Power to X

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Climate Change is the great redeemer or, the best answer to some of the priorities of the left wing in the world these days.

There is only, essentially, one serious problem, that is the fact, that in order to do anything about these developments of negative application of man made progress, you have to be really, really smart.

There are good things, but the few successes illustrates, how difficult it really is.

The greatest success, so far, is the invention of the electric car as a viable option.

We have had electrical cars for a long time, but it really took the genius of mr. Elon Musk to made a system that really made any sense for people in relation to the fossil fueled car.

Anyway, this just shows the difficulty of this.

But my first advise concerning climate Change is to focus and help the carindustry in its efforts to make electrical cars.

BUT, and this is where there is a crucial development that needs to be addressed.

If we fuel these cars with energy made with fossil fuel, there is no real idea with the whole endeavor except that we get some cool cars.

That is why ENERGY PRODUCTION is really important. We need to create ways to make energy that is truly renewable. There is solar power, there is wind power and a number of other ways to do this. But a focus on making power that is truly renewable is important.

Here is where the catch is; the technologies that is behind the whole system are immature.

Take wind power. You get power from wind when the wind blows. Sometimes it blows a lot, sometimes it doesn’t blow at all.

This means, that is a source of energy that is highly volatile. The consequence is, that we need a way to STORE the energy.

Here there are a lot of ideas, but what we really need, is a cost effective way to do it. It has to be cheap in order to work.

The more we focus on making renewable energy, the cheaper it gets. This is something that I can see here in Denmark, where we have been leading in energy development in. Oersted realized the connection between magnetism and electricity. An invention that gave us the electrical motor. Niels Bohr gave us atomic energy, and actually worked on a safe way of making energy from splitting atoms by using a material called Thorium instead of Plutonium. That is an interesting avenue of research there.

These days, the rave in danish energy research is something called ‘Power to X’. The idea behind the research is to make a conveying material between the windmills, solar farms etc. and real use.

What the researchers are working on, is hydrogen as a conveying form. They convert the power to hydrogen and then from there it can be converted to many different forms of fuel to be used in cars, shipping, power plants etc.

In fact, it can be converted to Methanol, that is pretty easy to use in just normal cars. In fact Methanol can be used be any car really, just by a simple computer upgrade. AND it is a fuel that makes the motor run 25 % faster. The fuel is normally used by race cars and race bikes. I know this after doing a series of interviews with the geeks at the different research institutions in Denmark.

So, that is the way to go forward, if we want to make a flexible energy grid based on renewable fuels.

I am working quite focused on this development here in Denmark, and hopefully this development can be to the good of humanity. But, and this is very important to me. If we can work with our friends around the world to make it more green, we are so open to this.

We invented most of the modern energy consumption based on renewable energy and are still leading in this field, but that only makes it a good way to share our knowledge and insight with all who wish to be a part of this interesting development.

So, you are most welcome, especially our American friends, who are really interested in this, but also off cause Germany, France and England. Anyone who world potentially benefit of this new and exiting development.

We can fly to the moon, maybe we can actually put some ways of making energy when we are on the moon, or Mars.

G-d bless the will to do better with green energy consumption.

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The Muslim world

February 26th, 2021 No comments

Understanding the international game of politics requires some understanding of the internal conflicts within the Muslim world.

There are, essentially, two main directions of Islam; sunni and shia.

But within each branch, there are several subdivision. The sunni world, which is essentially Arab islam, there are many different strands, not at least the Arab countries themselves. Here Saudiarabia is the leading light of the Sunnis, with its most sacred sites and the leading ideologies.

At the other side, there is shia islam, which is essentially the Persian version of Islam, that is a mix of Zoroastrianism, liberal ideology and Arab Islam. The leading light of this strand of islam is Iran.

The third, but not least power of islam is Turkey, that calls for its own right, since it is the heir to the Eastern Roman Empire.

Now, we have, more or less, peace with the Shia and the Arab sunni.

Especially the Arab Sunni have become greats friends. We are still in trouble with the Persians, but the most problems we have is the Turks, that still envision the might of the Ottoman Empire.

The Uighurs are turks.

