Ok, so now we are talking migration, whatever the political stance, everybody agrees that something has to be done about it. In Europe, in the US.

But what do we do?

As a Democrat in the US, I think what we need to do, is to insist on a human process. It should be done with care for each individual migrant. I believe, that the criminals, the vagabonds and especially the ones that do not adhere to American laws and ideas are not suited for the U.S.

There is a social burden there to consider. Some of these people come from poverty. But the U.S. cannot lift the entire globe out of misery. There is a limitation.

On the other hand, we need to protect American citizens who are, rightfully angered at the lax security measures. American moms who lose their sons or daughters to drugs or a drug related crime, are victims as well. In fact, we need to worry about them as much. In fact, more, they are our citizens.

That is the lay of the land.

Now, we still need to dig a little deeper into the entire problem. Because why is it that Americans are so open to migrants? Because the U.S. is built on migrants, and, especially in the beginning of migrants from Western Europe. People who were poor and often persecuted because of their faith. Be it Mormon or Quacker.

This idea of the U.S., as the haven for the persecuted is a beautiful idea, an idea I can truly relate to, being persecuted myself in Europe by a tyrannical state.

Thank you U.S.! You have done a lot for my predecessors, we owe you, as we owe you now for taking my side on the conflict.

It is as old as the U.S. Older in fact, the difference being, that before the U.S. was started we rebels of Europe usually either won or died. We had no place else to go.

So there is a dilemma there I think.

What you could do, and should do, is to be honest about the migrants you want. You were built upon European migration, and honestly, this is what you want to continue doing. Some may fool themselves and say it is otherwise, but that would be lying to yourselves.

This is what is wrong with Muslim migration and Mexican migration. They are not North Europeans.

If you are able to be honest with yourself on this issue, the process is pretty straight forward. Stop migration from the south. Repatriate the Mexicans who are criminal and educate the rest.

That is it.

You just need to be honest with yourself. And let the administration do their work.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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