Human rights

The core of European culture, as of now, is Human rights.

But what are these Human rights; a set of rules and regulations that I have pressed into a new direction.

How may I do this a mere philosopher. Add to this a renegade, a troublemaker, and a recipient of torture, harassment by the state, radical muslims and many, many others.

Essentially Human rights is a set of laws. That is the essence, and then you may ask, laws, ok but these are just rules right?

Well, laws are not just rules, laws are a system of a philosophical theory that goes all the way back Hammurabi, the Babylonian king who invented law as we have it today.

So, what was it, that Hammurabi really wanted with his laws. You can trace it back over Plato, who is the foremost describer og natural law we have.

In essence what he claims is, that law is a states protection of the weak.

Civilization is a state that protects the weak against the strong.

If we live without law, the strongest will rule. But law protects people who may not be strong, so that even the weak can have a nice living.

So law is a social protection system.

That is the core of Human rights, to support laws, so that the weak are not preyed upon by the strong.

Lately the natural law discussion have turned the very foundation and meaning with law upside down. Many judges see their purpose as protecting the evil doer. By using the hallowed halls of justice to protect rapists and murderers.

By doing that, law itself is in danger of loosing its purpose and support by the European people.

THAT is why I have been adamant in my attempt to change the direction of Human rights to its basis.

According Heraclitus, Law is like the inner wall of a city. If the citizens take the law into themselves, law is upheld and the rule of the strong is curbed by people themselves.

THAT is civilization, and that is the aim of Law. To be so accepted by the citizens, that they automatically adhere to it.

If I had not lifted the handbrake forcefully, the inner adherence to the law, may have broken down in Europe, because of lack of understanding by the human rights council.

So, I urge you to reconsider the very essence of Human rights, and see it as it is.

A SOCIAL system, where the strong, the criminal is put down by law enforcement so that the weak may be safe.

We fight for the kids, the elderly, the ones without a home, the lonely, the poor.

Those are the ones we protect, so lift yourselves up to a new understanding of Law and civil rights, and fight for it.

When you see that a girl is raped, don’t protect the rapist. Protect the girl.

When a homeless man is kicked and abused, don’t protect the kicker, protect the homeless man.

Otherwise, you are making YOURSELVES criminal, and that was not the intention of Law.

G-d bless Hammurabi, the inventor of Law.

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