New international relations

When there is a new situation with an international agreement, well, then we have to change the way we deal with international arrangements.

As the Iran deal has been scrapped by the US, things are different in the Middle East.

I do not think that the Iranians are prone to react positively on renewed pressure, especially since the deal was made together with so many other powers, so that they can see, that if they hold on to the arrangements all that will happen is that the adversaries of Iran will be split.

But that is the way it is, by doing absolutely nothing, Iran can put in a wedge between the Western powers.

So what do the European powers do now, with all this new international clout?

It has been a while since the European powers have played an international role, so we might as well try to start remembering how it was.

Essentially it comes down to skill with the international game.

You can be a small player materially, like Denmark, and still play a leading role. If you have the cultural and intellectual capabilities.

But the core of international diplomacy is not diplomacy, but raw military power.

So, we can start our adventure here, but we need to invest heavily in armament to fulfill the promise we have.

We need to make new weapons, and use a great deal more of our money on that.

Secondly, we have to focus on the immediate challenges ahead of us.

That is migration and IS.

We have a stronger profile in Middle Africa, but we need to capitalize on the money and investments we send that way. There should be only one serious demand. The countries must admit their citizens back if they are caught in Europe.

At the same time, the military fight they have in Africa is as well our fight. The radical IS backed guerrillas there needs to be stopped.

But we need to push the African Nations to start taking their people back.

If we add serious border control to this strategy, then we have a solution to the migration issues.

The same goes for the Middle East, to get European help, you need to accept your citizens back. We will help, support and build infrastructure. But as soon as there is an option for the migrants to go back, they must.

That is our priority.

Add to this, I believe that we should make peaceful agreements to all who want that.

We should also keep out of the Sunni/Shia competition. As long as they stay clear of Israel, all we wish to do, is to make peace.

G-d bless the will of peace.

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