The current negotiation between the UK and the European Union is not going well. Why?

Because the situation does not look like a normal negotiation. Usually two parts meet to find a solution to something, find a way to improve the relationship of both parties.

In this situation however there is nothing to gain for the European Union, and everything to gain for the UK. Let us face it. The UK has no special benefit of being a member of the EU. It is the other way around.

The UK is the second most powerful power of the world. The EU has no claim to fame. It is an unequal relationship.

So, the one side simply has no benefit of the breakup. What does it do? It tries to stall the negations, so that the status quo is kept.

How does it do that? By coming up with demands that are obviously nonnegotiable.

The UK must realize this, and act accordingly.

The EU is taking quite a risk, if the thing deteoriates into chaos, it will spread.

So, what will be the fortuitous strategy of the UK? It will simply be to undo the arrangement itself, but, and this is important, with little fanfare.

In order to keep the EU satisfied, one needs to recognize, that the EU is afraid the UK will rock the boat too much.

As in Eastern Europe, acceptance of the right outcome by the EU, but in a quite matter will serve both parties best.

Going head on into a conflict, that is where we are heading now, serves no one. The European Union will lose face, it will lead to chaos, and the Brits will have a lot of internal bickering, and perhaps even a change of leadership in the middle of the negotiations.

This will serve neither of the two sides.

Do it civilly and orderly, without too much fuss, and then both sides will benefit.

G-d bless the will to be honest in a difficult situation.

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