My own two hands

Making a life for yourself is not easy. I talk from my own experience. Blaming others for your own misfortune will not bring you any relief. I talk of my own experience here also. I mean, I have been in the keen eye of the government for quite some time now, been deplatformed and otherwise have had a really tough time.

But, be as it may, somehow, praise spirit, I have prevailed, and therefor my own experience is. That if you work hard, stay on the right side of the law, and struggle to foster a nice family, you can actually make a good life for yourself.

That is the wisdom of Luther, that hard work, dedication and a strong commitment to your fellowman CAN give you a good life.

Victimhood, that some people seeks to give people as me, who are not white, will not bring me any good. But honest work, and a dedication to my family will.

I think, that perhaps, that that is an important lesson to share in these times where we are pointing fingers at everybody all the time. Your fault! Is the first thing seems to be saying these days.

Maybe everything is not everybody else’s fault? Maybe you yourself is responsible for your own life?

My experience is, that maybe I could blame people around me, and to be honest, there have been times, when I have done so. Pointing fingers, being angry at people around me.

But my own happiness will not be ensured by pointing fingers, it rests, solely in my own two hands.

My hands CAN build a future for myself. But it requires dedication, self-sacrifice and a huge heart for my fellowman.

In other words, being responsible for ones own life, is what it is about. Blaming others won’t get you anywhere, but supporting your community and family will actually get you somewhere.

When I look at my two kids, they inspire me, and keeps me on the right track. Because they are so dependent on me. I can’t go around putting them in harms way, that will wreck their lives.

So maybe its time to do some serious soul-searching. Who is to blame? Everybody else, or you own actions.

We CAN build a good society and make unity, if we try, but it requires self-sacrifice, hard work and dedication.

G-d bless the peace we CAN find, if we are strong enough.

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