So, in order to find some balance in this game, we need to balance the different interests off. We need to be seen, as someone who UNDERSTANDS the internal game of the Muslims. That is the only way, that we can be seen as some kind of viable partner in the Middle East, and in the conflict with China.

It is difficult, but necessary.

The good news is, that we are here already, and we have made a lot of progress. In fact Trump continued the development that we had under Obama, so we are a very respected partner.

So, small steps, no revolution, but a careful approach, should hopefully develop a better, more balanced view on western attempt at playing a constructive role in the Middle East.

We shouldn’t abuse our power, but we shouldn’t be seen as weak either.

So there is the problem with Turkey, that we need to address. Here the Europeans must get their game together. If not, soon floods of migrants will start again. We need to be seen as a positive og forceful partner in the Mediteranean.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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International strategy

February 19th, 2021 No comments

The current ideological and strategic choices the Biden administration makes has to be professional, founded on a deep understanding of the issues, and hopefully pull the allies with it.

Otherwise the US will be diminished in power, lose the leadership.

Right now, France is battling ISIS on its own home front. We have teachers standing up for freedom of speech a Socialdemocratic president gearing up for at confrontation, all in all brave, wise and intelligent playing the international power game.

France is a rising force in international politics. If France can cooperate with Germany, Europe will be leading the fray.

This is why a thoughtful, multilayered strategy is important.

They Uighurs are persecuted due to the fact, that they seek their own dominance over their land. That is perfect, and respectable. But what if a caliphate will be the result of a American pressure on China. I mean, one thing is, that we are in the hairs of each other, but are we really going to war to make a caliphate?

The Uighurs are not Turks through and through. But Turks seem to be their natural ally, and right now, Europe and Russia seems to be pretty annoyed with Turkey, so an alliance with a ally that will potentially push the Europeans away, giving Europe the mantle and leading role of the world, is that really not something we need to think about.

We Europeans are, in a strange war, much more used to fighting on our own turf, so we will not be shying away for a battle with ISIS here in Europe. We have been cut down and demoralized. But we are pretty good at fighting when it comes to it.

I mean, we have conquered the entire world not more than 70 years ago, because essentially we are fighters. It goes all the way back to our Viking ancestors. France is named after a Viking tribe called the Franks.

My point is, we need to be smart about this, to get back in the game and lead. My natural inclination is to back the US. We have been friends, we are both humanistic Democracies and so on. But France, Germany and the UK are all pretty awesome powers add to this Russia.

So my point is, maybe it is important to think about all the details and the possible inclinations. Look at the game four years down the road, who are we hopefull to be allied with, and what is most natural.

The most natural is to ally ourselves with other humanistic democracies, not possible terrorists.

Just saying.

G-d bless the will to find solutions to difficult problems.

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The Uighur

February 18th, 2021 No comments

The main confrontation right now, is the confrontation between the US and China.

Why? Because it has the potential to develop into an all embracing world war, with nukes and the whole ballgame. Armageddon.

So we need to be really, really careful how we tackle this conflict.

Ok, so now we ally ourselves with the Uighur. That is fine, really, just the other day some smuck wrote to me; first we take the Uighur, then we take the Jews.

So, there is definitely a parallel there.

BUT, this is where we have to tread carefully. If we paint ourselves into a corner, we will start a atomic war. Say that the Chinese ignores our pleas to help the Uighur, and rhetoric builds, where will we end?

The problem is, that we are not really facing a liberation war of the Uighur, we are facing a geopolitical struggle for sovereignty in the pacific. So using the Uighur as a cause can win over some hearts and minds, but it will also, potentially leave us in a corner with the wrong allies. Because who are the Uighur allied with?

So my take on this would be; tread very carefully, be predicatable, so that we avoid the nuclear war.

We are in a war with China, that is as it is, but finding bad excuses for throwing nuclear warheads over Beijing, is a very bad idea.

Add to this the fact, that Europe is gearing up for a war with ISIS, the US will loose the initiative in the European theatre.

So, leadership is about getting real about the different priorities in the world, it is not in the interest of Europe, Russia or any other coalition to support the Uighur 100%, but it is a priority to tackle China for most large powers, so a balanced and skilled priority here is really important.

