Have faith

The American revolution is a revolution. But what is a revolution?

A revolution is an extremely idealistic fight for a better world. An energy so high powered, that it can truly Change the world.

That is a revolution.

The thing is, that to do a revolution, you need to have something better to strive for.

Often revolutions are centered around principles that are flawed, so all the sacrifice and energy are poured into a worldview that does not make a better society but a worse society.

Therefor good ideas are truly essential to revolutions.

This is one of the reasons why the US is such a tremendously important part of the world, and, honestly, the leading society of the world. Because the revolution you had, and still have is the best.

Hands down. Ok, off cause France was an important partner in this revolutionary lead. But today the US have been most successful.

And again this is not to put a negative light on France, but to make Americans appreciate what they have.

You have the most wonderful society in the world.

You need to appreciate that, and you need to support that. Keep the Revolution flowing.

Your ideas of Democracy and humanity are extremely beautiful. Not only that, they work. Look at how far you have come.

In this instance, loosing faith does not make any sense, have faith.

Believe in that beautiful, wonderful country, and you will prevail.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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