Let us support the Kurds

October 13th, 2019 No comments

You know, Barack and I started the war against IS, and the best ally, apart from Israel in the fight against this terrible foe were the Kurds. An ancient people of the Middle East, who really helped us a lot.

Now they are in harms way.

To be fair, I know that not all that the Kurds did would live up to the human rights standard we usually set to ourselves in Europe and the West in general. But that is war, was is always the same, and to be nice in a war is impossible.

Anyway, it is a crying shame, that the Kurds now must suffer at the hand of Erdogan. And not only that, he threatens to send migrants into Europe if we do not accept this atrocity.

So he is trying to put a barrier between us and the Kurds.

Democracy is a difficult thing, but if you actually have a democratic ally, then we should help them in any way possible.

They are dying, and we are doing nothing. How can this ever be fair?

My view on this is clear, we need to stay sharp on both material as well and ideological prioriteries.

Material; we should try and keep our troops out of harms way. Ideological, we should support those who share our values.

Lend them support from the air, from drones, form bombers and so on.

In this way, we support them, as we did in Libya, without getting too much into the fray.

G-d bless the will to support an important ally.

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The difficulty of balance

October 10th, 2019 No comments

Joe, listen. In order to win an election, you need to address the needs of your voter.

Roughly there are two main voter groups in your constituency. They are the workers, and they are the liberal.

The workers have currently abandoned the Socialdemocratic cause because the migrants in the different countries have put so much pressure on their jobs and so on, that it does not make any sense for them to vote Liberal.

In other words, the pro migration stance that is one part of the party pushes away another part of the party.

This does not mean, in anyway, that we should be unfair to minorities and so on. But it is an essential problem.

It is such a vast problem, that it has effectively stopped most progress in the Socialdemocratic camp world wide.

In other words, identity politics is in conflict with classical worker politics.

It is a dilemma.

Your task is to make a balance between those two perspectives. At one hand you need to make a political manifesto that is supportive to the minorities of the US, but at the other hand, you need to keep organising and protecting jobs.


It is a difficult balance in all ways.

But if you manage to find that balance, then you support the needs of your voters.

At the same time, it is, as I see it, very important that you unify those fractured wings of warring politics. Again an attempt to find compromises between people.

Going off the rail with one set of political ideas is poison to your cause. Just look at the problems mr. Corbyn faces in the UK.

The focus on the fringes of his parties political ideas have torn the party asunder.

You need to listen to the needs of the voters you represent.

They need jobs, security, a future for their kids.

Give them that attempt at a dream, and you can lift their spirits.

G-d bless the will to see the good things in life and politics.

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The unity

October 7th, 2019 No comments

Welcome Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

It is an honour to have you here in Denmark, and when you are here, although meeting you in real life would be nice, let me try to entertain you with some of the ideas that Barack and I fought vigoursly for, and still hold in high regard.

At the end of the day it is about trying to foster unity and not pitting people against each other.

We are idealistic, but it is not a divisive idealism, but an idealism that seek to unify all who are citizens of this great country that we truly love.

There are many differences, but at the end of the day, it is what we truly share, that is the true value of the country.

So do not let you be taken away by all these voices that seek to destroy what you have of unity.

Unity is not something that comes out of dreams only, it also comes of principles.

These principles being the rights that each individual hold as something sacred and virtuous.

These rights, that create a common platform, but also constitutes what it is to truly being an American, are results of the French and the American Revolution.

But they are also spiritual in the sense, that Luther was one of the guiding lights of the America.

Now being a catholic, Perhaps Luther is not a person you would know.

But, at the core of the ideas, it is not about G-d only, it is about your relation to G-d, that Luther thought about.

Luther was himself a revolutionary, he despised the corruption that was in the Catholic Church at that time, something that the Medicis stood for, and he wanted to create a more virtuous and clean church.

That motivation lies at the heart of the US today.

That of finding good in the world, trying not harm and be open to the grace of other people.

It is this quest for a good society that ultimately is the US.

That is something that should unify and not create all these battles of who are right.

I believe, that the next candidate to the presidency should be someone who seek to unify and not create distance between people.

That was the idea of Luther, and this idea can and should still be used in the child of his thoughts The United States of America.

G-d bless the will of the founding fathers.

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Stay strong Joe

October 3rd, 2019 No comments

Dear Joe Biden, there are a lot of things going on the Democratic Party that seems pretty desperate to me.