Let China feel, that there is a certain liberty in their affairs, but push them hard economically as well on humanistic values. See that China liberates the Uighurs, but don’t threaten to nuke Beijing if they don’t.

See? It is a diplomatic dance, that needs to lead to somewhere.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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To understand the way of the US, one needs to understand what it really is. To me, this was realized, when I attended the symposium in Oxford a few months back, and heard a lecture of two esteemed gentlemen on Johnny Cash. One thing really sprung to attention, and that was the dream of the US as of being a new Israel.

This is really the background story behind the unwavering support of the US to Israel, and the reason why Israel and the US is so close. Because as Israel is the home of the Jews, it is also a part of the American dream.

Now, before we start lecturing on this topic, which I believe is pretty much what the US is all about, I believe, that we should go back a step, and look at what Israel really is, or is supposed to be.

It is all written in the Bible, in the story about Adam and Eve. It says, that Adam Kadmon, as we call him in Jewish circle, the first man, was a man living in Eden.

So this is really the key to understanding Israel, because what is Israel? It is the religious attempt at coming back to Eden as a place here on earth.

And this is really where things get interesting, because then the next logical or obvious question is; what is Eden?

If you look at the Bible or the Thorah from a superficial perspective, you do not really get it. Eden seems to be a place in heaven or something of that nature. But the true perspective is, that Eden, or rather Eridu, the first city of man, actually existed.

So what is really the interesting thing about this city of Eden?

The thing is, that according to my research, and other research done in the Middle East, Eridu is the home of all the mechanisms and lore of mankind; religion, city state ideas, law and so on.

Eden is, if we perfect the ideas given to us in the Middle East by the city states that sprung up there.

See? It is something real. Something attainable.

That is the truth behind the American Dream, Israel is real and attainable. We do not have to be forced to go down as miserable, unhappy people. We can actually, by building a good system according to all the eternal principles of Eden as a city, make a Utopia, it is real.

So that is what we need to remember and tell ourselves from time to time, the job is not finished, it has just started, the dream needs its builders to finish the job. There is still some way to go.

G-d bless the United States of America and Israel.

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Catch the spies

February 15th, 2021 No comments

The European attachment to Russia through Germany seems to bear fruit when it comes to Turkey. If Germany and Russia allies itself against Turkey, the whole European theater will look very different.

Why, because then the European defense contractors would have a reasonable levy against Turkey.

War is possible, but instead of being the punchball of everybody as we Europeans are right now, we would be able to muster some defense.

Since Germany holds the chairmanship of the European Union, through the alliance with Russia, Europe would be on a good course.

This is the crux of the matter, and a possible way to change the dynamic in the Mediterranean.

But, and this is really the most difficult problem, the European countries are infiltrated on all levels by Turks, but also other potential enemies from the Middle East.

We need to be able to do something about this, purge the spies.

I know, that that seems a bit harsh, but spies are enemies, we need to remember that. They are here to destroy our systems.

Anyway, the alliance with Russia through Germany shows a whole lot of promise, and can we at least start purging some of the Islamist infiltration, then that would be a start.

This is really what the defense cooperation is all about, and if it works, we may just start playing a role internationally again.

But we need to be very tough on the spies and infiltration in general. Shut down the infiltration points like radical mosques, Islamist dens in schools, if we find spies in the ministries and so on. We need to get going on this, catch the spies, before they do more damage.

G-d bless the will to be a big international player again.

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February 12th, 2021 No comments

Praying is one of those tools of the faithful, that is more than just idle past time.

We do it to be heard by spirit, and to change our lives.

Now, Christianity is very much on its heels in most of the Western world. I see this, and I understand, as a Jew, that this is a challenge for the West. Because without the beating heart of the culture, things demoralize and corrupts.

We need to understand, that spirit is a part of the way society should be understood. Because if we stop looking for goodness, what is left? It is the valiant fighters for good, both in the army and as a democratic force outside the army, that are the pillars of society.

Now, don’t get me wrong, goodness is always supposed to be understood in the situation, and should never be a cold truth. But it is something we should strive for.

