Order and chaos

When we talk about enlightenment, we, as I have lectured about, end up in Egypt with the Egyptian sun g-d Ra.

But enlightenment is greater than just the fight between light and darkness. Ra had an opponent, the G-d Apap. Apap that is depicted as a snake is defined by darkness and chaos.

Ra is defined as light and order.

This is a reminder of what light ALSO is. It leads to order. Darkness leads to chaos.

We can see it in very closed organisations as the EU. The EU is made as a closed system, where armies of bureaucrats define the welfare of the citizens.

What is the most obvious state of EU; chaos.

The currency the euro has led to chaos, the open borders policy has led to chaos, the migration policy has led to chaos. In fact, this is what the populace is really so angry about in Europe. That wherever EU takes decision, chaos comes.

The mechanics of this is pretty obvious. When the eurocrats decide something without any serious discussion, the usuals checks and balances that is in a democracy or an aristocracy has been dismantled. Therefor decisions that usually would not be possible to take in an open society is taken, and chaos comes.

So we have a definition on certain principles or mechanical structures that a society needs to have to work. Transparency and order.

Why is it then, that these things are important?

Seen from a metaphysical point of view, I still can’t figure it out. I can see it works like that, but why?

That is a philosophical question of the grand scale.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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