New priorities

American military might is truly only one mission, if it follows the dictum of the constitution; for the people. 

This means, in all simplicity, it is a vanguard for freedom and Democracy.

Freedom and Democracy is threatened more than ever all around the globe, not least in Europe right now, where corrupt power elites conspire with Islamist in taking away the freedom of the European people. 

I know this hurts to hear, but signing one and the other international agreement without confering the people is not giving people freedom. 

This has led to an immense mayhem of dark proportion. Revolution almost in the motherland of revolution. 

My point being, that American troops may soon be involved in real fight for freedom and Democracy in Europe instead of Afghanistan. 

This is NOT a military threat to the EU machine. I wished I could have fixed all the problems, but it is not open to my way. 

Anyway, this problem reflected in the importance of using troops in Afghanistan and Syria is simple. We need the troops much more in Europe if the islamists take their chance and try to seize power in one or more of the European countries. They have fierce backing of the different Islamist countries, are very well organized, and have the firepower needed to make a go at taking power. 

Sweden being at the prime of their list, and other weak countries as well. 

This fight, that is the real fight that we have been waiting for for some time, will be extremely bloody, and detriment to the Europeans. 

So, good gear, guerilla style fighting skills and drones will be applied.

The militaries of Europe seem to be at the brink of going away from the corrupt power elite, at least in France, where the generals have condemned the actions of the current French leader, so the fight will be including the brass of Europe in most countries. 

But, it is time to renew the military tactical priorities. Europe seems to be going up in the seems, this is a part of the Democratic world, that American military defends, and thus it is more important than Afghanistan. 

Add to this the added boost of morale, since this fight WILL be for Democracy, and can safe the ailing Democracies of Europe. 

I know, that the idea behind Afghanistan was to fight the enemy in their own territory. Problems is, that through the misconduct of the European elite, Europe has also become Islamist territory. So that argument makes the original argument for the Afghanistan involvement less important. 

We shouldn’t just leave our allies there, we can still support them, but the big fight is moving. 

Concerning Syria, the same applies. Europe as a war theater is more important that Syria, and the fight is more or less over. 

But again, we should not abandon our allies, just make sure, that no more war breaks out. 

Syria has suffered long enough, if they can have peace, let them. We should not impede their priorities, as long as they leave Israel alone.

G-d bless the will to think clearly in these troubled times. 

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