New roads and ancient pitfalls

The development of Europe is following the lines, more or less, of what I have planned. 

On one hand, I must say, that I am deeply impressed by the sheer strength and tenacity of the Brits. They just never give up. I thought, that it had something to do with the Viking roots of the Brits, but it does not. It is a unique character trait of the inhabitants of the British isles, no wonder they made such a vast empire. 

Hopefully after the disentanglement of the EU, the Brits are ready to plot a new course, and in this course reinvent themselves. 

They are posed to be a new international force yet again, that is pretty cool for a political turnaround. 

And yet a turnaround where both the strength and humanity of the Brits is preserved. 

We have to face the terrible crime rate and abuse of normal Brits by all the islamists and perpetrators of foreign origin in the UK. These have to be repatriated to satisfy the public. It should be done in an orderly manner, and then we will see how we go on. But to be realistic after the March breakup, this is on the top of the agenda. 

Here a solution that will hopefully satisfy both left and right should be planned. That is a forceful protection of the Workers, and a forceful repatriation of those who seek to harm UK democracy.

There are many other projects and possibilities that open up after March, so this will be a time of both strife and emerging new roads. 

At the other side of the pond, a lot of strife and anger will increase to tear the EU apart. 

This will be extremely violent, and hopefully some kind of peace will emerge out of the battle. But we are looking at Central Europe as a battle ground between nationalists and globalists in collaboration with Islamic fundamentals. That is a vicious fight. 

As the rest of the world will enter into the fray, people will die. 

But that is as it has always been. The stupidity and arrogance of the ruling elite pits them against the people, creating a vicious circle of revolutions. 

G-d bless the will to be clearsigthed and humble in the face of this new conflict.

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