Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Jul and Eid

Well, it so happens, it is Christmas day right now. My little family is out on another family gathering, and I am sitting here in the mess of paper from presents and in the light of my own little personal Menorah.

I am a Jew, but living in Denmark would make it a crime not to celebrate Christmas, since it is more of a pagan holiday than a Christian. On the other hand, with the interest I have had with the Christian church, it feels good to remember what Jesus Christ meant on this day. As it is a day of remembrance for these religions.

Add to this the day of the Muslim holiday of Eid. We just have it all.

I know that there is a lot of violence in Europe right now, and I have been talking a lot about tackling this with force, but with justice and humanity as well.

I believe, that the current track of awful crimes done by mainly muslims is a disgrace to all who believe in G-d.

At the end of the day, monotheism is about the family, about sharing, about finding each other in the embrace of spirit and love.

That is it. Everything that has come after that, is either a strengthening of this position or something more sinister.

I know that many muslims do not agree with the killings of innocent people that have happened in Iraq, the tearing down of old monuments, the destruction of not only Roman remains, but also ancient mosques.

I know that, and the world embracing caliphate, has to make enemies for those who do not want to be conquered. Especially vikings who are not used to be conquered, but on the other hand has conquered the rest of the world.

G-d is about unity and embrace. Division is materialism.

However, the problem is, that we, as people of G-d are prone to fight in the material world, to uphold the wisdom of G-d. Fighting for G-d however should be married to wisdom, otherwise materialism has swallowed you whole.

This is the constant balance of the fighters of light. Never to be sure on the right path, always praying, always reflecting on the moral issues, always trying to see the most peaceful path.

As the discussion of migration in Europe. The more people migrating into Europe, especially Muslims, the more conflict there will be.

The ethical consequence of this is not to call for more migration, because that will lead to more violence.

The moral answer would be to make space between the muslims and christians living in Europe.

The more you mix it up, the more violence you have.

At the same time, the islamists, who are mostly, too violent to be contained at all, should be fought.

That is why I say; do not go with the easy answer. Just think of the consequences of the trends. Not only today but also years ahead.

Europe is heading for a very dark time, due to our naivety. We should stop being naive, and look at the consequences of the communities that is struck by globalisation or whatever you call it.

Be wise.

G-d bless the wisdom of man, may it reach the wisdom of spirit in prayer. Merry Christmas, Eid, Hanuka and Jul.

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