Henry Kissinger

Mr. Henry Kissinger has just passed away, at a high age. The Holocaust survivor. The generation, that saw things through the lens of the second world war.

What are the new things, that are beginning to emerge from that post naziwar?

Well, not much, to be honest. It is, essentially the same mechanism that are at work, but it therefore also the same solutions we have to find.

What did mr. Kissinger bring to the world, in his tenure as an advisor?

He brought stability to the world, through the understanding of the mechanisms of the world. Being a valid, intelligent advisor, who saw things as they could be, and attempted to stop the worst catastrophes, thereby giving the world peace.

I guess the baton has been handed down, to the next generation.

Making peace in the world, is difficult. But through the insight into human nature, a deep understanding of history, and a profound understanding of the mechanisms of politics, we may just end up in a more stable world.

May g-d be blessed by having a keen and wise servant to make peace.

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