Impeaching Trump for some call he did to Ukraine. Now don’t get me wrong, Trump obviously did something wrong, and should be made responsible for this.

But my point is, you don’t win elections by impeaching your opponent, you do it by coming up with good ideas how to move the country forward.

Now, there are mainly two places in the world, where Socialdemocratism has not fallen into absolute destruction, that is the US and Denmark. Why? Because we Change the outlook of Socialdemocratism. Try to find new ways, understand the pitfalls of the budged theory and so on.

That will give you success.

As Ms. Frederiksen is having right now.

Why is Denmark the only place apart from the US that has success? Becuause we understand the pitfalls of the socialist theory, and act accordingly.

Now, Ms. Frederiksen has accepted the immigrant principles that I have put forward, and mr. Trump has used, very much to his positive acceptance by the voters.

That is a multilayered theory of citizenship that DEMANDS new citizens to be loyal to Democracy.

It works, as it has in the US.

Now, this does not mean in any way, that we should not be critical, and off cause too harsh methods are wrong.

But a tough insistence on the principle of rightful citizenship makes sense.

You cannot be a part of the country if the first thing you do is to steal from an old lady. That is unacceptable.

The discussion derives from a discussion of Aristotle on these issues, so they are well based theoretically, and they are not racist at all.

This is a principle that Ms. Frederiksen has used, and has gained a massive victory in Denmark from.

Now, there are other ideas, as progressive tax, caring of the poor, civil rights, Obamacare, fighting to get jobs back to the American workers and so on.

All these positive ideas.

Point being, that to make Unity, you need to find ways for people to create a harmonious society.

The more we fight, the less harmonious everything gets. The less we fight, and actually share the same values and virtues, the more harmonious and unified do we get.

So, my point is; why not try to find something that you really think is important and spin a positive message from that?

You are such a positive person Joe, don’t forget that in the fight.

Use your good humor and nice personality to shine forth that good intentions.

Show us your nice side Joe, let us see you for what you are.

You have fought so much to get into this position, so now is the time for you to put forth your ideas and fight for them.

G-d bless the wisdom of the founders of United States of America, as they are the ones who truly put up good principles to rule from.

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The weapon of openness

October 2nd, 2019 No comments

It seems to me, that the complete cover up of my person in public life seems to be at an end. Took them 15 years. 15 years of prison, not physical prison but prison where I could not get a job, I was censored by all off media and so and so forth. 

Seen from an Obama perspective, what is really at stake here. 

To me, there is a relationship between openness and Change. 

Change is the further development of the society based on democratic discussion. 

You cannot Change anything unless you know what is bothering people, right?

That was the problem of Eliphas Levi and the French aristocrats. They didn’t listen to the people. 

Levi tried to call them, and make them conscious of the problems of normal Frenchmen. As I have been trying to with normal Americans. 

They are afraid of loosing a job, they care about security, they are worried about the lack of faith in the American dream. 

That dream of making a little spot for yourself by hard work. 

Now, you can censure things, as I have been a witness too. Myself and some of my friends. Encountering endless lawsuits to shut us up, or putting us in prison. You can do that, but how can you then know what is bothering the people?

We are the messengers of the plight of the people, especially the philosophers who live out here amongst the people. 

Now, there are some strange and honestly very worrying things going on on the right wing. Nazism having a come back at the fringes of politics. That is worrying. Me myself I have been hit on Facebooks by some of these scumbags. 

But instead of just censuring their ideas and thoughts. Perhaps we should try to understand what is going on?

We cannot just break down the borders, see crime spike to unbearable limits and then not expect a response. 

I didnt come up with all these no border policies, and honestly it has reached a limit, where borders should be reinstated again. Not unfairly, and not in an inhuman way. But keeping criminals and gangbangers out of the country is not a bad thing. 

So my point is, what Democracy needs, is that the politicians and other big wigs LISTEN to the worries of the people, and find ways to solve those worries. 

I will give you an example of true democracy, that may illustrate the point. 

Some thousand years ago in Denmark, we had too many people up here in the cold north, that we simply did not have the food necessary for all the mouths that needed feeding. 

That time, in the ancient time of the Vikings, true Democracy was what we had. 

So people came together at Thinge, and discussed the matter. First people decided to kill all the old and weak. But due to worries of inhumanity it was decided, that a large portion of the people should leave Denmark and go somewhere else. 

Perhaps that was the people of Angles creating the Anglo Saxons. 

