Ok, lets get on with the tale of Livø. The day after I arrived at Livø, this is a true story, I went to town. The town of Livø, is a small tourist spot that was built as a carehome for mentally disabled persons, that lived at the island 70 years ago. So at its time it was quite famous for its methods of taking away people who had problems living with the rest of us, and giving them a little paradise in the fjord. Not all liked it, but the intention was clear; care for people.

This is reflected in the architecture of the island. Solid, well built, beautiful housing. The roof of the local farm is made with the most exquisite stoneweave. It is so beautiful.

Anyway, I strolled around the city, and went to the grocery store. The grocery store is where everything is revolving around. It is run by a guy called mr. Bergholdt, Jesper Bergholdt, and he is a visionary himself. He used to be the proprietor of the Viking restaurant at Lindholm Høje, that is a ancient burial site of the vikings. Still there with stone settings the form of sailing vessels. Still the ravens fly high and ominous over Lindholm høje.

So mr. Bergholdt is not your run of the mill, normal propeitor, but a man of many ideas and thoughtful.

So I asked him, if he wanted to be interviewed for my tv station, and he instantly agreed, despite his maniacal pace. It was a very height of the year in terms of his business. So image this strong bull of man, with a beard as long as ZZ tops, with the voice soft as a melody, and you got the gist of it.

Anyway, as I said, there was a summer camp at the island, and I happened to bump into the leader of it, through the help of Jesper.

So we setup a talk as well.

All about sustainability.

So, just to not let you wait, let me give you the base principle, and we can it from there in the following posts.

According to Jesper, Livø, the very paradise that we strive for. What makes it so amazing is the fact, that all is in balance. Man, economy and nature.

Each has a place, and all is considered equal.

There you have it guys, the very core of the lefts argument for climate change. That man, economy and nature is equal. All is equally worth on the island of Livø. And all thrives, as it is respected.

The life stock wander the woods, clearing out the undergrowth, so that the woods have clearings as open as possible, making the sun rush through the wood like a spirit on a morning day.

It is so beautiful, you cant imagine, and it is based on the idea, that we are equal with nature and economy.

Pretty cool?

Anyway, that was the base principle, and there is much more to come.

G-bless the will to find harmony.

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