New strategies

I am getting more optimistic, as mr. Trump develops his presidentship internationally. The meeting with mr. Putin seems to be an all out victory. Peacedeals, a deal on Syria, renewed communications between the US and Russia. These are all good signs.

Why? Because Russia is not really an enemy anymore. Yes, it is a competitor, but competitors can be worked with on a diplomatic basis.

I know, that the press and many in the Democratic camp are loath to give mr. Trump any credit. He is very provocative, and annoying sometimes. But a man should not be judged on his appearance, but on his results.

This gives the US a free hand in the confrontation with China. Leaving a lot of resources to deal with that country, that truly is an enemy.

But off cause, we need to challenge mr. Trump also, but with good, positive strategies and ideas. Not just frustration.

Being up against a good opponent, is difficult and frustrating. But instead of being sorrry, lets change the mood, and see what we can do to find new ideas and better strategies.

G-d bless the will to do good, and find new positive ways.

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