Point is, that if you all truly discuss matters, then you can actually convince people to commit suicide, or find some other solution. 

The will of the people, done by the people, for the people is a very powerful thing. 

We have forgotten that. 

Tough decisions should be taken by the people themselves. We need to remember, that we only serve. 

Sometimes, as with mr. Trump. We on the liberal side do not agree with their choice, but hey, it is not us to choose mr. Trump. 

The people did. 

What we should do, is to come up with some good solutions on some of the problems that is out there. So maybe next time around, we can win the election. 

That is role we should take, to listen, and be open. 

That is the weapon of openess. 

Those who truly understand what people need, they win the elections. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The face of evil

October 1st, 2019 No comments

To be a good person, you need to know what evil is. 

I have a lot of experience with evil. Not just the base meaness of childish behavior, but evil on a societal scale. 

We don’t really know it, but as a part of the mechanisms of culture, evil is embedded in the very fabric of society, and law is the method we have to confront that evil and make a better society. 

Ultimately law is all about culling the natural tendencies of evil in man as opposed to good in a more abstract sense. Natural law it is called, due to the fact, that in nature we have tendencies of evil, and tendencies of good, and what it is all about is promoting the good behavior and culling evil behavior. 

Knowing the system of evil in nature or natural behavior is then most important. 

It comes with the story of the cave, or rather the cave allegory of Plato. 

Here in this story, the philosopher is supposed to bring light into the cave, but mankind is not happy with the light of philosophy. He wants to be manipulated with rather than see truth. 

This is how society work. We may call our newspapers Liberation og Pravda. That is truth. But more than often we fall prey to the control. 

Just take social media these days, that are all about controlling all of a sudden, what happened to the virtue of openness?

But then the truth in opposition to hiding truth is not just an academic discussion. It’s not just something we suffer from in an abstract sense. 

People, especially those who are the truth seekers be that journalists, academics or other truth seekers are actively culled by the state. 

We seek to silence them. 

The primitive society culls the critics actively putting them into workcamps. The more advances societies use other methods.

Me, I have been struck with the torture of my child, with control of my money flow, with berufsverbot. That is, I have effectively lived in an open prison for the last fifteen years. 

That is a prison with no physical bars, but a prison nontheless. 

Now a live prison has the positive thing, that you can actually see the bars, and people react to that. They see, that you are put behind bars, and find it wrong. 

The hidden prison will give people the ability to discard your claims. You can see for yourself, that the prison is there, but it is secret. 

Secret prisons are detrimental to your health. You sufffer mentally and you suffer physically. I can see my health deteriorate slowly through the years, my body breaking slowly. 

But the mental health is really the problem. When all of your friends are going in and out of the lawrooms for this and that political reason, and you are just hit through secret means. You know it is there, but you never know when it might hit you again the next time around. 

You become afraid. 

Afraid about the next hit. Will it be your kid in school?

Most people break under these conditions. That is the true aim of persecution. They want you to break down. 

I once had a friend who made small little posters that he put on the walls in Malmoe, the most haunted city of Sweden, now the rape capital of Sweden. 

These were provocative artwork. He used forbidden symbols. But after all, it was just artwork. You could look the other way if you wanted. 

The Swedish police put him into jail over and over again. 

He told me, that one day, when he was in jail he talked to one of the others in the jail. The other person told him that he had killed someone, and asked him why my friend was there, and he responded by telling him, that he had put up posters. 

That is the face of fascism and persecution to me. 

To be put in jail with murderers because you put up posters. 

For me, keeping a healthy mind is the most difficult. I truly try to look at the positive side, to help, to support, to be a friend. But sometimes the paranoia creeps in. 

The whys and the questions asked. 

Why me? What about my children? Will they also see me as a villain for trying to seek the truth?

But the wonderful thing about children is, that they will not. 

But then I remember a story about a dissident in the Soviet that was deemed evil by the state, and his child refusing to accept it. The child withering away. 

That is the true face of evil. There. 

The tacit acceptance of whole of society of one who are deemed outside. Who is untouchable. The one we do not like. 

True humanism, is recognizing this fault of human society and going against it. Trying to fight the base mechanisms of man to brand the Jew as someone to ridicule and debase. 

The hallmark of a good society is accepting the truth be it how it is, and allowing it to prosper. 

Light upon the Nations is supporting those few lightbringers around the world, and giving them hope. 

G-d bless the will of the fallen, may he arise by the grace of G-d. 