Here again, prayer is the most important tool, why? Because it keeps us on the path of spirit, and on the path of righteousness.

How? Since g-d is what is good, then praying will let g-d inspire us to do what is good. And if he helps us, from time to time, then it will always be in a direction that will either heal or further the goodness of man.

So the more you pray, the better the environment around you will become. This is why we are demoralized right now. We do not have faith.

So, what should the church do? It should project faith, and seek to further beneficial solutions in society. Help, do good deeds, and inspire people to pray.

Because through prayer, all will be much stronger. The Christian church, the clergy, the people around the church, and the solutions good politicians do.

Strength in unity and prayer, is a main focus for all who see themselves as good Christians. I say this as a Jew, and to further the mission of Israel; to be a home for all monotheistic religions.

G-d bless the struggling Christians, and may they prevail.

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How do the US pick up the beacon of Democracy that it once held, and should hold again, to my mind?

Well, we need to start all over again, a lot of the progress Barack and I did in his presidency is now pretty much gone, and to honest, we did make some mistakes, that we did try to mend after.

Anyway, what do we do?

Well, as I see it, we need to find the right things to do, and then do them.

I believe, that the support of the Burmese democratic insitutions is a step in the right direction, but we need to do more, and we need to be able to say; well in the US the system is good, look this is how you do Democracy, by having freedom of speech and a robust protection of the laws of the founding fathers. Add to this a humanistic attitude, there you have it, a great way to make a policy.

In this way, by being a good example, things may just move forward. But we need to be able to look at ourselves, and be very ethical about how we do Democracy ourselves, being a good example is pretty important when you seek to bolster and further an ideal.

So, it is both an internal process of trying to live up to the ideals ourselves, as well as projecting Democratic power where it is necessary. But it is a narrow ethical path to walk, and it is the best system of government so we need to bolster that idea again and again, being good persons, thinking good thoughts and making good acts.

G-d bless Democracy.

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The ‘can do’ spirit

February 8th, 2021 No comments

It seems to me, that the UK environment generally is getting a bit better. The depression and misfortune has been turned around, and we are working towards brighter times.

The basic reason of this development is the fact, that the entire system can now refer to itself, and not to a greater organisational unit.

The wounds are slowly healing, and we have had the incident with Captain Tom, that somehow reminded us of what we are. The resilience in the face of danger, the sheer bravery and the family of the beautiful Moores.

The ‘we shall overcome’ seems to be heard as a faint echo in the soul of the nation. Soon spring will be there and the nation will lift itself up once again.

This is something special, only the brits could have done it, and it will be a very beacon of hope to others whom will want to be like the brits.

There is a lot of work to be done, and hopefully, when we get out of the depression, this is possible in a focused and serious manner. A ‘can do’ spirit.

Captain Tom showed us that, let us follow his example.

G-d bless the fair isles of the British, and may it overcome.

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The Middle East

February 7th, 2021 No comments

We are trying to find our feet again in the Middle East, and since, I have become a player again, these are my ideas about the Middle East, that gave a lot of progress the first time, so maybe it can continue.

We need to be very careful not to be involved in the feud between the Arabs and the Persians. We are supposed to bring peace, and we can only do that, if we do not play the internal game in between the Persians and the Arabs, that is Iran and the Arabian kingdoms including Egypt (they are not Arabs, but have a close relationship to the Arabs).

The continued infighting between the sunni and shia is one of the main motors of the conflicts of the Middle East. So if we want to make peace, fuelling these conflicts is not the right way to do it.

Contrary, we need to find a way to balance the interests off, and be the man in the Middle.

To me, that is what Israel is all about, not taking sides, but making the holy land a place for all monotheistic life.

Again we shouldn’t be naive, but we should not fuel any conflicts either.

So a diplomatic, balanced yet forceful view is to my mind the way forward. Make small steps, not long strides, and make peace.

G-d bless the peace we can find in The Middle East.

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The Middle East

February 4th, 2021 No comments

The world is turning a lot these days, and one of the main places where things Change is the Middle East.

Since trump took over, not much has really happened in the Middle East, yes I know that mr. Netanyahu has attacked Iran, but it has been a pretty one sided action from Israel towards Iran, and not very much the other way.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the advent of a safe haven for Israel, after all, where would I go myself if things ever got more hairy here in Denmark for me.

