Mr. Trump

Now, mr. Trump is heading for the oval office, actually my feeling is, he IS listening. Thank you Donald, this is undeserved, I fought you head to tail in the election and I do not deserve your attention. I pride myself for trying to hold a kind of even heading not slandering. But anyway, I supported Hillary, that is the truth. The truth is also, that I will try to rebuild the Democrats from top to bottom over the next many years. What I am finished with however, is to try and support specific candidates. I did it for Barack because we are friends, and he really needed it, and I did it for Hillary, because I was afraid you would turn into a tyrant.

That is how it is.

But, you are not, so we need to come along, and rebuild the world. You asked for guidance, and you shall have that, because there is something that is larger than us, and that is The nation of the United States. We need to rebuilt it, and make it strong again. On this idea we have been in agreement the whole time. The aim of my work with mr. Obama was exactly that. To make the democratic ideas of the US strong again, to raise the flag, to make another revolution of the US. See the blighting light shining from that beacon, because this is what I am. A true philosopher of the humanistic/democratic faith believing nation.

That is it. No racism, no demeanour, just faith in the fight for freedom against tyranny. As Napoleon, as the first French gendarmes. This is what I believe in, and it so happens, we share this quest.

So this is what we should continue fighting for and strive to apply to all our lives.

Human decency, democratic principles, loving your neighbour as yourself. But with the realisation, that there is evil our there to be fought.

And when fought, then to our utmost ability, and with all the strength that is also us. Uncompromising.

I have thought a bit about the Russian deal, and will follow up on that.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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