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Social justice

October 1st, 2019 No comments

Now one of the things that has been on the menu of socialism, is, and has always been the care of the weak. 

Unfortunately, this ideology has lacked serious depth since Marx took over.

Eliphas Levi was the original social justice ideologist, and Marx was much too squarish and without any life experience. Philosophy should not be a desk driven endeavour but a trial and error theoretical developent based on experience. 

Then if we really want to seek social justice, what might that then be.

There are two strains of thought with socialism, that we can hold on to, and that can perhaps develop the perspective further. 

One is social, the other is justice. 

Let us have a look at justice first. 

Justice is essentially law. Sparta, the ancient city of Hellas, that was the inspiration of many socialist was a law driven society. None was above the law. Equality was derived from a obedience to the law. 

So equality in the original sense is about believing in the power of justice. 

So as a socialist, giving adherence to law is a rock bottom foundation. 

So that mr. Biden is a friend of the fire department and perhaps of the police is very socialist. 

A good, uncorrupted policeforce that serves and protects is the very basis of a socialist country. At least according to the original sources. 

Then the other part of social justice, that of social. 

I have covered that a bit with the relation of Eliphas Levi. 

Social is about taking care of the weak and dispossessed. 

Lately it has been in the form of state intervention. 

To me this is a wrong Marxist turn. To me it is not about the system, it is about the individual. How each and every socialist think and believe. 

A system is not about the frame, it is about the belief of the individual. 

Levi was right in the sense, that he believed that social meant the adherence to spirituality. 

We have lost that faith, and finding that again might just give us the belief system we need. 

We should not sit in our offices and regulate, we should go out where people are and help. Be there ourselves, have faith in helping those in need. 

And we shouldn’t do it to brag about it. We should do it, to make heaven on earth. 

Thereby bringing a helping hand to those in need. 

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients and France. 

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The will of the people

September 26th, 2019 No comments

You know, the US and France usually tend to try and export Freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of each and every citizen.

But how often do the leaders truly care about the people?

I will give you an example from my own life, that kind of hit the nail for me.

Some years ago. I worked as a teacher at a college. It was a junior appointment, but I loved it, and tried to, as any new teacher should do, to inspire the young in terms of ideas, and off cause democracy.

In my specific class, there was this wonderful young girl, who entered into the students organisation, and tried to fight for the rights of the student.

Something I was personally very proud of, seeing one of my students rise to leadership in the school democratic body of the students union, it made my very proud.

Then one day, when we had one of those endless discussions in the teachers college ABOUT the students, she enterede into the fray. Valiantly and courageously, she went into the teachers holy domain, where students are not allowed, and started to speak up for the students.

That moment it struck me, that all we teachers do, is talk ABOUT the students.

Now, mind me, it was a leading college in its own regard, so the discussions were loud and learned. We presented the teachings of Lacan and Derrida. I presented the ideas of Løgstrup and so on.

The problem was however, that we somehow got caught up in our own devises. In a sense in our own feeling of selfimportance.

WE were the leaders, so WE were supposed to discuss the wellbeing of the students.

We never asked the students what they wanted.

That is often a problem in modern politics as well. We get so caught up in the process of things, and forget about what it is really about. The will of the people.

That is something we should continuously remind ourselves about.

That there is a people out there. And our job is to listen to what they want.

I mean, why arent´we at the campaign train, out in the workspaces of normal hardworking American. Why are we so obsessed with all these battles in congress.

Why don’t we go out to where normal Americans live.

Listen to their needs, truly listen.

That is how you win elections, by listening to the needs of the people.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Hope for Change

September 24th, 2019 No comments

Democrats need to find themselves before the next election battle. This is a little core story, that might help you in this regard.

A few years back one of my friends dad passed away in a funeral pyre on the ocean. He was one of those old hippies that built the free cities of Christiania and Thy lejren, the first free hippie city of Denmark.

He was a wizard, literally. He had this old wizards hat, and when my friend had her first born child, he giftet her a magic crystal ball. He named her after a star, so he figured that such a little star could use a little magic, I guess.

Anyway, when he went away I had the supreme honour to pick a few books from his library. A library of a magician is vast, huge, filled with all kinds of books on politics, magical ideas and so on and so forth. Filled.

I picked through all the books, and found a little treasure, that I will share with you here.

You see, when socialism was young, in France. And when those iconic words of freedom, equality and brotherhood was coined, there was this old magician in France that was a kind of the “first socialist” priest.