So the whole mission of making a safe zone for Jews is, without discussion, the most important for any Jew, period.

But be as it may, there are many roads to peace.

When Barack and I left the Middle East four years ago, the framework for how things are today were pretty much in place. The Arabs were warming up to Israel, and actually even though it was a pretty one sided deal, the Iranians agreed to a peace accord concerning atomic warheads.

This has not changed much, only the fact, that the Arab world has recognized the whole process and has become friends of Israel.

There is just the one fact that Israel needs to be realistic about. The whole peace process is not really a process initiated by Trump, it was initiated by Obama and me.

So the framework rests on the foundation we laid out, which is the whole idea and vision of the great Lawrence of Arabia. That a recognition of the valiant desert warriors of the sand and the homecoming merchants of the Jewish tribe would find some common ground.

But at the very heart of the deal lies the fact that both I and Obama had Muslim fathers.

For me, I have a Jewish mother of sorts, at least the Jewishness of my family that goes back to the founder of my mothers family Mendel Levin Nathanson, I have a kind of dual background.

That is the bedrock of the deal, not Trump, not anything else, but the fact that there is a true Jewish leader with a paternal Muslim background. It makes the Arabs trust us, right?

So, looking at the peaceprocess coming up, my recommendation would be, at least for Israel, to be realistic about these circumstances. The day I fall, the war will start again. I am the keeper of the peace, and due to my doublebackground it is possible.

You guys need to keep me working, otherwise war will start again.

At the other hand, concerning Iran. Going 180% and reinstall the JPOAC, would be hazardous. Mr. Netanyahu has tied so much political capital in keeping Iran at bays, that we cannot, without loosing mr. Netanyahu just gong ho peace accord again.

We need to test the waters, and hear mr. Netanyahu out. He needs to be in the loop.

So that is the lay of the land, add to this the rising conflicts in Europe, you have a difficult game to play. But if we look at it from outside, we can find peace, if we are realistic and honest about these issues, and not least have a realistic and profound strategy.

That is what this phase is about, trying to figure out the boundaries of the conflict, and where they may lay.

For me, it is about being a player in the Middle East again, that is what my understanding is about.

G-d bless the will to find a smart and honest solution to these problems, G-d bless the stat of Israel, the safe haven of the Jews.

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Si vis pacem, para bellum

February 2nd, 2021 No comments

It is getting increasingly difficult for me to comment on the world situation.

The conflicts are rising, and being a man of peace, this is a problem.

I believe in a liberating war or a war to solve conflicts, where no other option is available.

If one side keeps on fighting, the other side needs to fight as well, that is the way the world works. We all live in the same world, and believing that paradise is easily available is a folly, it can be reached through hard word and sacrifice, but truly the material world will put up barriers for us to climb.

War is a part of the material world, and only if we get to have a wise and honest approach to war, will we reach a peaceful world, that is the paradox of the world.

You have to be able and willing to fight evil, to have peace.

This in no way means, that we have to conqour the world, and subdue it, but it means, that we have to defend ourselves.

Wartidings are rising and the drums are beating, not to hear these drums is a folly. Putting our heads in the sand, will not be of any use to us. But an honest appraisal of the conflicts we approach is the only way forward.

We have lived in peace for so long, now it is over.

China rises to meet our challenge, islamists in Europe are threatening the integrity of the democratic state.

These challenges will lead to war, one way or the other, and we need to be able to address them. Be what we also are; warriors of light.

Sad as it is, this the world we are living in. Ignoring it, will be at our peril, rising to meet the challenges with candor and wisdom is the sad, but only true way.

It really saddens me to convey these tidings, but as the Romans said; if you want to avoid a war, you have to be ready for war at all time. We need to be ready for war to be able to avoid it.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

G-d bless the peace we strive to find.

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New roads

January 26th, 2021 No comments

Well here we are again, back at the helm, trying out very best to Change things in a direction that seems both viable and serious.

I sincerely believe in compromise. I know that that is in fact what was lacking in the last presidential cycle due to mr. Trumps unconventional style, but be as it may. He was a fighter, and he fought for what he believed in.

