the speech of the philosophers. They may happen to disagree, and they should have the right to do just that.

Otherwise I end up as a secret guardian of Democracy, which is fine by me, but is it fine to the people?

Quotes of Isocrates.
He writes to a king (the President of a Republic)
“think that all would agree that it is a king’s business to relieve the state when it is in distress, to maintain it in prosperity, and to make it great when it is small; for it is with these ends in view that the other duties which present themselves day by day must be performed.” (from “Delphi Complete Works of Isocrates (Illustrated) (Delphi Ancient Classics Book 73)” by Isocrates)
“This thought you must lay to heart, and see to it that in proportion as you are above the others in rank so shall you surpass them in virtue;” (from “Delphi Complete Works of Isocrates (Illustrated) (Delphi Ancient Classics Book 73)” by Isocrates)
“But, in addition, one must be a lover of men and a lover of his country; for neither horses nor dogs nor men nor any other thing can be properly controlled except by one who takes pleasure in the objects for which it is his duty to care.” (from “Delphi Complete Works of Isocrates (Illustrated) (Delphi Ancient Classics Book 73)” by Isocrates)
“You will be a wise leader of the people if you do not allow the multitude either to do or to suffer outrage, but see to it that the best among them shall have the honors, while the rest shall suffer no impairment of their rights; for these are the first and most important elements of good government.” (from “Delphi Complete Works of Isocrates (Illustrated) (Delphi Ancient Classics Book 73)” by Isocrates)
“Deliver your citizens from their many fears, and be not willing that dread should beset men who have done no wrong;” (from “Delphi Complete Works of Isocrates (Illustrated) (Delphi Ancient Classics Book 73)” by Isocrates)
“You must care for the people and make it your first consideration to rule acceptably to them, [16] knowing that all governments — oligarchies as well as the others — have the longest life when they best serve the masses.” (from “Delphi Complete Works of Isocrates (Illustrated) (Delphi Ancient Classics Book 73)” by Isocrates)
“Believe that your staunchest body-guard lies in the virtue of your friends, the loyalty of your citizens and your own wisdom; for it is through these that one can best acquire as well as keep the powers of royalty.” (from “Delphi Complete Works of Isocrates (Illustrated) (Delphi Ancient Classics Book 73)” by Isocrates)
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When it comes to development of a liberal perspective, I believe there is a more profound discussion we need to take. 

It is about values. What do we really believe in. Virtue is at the heart of all political as well as personal development. According to Isocrates, virtue is the one thing you can never take away from a person. You can take away his health, money, friends, but you never take his good personality. So, in order to develop a liberal perspective, we need to understand what virtue really is in a modern world. Isocrates was, in btw. the philosopher who laid the groundwork for liberal arts, so we are at the core of liberalism. 

To me, it is quite simple. The one virtue that is the crowning virtue of all in a Democracy is freedom of speech. The first amendment. The very blood of free media, political discourse and power to the people. 

Free speech has basically two roots. One is the contemporary of Isocrates, Socrates, and his fight for free speech. Remember he chose to die rather than shut up. An idea reflected in the theatrical plays of Voltaire. 

The other root is the enlightenment philosophy of humanism. This is Egyptology, the lore of the ancient Egypt. You can also see this on the five dollar bills, with the pyramid, and the eye of Ra used by CBS. 

Each of these roots can tell us a bit about what Democracy should be today, and what we should do to develop the country.

Let us start with Socrates. Socrates was a simple man. He was not, like Isocrates, fond of making money, but was a bit of a wanderer. He had a keen intellect, and he challenged the taboos of society. He was ridiculed by many, as philosophers often are. But also accepted for his immense wisdom. What he did was to talk about the things people often did not like to talk about, because they were inconvenient. 

He is the father of media. 

With him we have investigational journalism, critics, thinkers, intellectual. We all look up to him as the ideal. 

Then there is the humanistic root. It is quite different in a way, but also has a bit of the same essence. 

Humanism is truly the lore of the temples of the city Heliopolis or On. Where the main G-d of ancient Egypt used to reside. The principal G-d of Egypt, the sun g-d Ra.

In essence, his power lie in the shining light of the sun, that is the truth. For New York, this is the hall mark of its creed. Symbolized by the Statue of Liberty. 

See, enlightenment gives freedom, especially freedom of speech. 

If we conform to these basic values, then we have a gateway to the other values. Because you can only live in the light, if you are honest, respectful, humble and live to serve. 