He was originally a catholic priest, but as time went by, and the revolution unfolded, he was swept by the tide, and tried to help as best as he could.

He wrote a little book called “Famine”. He wanted to tell the aristocracy about the hunger of the people. They didn’t know.

He had his heart in the caring of those who had little, and in his eyes socialism was about that. Caring for those who have little.

The point is, there IS a spiritual outset of socialism, that socialism has forgotten.

Yes, there are good signs in US with mr. Barack Obama and his spiritual socialism. But that is all for now.

But that is the path, as Eliphas Levi saw it, that Socialism was supposed to journey down on, that of helping and caring for those with little.

AND mind you, it is a spiritual process.

Find faith in that, and there is hope for Change.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Be yourself!

September 22nd, 2019 No comments

Soon there will be another election in the US. Let me clear about this. This will not be an all loose, or all win.

We are actually faring quite well.

Most of the ideas that Barack and I installed are still there, and it works.

But, that does not mean, that we cannot be better or improve on the things that we have been doing.

We have been discussing the idea of unity on the US. But what are the main words or idea that will unite us?

Well, look at yourself.

What are you called?

Have you thought about that. Your name.


That is what unites you.

It is that simple.

What unites Democrats is the Democracy of the United States.

Within this civil rights.

But the US is more than just a place on the map.

It is an idea that came from somewhere and needs to go somewhere.

But again, it needs to be enwrapped in what it is, it is a Democracy. And that is the start and the end of it.

At the other hand, the wealth and plethora of ideas and principles of Democracy, is a wonderful treasure chest of political energy to draw from.

Look at it, look at yourself, find yourself in your own values.

They are there, all you need to do, is to be yourself.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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Listen to each other!

September 6th, 2019 No comments

It has been a rough few weeks in British parliamentary discussion, it seems that compromise is very difficult to find.

You know, compromise is difficult in an environment as the one in Westminster. Politicians are fighting all the time.

But at the other hand, a compromise MUST be found. This is not a support to any of the two factions of Westminster, but a true support of the middle ground.

You are not putting public interest before yourself if you do not deliver on the 31 of October.

The PEOPLE chose to say no to the EU, so they decide, not the politicians. It may be, that you feel otherwise, but that is not for you to decide. You are supposed to be servants to the people, and fulfil their wishes.

Then please do it, support Boris if you can. Talk to the man, find a way out of this quagmire, please, listen to each other.

G-d bless the United Kingdom

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September 3rd, 2019 No comments

Iamblichus should be a prime source regarding Platonic philosophy. He is a pupil of Plato, and should therefor be close to Plato in regards to his worldview.

I have tried to discuss the principle of unity in regards to platonic philosophy. Plato does not discuss it much to my knowledge. But in fact Iamblichus do.

So, what is the aim of a learned society?

It goes with the aim of UNIVERSITY, what does that actually mean?

Uni, means one. How come, that university is called a place where you teach about oneness?

What does it actually mean?

To understand this, you need to understand the soil Plato was planting his trees in.

Plato, the quintessential and first academic sought after things in a MATHEMATICAL worldview.

He was, essentially what you call a PYTHAGOREAN. That is, at descendant of the Egyptian lore that floated around in the meditarannean in his time.

According to pythagorean lore, you find G-d and good in the mathematical constructs of the world.

You can see it in the pyramids. How come they are perfectly triangular? Well because that is a mathematical riddle. The number three, ends up in one on each side.

Its an equation of spirit.

You also talk about the holy triangular; son, father and holy ghost. Another triangularity.

Or the balance between the rich and poor, that you try to equate with progressive tax.

Or the balance between the three functions of law.

See? All figures of number.

What is the most holy number, the number the ancients always strived for?

They called the nomad, the number one.

One is perfection, and therefor University is called university. To make a school where the science there strived for oneness, also called unity.

Unity is the function of a mathematical view on society.

So, the path is clear; we need to make a frame around society, where people feel alike and not different. Where we celebrate what we have in common, not what tears us apart.

A society, where we all work to make a oneness in terms of politics and spirit.

G-d bless the will to heal the rifts in society, and make peace amongst all those who are now in turmoil.

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The soul of the Empire

August 27th, 2019 No comments

I read a lot of all kind of British litterature. Both the scientific books from Oxford and Cambridge, and a lot of the mystical tomes from the British underground.