Loosing an election is difficult, I tried it with Hillary. But, seriously as any independent businessman will confirm, loosing is a part of the game. There will be a turn of events at some time. I mean, now I am back as a central intellectual after four years, I mean, I thought it was over.

So Donald, as the highlanders used to say; Scotland is never defeated unless you yourself is defeated.

Now, there is a host of problems we need to address. First and foremost the difficult situation with China.

War is probably going to come, so we need to be prepared for that. Not least the military, that needs to have all the necessary preparations in order. How the war is going to start, we will see. But it will be a very difficult war and since it has been peace in the US since the south/north wars 150 years ago, the Americans have grown accustomed to peace.

What we need to do, is to make sure, that the war is as small as possible, and we do not end up in an annihilation scenario as the fight between Carthage and Rome. We may, at both sides see this as an impossible thing, that China will disappear or the US will disappear, but Carthage is no more, and it was a thriving culture for millennia.

So a predictable show of force, and a focus on our own strength, building our production base again and trying to compete with China is very important.

The Chinese are definitely not stupid, they had just grown accustomed to the fact that we did not treat them as an enemy, now we do, because we have to.

So they are wising up.

One of the main strategies we could use, is to be a part of alliance building, something Barack started on. Find our friends again, and make sure, that the Chinese tech and money stays out of their countries. This should be done in a diplomatic way, but it should certainly be done.

The UK is in a dire need of an ally, and Denmark will always be with you, so that at least is a good starting point. But make friends and reach out.

We are all in a state of competition.

Lastly there is the peace deal in the Middle East, again here is an option to reach out to the EU. Again, here I have a stake, because I live in the EU, and they are also a part of the game, but the EU was very much invested in the Iran peace accord. This is a very delicate diplomatic work however, involving Israel, so we should be very careful not to ruffle the feathers of the Israelis, they are the number one ally in the region. I am a Jew myself, and my family almost got guttered in the Second World War, fleeing to Sweden, so I can very much empathize with the project of Israel, I am a Zionist myself.

But I am able to have a dream of peace in that region.

So here again, there will be a lot of going back and forth, but with the right mindset and with a good friendship with European countries, it can be done. But it has to be diplomatic.

Finally, be careful with the identity movement. It is too far out to my mind. What the Americans need to president to be, is a symbol of the republic. An honest, g-d fearing family man, who care about the country, and tries to defend its interest.

That is the American way, and going too far down the identity track is very dangerous it will fan the bipartisan flames again, and people need to see unity and things working again, not the opposite.

Try to find the middle ground and help both the poor, the middle class and strong, together in unity.

G-d bless the peace we can ultimately find.

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Welcome mr. Joe Biden

January 21st, 2021 No comments

Welcome Joe to the White House. It is pretty strange, I remember, that I prophesized it many years ago at the Obama time, but was pretty put down when you didn’t run for president.

Not only was I sorry that you didn’t make it, but I was questioning my own ability to read the political landscape.

Be as it may, here you are, and congratulations.

First of all, I had you back when you needed it the most, and so I will continue to stay a true friend through your service. When everybody else is abandoning you, I will still be there. I don’t change my loyalty very easily.

Secondly, be careful about angering the conservatives right now. I know, that you feel an urge to change all that mr. Trump has done, but be careful and test the waters before you change too much. What we need is healing and coming together again, that requires diplomacy and the ability to listen.

Doing what Trump did again will tear even greater rifts in the fabric of the nation.

Then there is Kamala Harris, the true heir to a lot of the Obama era politics in terms of uniting the people, reaching out to the people of color and staying on the path of rev. Martin Luther King.

She will be your anchor and good friend.

She will be formidable.

So instead of changing so much right now, take it easy, reach out, mend fences, talk to people, be the exact opposite of mr. Trump in terms of forcing your way.

Be the uniter not the divider.

Be a man in the middle.

Concerning all your threats and difficulties with China, that will be on the table before long. Here again do realpolitik. They are a threat to US interest, so move your troops and test the waters with them. But don’t go gong ho pressure on them, show your might, but don’t be too much. They need to know, that they have an adversary that is rational and do things within reason.