That is the point of Jesus Christ, he is the redeemer, because he is light. 

Let us start there. 

G-d bless the will to enlighten.

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New perspectives

I know, that I have been a bit too supportive of Mr. Trump. But I think it is wise due to two considerations. 1. I truly believe, that the best way to make the best things of Mr. Obamas legacy survive is by cooperation. 2. There was a very true challenge to the system itself with Mr. Trump. If we had not cooperated some, he could have gone nuclear inside the system, and that could very much have ended American Democracy as such. 

Now we have had a nice transition, Mr. Trump has found a way to make his own mark on history, and we have made a good case on foreign policy, that will hopefully elevate the US and our values in the next decade or two. 

Because that is really where it all ends up, the values. 

I have given it a bit of thought, when it comes to the different perspectives that were under the election. There were mr. Bernie Sanders, Ms. Clinton and of cause other prominent policians and thinkers. 

They all brought something good to the table. Mr. Sanders brought his revolution. Ms. Clinton her ideas about children. There were already the ideas about economy, welthfarestate and security brought by Mr. Obama. Somehow, we need to think about all these different perspectives, and find a way to build a new platform that we can use as an elevation in the next election. 

Basically, the burn, or the Bern, came from that AMERICAN revolution, that Mr. Sanders  tried to initiate. The fight for equality, freedom and brotherhood. The fight against the tyranny, the eternal ideological fight for freedom, especially the Socratic freedom of speech. The truth shining from that beacon, to be seen from faraway lands. 

That was where the energy wave truly started to pick up. For a system to work and live, it needs to be powered by something. That is one very important lesson. 

Secondly the focus on education, and seeing things from a child’s perspective is a powerful lesson. We had a Danish storyteller, that cared a lot about children, and he always said. Be careful about strife, because it always ends up with the children. They pick it up, although they never had a choice about it. 

This points to education, making good schools, thinking about how families can be sheltered and helped the most. 

Then there is the Obamacare, that the Conservatives are dismantling right now. I believe, that that is a mistake. I respect the view, that it is communist in a way, and therefor can be potentially negative. But Mr. Obama did not put it up to make a communist state, but to protect the weak. It is much more a spiritual thing than a tyrannical oppressive thing. Poor people needs shelter, and we believe it to be a communal task to help those in need. 

Helping poor people is not communist, it is human. 

There are two other areas that Mr. Trump is working on right now, that we need to address. 

First it is economy. That is easy, since Trump are using my and Obamas ideas. We need to support at national production base, in order to help on jobs, and support our workers. 

Secondly there is security. Here Trump is doing ok, I don’t know the extent of it, or if it is humane. But we need to be focused on that as well. 

At least this is not such a bad start for a new basis of political development. We just need to develop it, and talk about it. 

In order to inspire a bit more. I will add a press release that I have done with my friend. He is a true, believing Democrat and he burned the Koran. 

I know that this is harsh, but that is what a revolution comes from. Uncompromising will to be free. 

G-d bless the will to be free.


Mr. John Salvensen chose to burn the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims four years
ago. The consecutive hoolabaloo was not much to behold. Some death threats, the usual Facebook harassment, but apart from that, not much.

Not until the state, that is the proislamist deep state of Denmark chose to take an interest in the matter.

First it tried to charge mr. Salvesen with a racist accusation, but how can burning a religious book be racist? The Koran represents the religion Islam and not a race.

After some reflection the state did an unprecedented move and charged mr. Salvesen with blasphemy. The first case of a blasphemic indiction in over 70 years in Denmark.

It has come to that, that in order to protect islamistic infiltration of Denmark, the rebels of such a process are blasphemers.

In order to clarify the intention behind mr. Salvesens burning of the Koran, he hereby
declares himself a burning Republican. A firm believer in the democratic system.

Burning the Koran was a democratic act, an act to clarify the essence of democratic virtue; the first amendment – freedom of speech.

Without freedom of speech, there is no democracy.

If the corrupted Danish pro islamist state uses the very same tools of statecraft as the islamist, that is, using blasphemy as an argument in the democratic debate. It has chosen side with the islamists against the democratic rebels.

Mr. Salvesen hereby declares his right to, unbridled, with our any restraints to be free in his speech on anything, be it religion, be it political discourse.

He declares, that the Danish state has become a part of the tyrannical state of an islamist colour.

Because as he says; Democracy dies in Darkness.

To contact mr. Salvesen please use the following mail 

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