International poker games

So, now mr. Trump is threatening Europe, and especially Germany with repercussions, if Germany do not start investing in military arms.

First of all, I absolutely agree, we should start investing in defense, but we shouldn’t do it because mr. Trump wants it, but because we need it ourselves.

Mr. Trump is not a bully, he is something else. After giving it a lot of thought, I have finally understood his tactics. He is a player, a poker player.

Like that mr. Putin is a martial arts expert, and fight like a martial arts, mr. Trump play like a poker player.

If we look at the content of the threats he is sending our way, there is actually very little he can do. He doesn’t have any friends but us. The military would never attack Europe. So all he can do, is to level some economic pressure on us. A pressure that is like cutting off the blood to his own leg.

We are a part of the American empire, if we want it or not. But we are essentially only a part of it because we have, so far, accepted American leadership. Why? Because we were friends, right?

So looking at the consequences, we should be realistic. Can we afford a reduced acces to the American market? Well yes, but they cannot actually afford loosing us. So my gues is, the sanctions they will or can impose, will only be symbolic.

Symbolic for what, well just a symbol of poker games.

Donald Trump is doing something, that he is very good at. He is bluffing.

But it is really a slap in the face of us here in Europe. We need to wake up, and take control of our own future.

We need to make our systems work, and start protecting ourselves.

We do not have the interest or time to fight the US.

We need to focus on IS and migration.

So, the best you can do if someone is bluffing, is calling it.

Say, ok, you have a hand, show it. What are you actually willing to do?

Then there will be some lame threats about economic sanctions, but hey. That is no problem for us.

So, let us start ignoring all these threats, and start focusing on what is really the matter. Us surviving.

G-d bless the will to survive.

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