Middle East

The situation of the Middle East have gone from peaceful to total chaos in just two days. That is the way it is with an area that is embroiled in war, and has been for the last 5000 thousand years.

Such a violent area is not going to go hippie peaceful within the next 200 years. It can be ok, there can be limits and so on. But total peace is just not possible in an area where there are so many different factions and civilization was born.

One thing that actually did work, was to put an end to nuclear armament. Yes, I know that it was not perfect, but it actually worked where it should, stopping the proliferation of nuclear warheads.

I dont know if the strategy of Mr. Trump and Mr. Bolton will work. Increased pressure on an adversary that was born because the US failed it? I don’t think so, but I was surprised by the peace solution of North Korea, so why not?

If it does not work however, we have enterede a total new situation, where things may just go into total chaos and the Middle East will be wrought in even more war than today.

We will see, the next 48 hours will be giving us an answer, the alternative is a renewed effort of the European states to be a peacekeeper.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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