Human beings

One of the things that I believe is lost in time is the humanist tradition of Europe.

I am a humanist, my family have been humanists for seven generations, and there are traces left here and there in Denmark of humanists.

But the environment or tradition is largely pushed away by neomarxistthinking, business ideas and so on.

In between all the other strains of thought, there is still remain a small percentage of intellectuals dedicated to humanism.

I see my ideas as reflected in the ideas of Erasmus; humanistic dialectics. To be true to find what it is to be human.

Why has it come to this? Now mainstream universities are filled with safe spaces, unfit for the garrulous truth seekers. Plato is but forgotten in most academia, and the search for light, that was the very idea at the garden dedicated to the greek hero Academus is nothing of importance today. The IDEALISM of academia has all but died.

Finding a way to be human, and dedicating ones life to that pursuit is almost unattainable these days.

Integrity and honesty is of little worth, while as academics strive for political aim instead of thinking about the betterment of man.

Humanism is all but forgotten. But yet, there is a few light here and there, pockets of integrity and honesty not yet fallen to the consummation of the superficial.

Maybe therein lie our salvation, in the renaissance of the antiques? In the dedication to the principles of Socrates. To put ourselves out in the light among philosophers and not stay in the cave with all the angry people of world.

People are so angry and mean these days, they seek to control and not set free.

Maybe it is about time we remember what humanism is, and seek to be honest with each other, and conquer our own fears and imperfections. Be just ourselves, simple yet spiritual.

These are the things I think about when I read about the flemish renaissance, where there were a system of philosophers and thinkers supporting each other.

Why is this world but forgotten?

We as human beings are wrought with imperfections, but we are yet human beings, and support of our fellow men are what defines us as human.

G-d bless the will to still each other as human beings.

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