Mr. Putin

I really fought for Ms. Clinton in the last American election. I was, all in all, one of the prime strategic advisers Ms. Clinton had. 

When we lost, I kind of lost my own swagger, it was the first election I have ever lost, and it was the fifth one I had had a part in. I won with Barack four years earlier. But that is the way it is. You win some and you lose some. I won with the conservatives in U.K., though only slightly. 

But that is how democracy works, it is the will of the people, and sometimes you are not the one the people wants. It can change again. 

But to blame the loss of the election on Mr. Putin because he manipulated is truly wrong. I must know, I have a friendship with Mr. Putin of sorts. 

Yes he is a an ex. KGB spy, yes his friends are KGB, but that does not imply that Kremlin still attacks the US with disinformation campaigns. 

I know what a disinformation campaign looks like, I have just fought one down in Denmark. 

The American election does not wear the signs of a disinformation campaign. 

Now Mr. Putin is a vile fox, he is a fighter and he does use techniques of clouding his actions. But he also a person who has taken his country from a Communist rule to that of a Christianity. 

When he points to the Jews as their, or our, experience as scapegoats. He is right. 

I hereby extent the support of the Jews to Mr. Putin. If you feel like one us, you will have our support. 

G-d bless mother Russia. 

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