Human rights

We have to understand what human rights are, where they came from, to really use them in this modern world.

They came from the French Revolution, but more precisely, they came from Voltaire and some of the experience he had with law.

The story is like this.

Voltaire was a law student, so he really understood law. Add to this, he was a Platonic, Socratic idealist, that really understood the importance of law.

Remember human rights are not just universal laws, they are LAWS.

So to understand human rights, we need to understand, that we essentially support the idea, that law, that is judges, the police and so on are an integral part of society. In other words, it is essentially a conservative perspective.

Voltaire had a very nasty experience in his time, he was a Socratic like me, so he criticized the society. This earned him a lot of problems, like me, so he had to flee his country.

But at the core of some of his experience was the accusation against him by a noble, that was ABOVE the law.

This individual could use the courts as he pleased.

Effectually tearing down the impartiality of the law system.

Human rights is the idea of Voltaire, that if we all are linked to law, we win the freedom from not having to worry about injustice.

If law reigns supreme with uncorrupted judges, we all are free from the rule of the strong.

That is, we are not forced to live in a society, where the strong supresses the weak.

That is justice in a platonic and thus French Revolution perspective.

If we put this at the side of globalism, that preaches open borders, what does that imply?

It implies, that you cannot have freedom unless there is order by the judges based on human rights.

If we forget this essential learning, then the system of human rights fall apart.

Then we are forced to live under the yoke of the strong. The criminal, the tyrant.

Fighting for a free world, based on law is the essence of American unity.

Because it all makes us equal despite of difference in color.

G-d bless the will to have human rights.

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