Millitary strategy

Trýing to pick up where Obama left is pretty difficult, there has run a lot of water under the bridge, so to speak, so we need to relay the whole security perspective to this.

But, the essential stratifications are still the same. On the right flank the greatest threat is the rise of islamism, or rather traditional sunni islam (the shias seems to be less agressive in a strange way, or it may just be the essential Zoroastrianist vibe of that country, that makes it positive, I dont know). Anyway, Islamic State, Al Quada, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas all these branches of a pro califate Islam threaten the integrity of the Democratic State.

Most obvious is France, where the French Republic have been waging a blistering war with the brothers, and lost momentum. The main Churh of Northe Dame has been torched, a french teacher have been beheaded and so on and so forth.

That is war.

If the US is to gain a presiding role over that conflict, it must deliver a Democratic answer, and at the same time reach out to moderate muslims, who are open to dialogue. To be honest, I was personally very positively surprised to talk to mr. Parviz, that is honest about the conflict and seems to want some sort of reconciliation.

That is real progress there. We at the other hand, have to respect, that the G-dlessness of our systems can be difficult for Muslims. The lack of family cohesion and the aim of society to be good.

These things are something we need to work on, to my mind. The divorce rates are through the roof, our families are really suffering, and the loss of spirituality is a problem to me. Not that it should be a repressive spirituality, but we have lost sight of what life is about; kindness, healing, selfsacrifice, solidarity.

But security wise, fighting Al Quada and the Islamic State is important, if we are to regain a leading role in Europe, because that is what is happening here.

At the left flank, there is China, and again we need to understand this fight in ideological terms. When Alexander the Great fought his wars it was all in the name of freedom for the hellenic people, he won, because his people believed in him, pushing forward to free the greek.

Any fighting force needs a why and a how to be able to fight, especially the American military that is essentially a humanistic/democratic force. Fighting for Democracy.

Now, as Alexander the Great went along, in the end he fought becuase he was good at it, for no reason really, and the troops wanted to go home.

That is a lesson learned there. Soldiers need a motive, and the best motive is Democracy.

We should off cause defend the American Democracy, but it makes sense to pick a fight over Taiwan and Hong Kong, in defense of their Democracy as well.

Because where China goes, Democracy fails, not least in Hong Kong, that is suffering these days, they need our help.

That is a difficult task especially in these days of digital warfare, but possible for the prudent and wise.

So, we need to figure out a strategy for the west and for the east, and each have to include a multilayered approach, so that the soldiers are in on it, and we achieve important goals of ourselves as well as our allies.

G-d bless the will to be prudent in thouhgt and bold in action.

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