How to listen to the people

If you want to Change a system, you have to align the interest of the constituency, at the same time aligning the interest of the servants of the state.

These two powerful parts of the society are not always in agreement with the direction of the state.

One might want security and welthfare, the other might want boons for themselves.

In such a situation, a conflict arises. The constituency starts doubting the system itself since its demands are not satisfied, and the elected elite are worried about the loss of power.

In this situation, there is only one thing to do. To be honest.

Things cannot change rapidly, but the system itself can rectify its lack of connection by trying to really understand the needs of said people.

Otherwise we end up in a situation where the elite sits in its ivory towers and the people are starving in the streets or fears for its wellbeing.

It is about listening to the worries of mr. and mrs. Smith, the small people, those who have no direct control of the state apparatus.

That is the only and best way to rectify a democratic system in decay.

Instead of doing more of the same, we need to understand the needs of mr. and mrs. Smith.

In the factory, on the street, in charity, in the army, in the daycare, in and around everywhere where they go about their daily business.


G-d bless the willingness of openness in governmental structures.

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