Be predictable.

I will try to forge a support for you from Europe and the UK. But we have our own problems over here, and so we may very well need our troops in the vicinity.

But this is not a Napoleons first 100 days, this is a mission of mending fences and feelings, and supporting what is most important of all, that of the American soul.

It is wounded make it heal.

G-d bless the will to do good, do good actions and heal the rifts.

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European security

January 20th, 2021 No comments

The world is really changing in the face of the American change of leadership.

In fact, things are going to change a lot due to the fact, that both Central European countries as well as the UK is trying to change its focus.

Where the US simply set the agenda in the Obama era, Biden will have a hard time dealing out the cards this time. The European allies are pretty reluctant and the UK seems to be lickings its wounds after Brexit, so I do not see any ambition to try and change the world in a US direction from the UK perspective.

In fact the most promising military alliance right now is the Central European one, and that is in fact good.

You can be for or against the EU, me I have always been a bit reluctant about it, due to the lack of Democratic legitimacy. But a strengthened military alliance actually do make sense. I mean all the challenges we face are more or less the same, and so it makes sense to pool our resources.

Add to this, it seems to me, that the leaders of the alliance, namely mr. Gomes Cravinho is both open for my advise, and seem to be pretty courageous. That is a start, though the development of the alliance is very difficult and will imply some massive changes of policy to succeed.

But with diligence and diplomacy it may just be possible.

At the other hand, the US administration is starting more or less from scratch, due to all the bridges that mr. Trump managed to burn. But, also the US is a formidable force, and a major player in the pacific region, where the UK administration have to move soon to be a serious player there.

Looking at the Mediterranean that is the true proving ground of a possible European alliance, one major shift in politics needs to be adresssed. That of forced migration to the European countries. Don’t get me wrong, I have no idea about racism or any of that sort. I am a pretty brown Jew with a Muslim father, so I can definitely empathize with the migrants here. The thing is though, that the forced migrant policy of the EU, that is importing people from Muslim country into Europe, is a failed policy. Please read that again and let it sink in, it is a failed policy.

There may be many good reasons to start it in the first place, but as of now, it has created massive turmoil in Western Europe, and we need to be honest about that.

It has also created a very difficult security situation, most of Western Europe is infiltrated on all levels. Especially France is totally infiltrated, even the security apparatus.

Gettting rid of all the spies and infiltrators will be a massive task in itself.

But that is important to be able to deliver the necessary security to the populace, they are getting pretty annoyed with terror attacks, and well, that is fair enough. It was not the project of the people to do the mass migration, it was the elites that thought it a good idea.

It has come so far, that the very integrity of the states and not at least the federation is at stake.

Changing that position will be pretty difficult, but again possible if the system wants to survive.

So you see, making an alliance and making weapons is not the real deal of an alliance, the real deal is to change the policies to meet the security challenges ahead. These policies may also be a boon for many political parties around Europe. Here in Denmark the Social Democratic government is sitting pretty well with a large lead in the polls due to a more realistic change in the face of Islamic extremism.

Terrorism is the main advesary to tackle for the new alliance, and that will be extremely difficult, but possible.

What we need is a renewed focus on it, and a best practice mindset. See what will work, and make it work.

Add to this difficult process, we have the peace process in the Middle East, that is very important to balance with a focus on Islamic extremism or islamism.

We have some pretty good allies in the Middle East, and peace is forthcoming, even Iran is within reach of a peace accord still.

Why? Because they are not really interested in a fight with the entirety of Europe, and we are not interested in a fight with them.

So a part for Turkey, we need to bolster the diplomatic discussions with the African countries and especially in the Middle East. They must see, that we are not trying to be mean to Muslims in general, but stop the atrocities done by some islamists.

That is a very difficult balance to do, and will require a lot of skill.

So these are the essential challenges ahead, add to this an attempt at stopping the mass migration, then we have our hands full.

But a dedicated, incorruptible advancement in the interest of the European countries, and true moral force, can do it.

It is about finding the right way, and stop being for sale, then we can Change the narrative.

G-d bless the will to Change the world.

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