I hereby support Samuel Paty

It is with grave worry, that I hear about the islamist attack on a teacher in France. Seriously, a teacher?

A person dedicated to bring light to the minds of students, a person well known for culture and knowledge.

So a person kills such a person. That is, next after killing a priest or any other holy man, a grave thing to do.

So what did the poor man do?

He showed the image of Mohammad.

Ok, I get it, it is sacrilege, I do not like people doing bad things to Moses or in any way show a lack of respect to Moses. To me Moses is a very wise and indeed almost perfect person.

But would I invite the idea to kill someone because they would show a lack of respect towards Moses?

No way, it is their idea, and I truly believe, that such an act as to take the life of a teacher is a very bad thing indeed.

It shows the dark side of Islam. I faith that has many qualities, but also, in some areas, have some dark spots.

We must admit that.

This does not mean, that all muslims are evil. Not at all, but it has a bad rep. towards our democratic institutions, and the will to speak freely.

G-d bless Voltaire, the founder of free speech in modern times, and his teacher Socrates.

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