Human Rights

When you look at Human rights, you see a list of rules. If you do not know anything about law, you would presume, that the rules are the important.

With this, you a very wrong.

Take another system of laws, that of the book of Moses, the Torah. That is also a long list of laws, but beneath all the laws, there are certain principles that guide the laws. The first of it is reciprocity. That is, the evil deed you do, must be met with a punishment equal to the wrong done.

You can call it an eye for an eye, or look at the scales by the goddess of justice.

The point is, there is an IDEOLOGICAL idea behind the system of law.

If we here in Europe are going to 1. Play a leading role in international politics. 2. Reform our own system so that it actually works. We need to understand the PRINCIPLES behind the law system that is supposed to guide us, Human rights.

The virtue that we are talking about is Justice.

Justice is the aim of law.

So, the pertinent question is; what is justice?

Here we are faced with a philosophical question, that is not solved ultimately, but has facets that we can discuss. Remember, we are wanting to spread European culture, so we need to understand it.

The first starting point in understanding what justice is, is by going back to its roots.

They are, Babylon/Ur and Egypt.

The Mesapotamian development 4 – 5 thousand years back is what we are truly still working with today. But Egypt, that was the other great power player at that time, has a unique understanding of justice, that we need to understand as well.

According to Hammurabi, justice is protection of the weak. You can see it on human rights, all the different parties we seek to protect, are parties that are potentially weak. So that is why we put in all the articles.

Sometimes it has to be revised, if a party that used to weak becomes strong and abuses the system. As we have the problem with violent migrants in Europe. They are not weak anymore, but strong and abuse the idiocy of the current Human Rights leadership to their advantage.

The world changes, and the weak is now women of Europe who are abused in many different ways. So, Human rights needs to see the change.

But back to justice and Egypt. According to ancient Egyptian lore, justice is what is true.

The Egyptians, the original humanists, had a faith in truth as the divine motor of justice. There is a very famous story about a peasant that is wrongly accused of taking land from a wealthy land owner. He calls upon TRUTH to be the divine protection in his case.

So we have social justice and truth as the motor of laws.

That is someting we at the liberal part of the politcal spectrum can admit to. The difficult thing is then the CHANGE.

How do we actually look upon these values and virtues today. I suppose it takes a philosopher to CHANGE the perspective.

But everybody can actually do it, it just takes an investment in poor and disenfranchised and human heart filled with true honesty to understand it.

This will break some taboos, and create a whole new perspective, and that is, rightly the leadership of the Human rights council that are supposed to do that. But they are not strong enough intellectually and has a deep enough integrity to do that. So I have to step in.

I know that this may seem as humiliating, but the alternative is the dismantling of the system itself, so I have to be a little tough on these things. To keep the integrity of the system.

G-d bless the willingness to Change.

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