So in all humility, I believe, that I have a feeling about Great Britain that is more than just superficial. That is why I like Great Britain so much, and off also because it reminds me of Denmark, just as a brother would do.

Where the brits have developed amazingly after we shared kings, we in Denmark may have remained small in comparison, but we have our qualities as well, among them Grundtvig, the founding father of Danish intellectualism.

It may be a peasant country, but even peasants have their illuminaries and wise men.

In Denmark we have this academic principle called the folk soul. The point being, that the people have a common soul, that somehow encompasses the people, the folk, and thereby makes a kind of spiritual and democratic unity.

After having read some of the more mystical books from England, I realised, that the same used to be said about the Empire. The Empire had a soul as well. I have tracked the ideas, and found that it comes from Iamblichus, the pupil of Plato. So it is a platonic idea.

Now the Empire is in dire straits, but have a chance to be rebuilt again. That is essentially the task of mr. Johnson. If he manages to rebuild the empire, he will perhaps get close to his great ideal Winston Churchill.

The two look very much alike, and there is just that chance.

At a deeper level though. I believe, that if we do not speak about the spiritual matters, then how can the empire be rebuilt?

Getting a comeback in the Anglican Church is more than just a spiritual rebirth, it is actually the rebirth of the British empire we are talking about.

Here the Iamblicusian idea of the soul of the people or empire is very important.

It is not just a matter of making trade deals. But a matter of truly connecting on a more important level. The level of soul. That is friendship, good ideas, community, doing something worthwhile together. Supporting each other in the needs of each part of the empire and so on.

In other words, the CULTURAL part of the rebirth of the empire is in many ways truly important.

It is about that feeling between the different countries of the empire, how they work together and so on.

That is the endgame; to strengthen that.

That soul of the empire.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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The spirit of the empire

August 25th, 2019 No comments

Concerning the current EU negotiations, one could, in terms of looking af the needs of the involved parties, discuss how one would plan a strategy. 

First what are the needs of the Brits, especially the voters. They are many actually. But at the core of the vote a great support for the empire, the Queens attitude towards Great Britain, that is that Great Britain is a hub of knowledge, power and international movement, is shared among the constituents. 

They are not a part of the continent, they are proud, independent Englishmen, Walisians, Scots and Irishmen. 

They therefor want to realize that spirit of the empire. Someone might even call it the soul of the empire. 

At the other hand, EU wants the same essentially. EU ALSO wants to be an empire, but the difference is, that where UK is a power player in the British Empire, UK is a vassalstate in EU.

So both parties wants the same, but they have different ideas about where the power should reside. Either in Bruxelles or in London. 

So to satisfy the voters, which is what this all about, especially if you want to win a second term. You need to deliver on their expectations. 

Whether this independence is won by no deal or a deal, doesn’t matter. What matters is, that it is delivered. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom. 

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August 23rd, 2019 No comments

Well, that was a bit of a drama mr. Trump. First inviting yourself, then making a big blunder, and then retreating without that much of a grace. 

What happened? Well, you just got acquainted with a bit of Danish culture. 

Let me try and explain. Denmark is the vile, tough, primitive little brother of England. 

Where England is illustrious and civilized, we are tough and no nonsense. Where England is advanced, we are plain. 

The Brits call us a peasant country, and to honest, we are. We are the hill Billy’s of Northern Europe. In some areas, to be honest most, this is a bit of a what you say, not so respectable. But when it comes to be tough, we are tough. 

Not only that, we are smart as well. 

If you challenge us, we will bite back. 

Now, our women are, more or less like us men. Tough, no nonsense and true fighters. 

That is both annoying and very cool. 

Mrs. Frederiksen comes from the same area as I am living in now, that is Northern Jutland. Our symbol is a great roaring bull. Tough, no nonsense, and a true menace to the enemies, an untamed force. 

So what you wanted to buy, was in a sense a mountain girl, with a great pitchfork in her right arm, ready to strike. 

You don’t try to bargain with a gal like that, you talk with her and make her your equal. If you do that, then you have a warriors wife at your side, a pretty good support in times of war. 

Now, we are like you, like you Americans in many ways. Unpolished, Protestants. 

That is why you like us, and that is why we essentially like you. 

We are simple folk, as most of you are. 

So, maybe after you know this, we can start the dialogue in earnest. 

Anyway, you are always welcome as a friend. 

G-d bless the mutual friendship between the US and Denmark. 

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